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Today’s Best Tips on Music Production

10 essential tips… 20 mistakes… 30 production secrets and so on, such lists seem to be really popular these days. Although many of them are just full of crap. Especially forget about the longer checklists – even if you could find some good advices there, most tips are just nonsense, like “don’t mix bass with headphones”.

Anyway, to you aspiring producer, here’s a few things I think you should care about:

  • Limiting yourself can help drive creativity. Don’t use all of your instrumental arsenal at once, don’t try to cover all music styles in one track.
  • Listen to different styles of music and try to identify what you like and what you dislike.
  • Analyze your favorite artists’ work in great detail. Theorize with both feet on the ground.
  • Go ahead and copy other artists, but don’t settle there – tweak and add your own style and flavor.
  • Cover, remix and remake your favorite tracks, it’s a good and fun way to learn about music.
  • Use reference tracks, compare your shit to others, but don’t get paralyzed when your track doesn’t bang as loud as them.
  • Learn about synthesis and learn how to sound design different kind of instruments, e.g. strings, plucks, percussion (make synthetic drums using waveforms, a noise generator, filters, envelopes and such).
  • Check your music productions on several systems; from high-end studio monitor speakers to iPhone earbuds.
  • Sleep on it. Let your track mature over night and return to it with fresh ears.
  • Go hardware, get tactile if you are growing tired of a software-based environment. To actually play an instrument or to turn a real knob is really something else.
  • Get inspiration from collaborations with other artists. Just reach out to people you admire – this is globalization, this is the time of teh internetz.
  • Try to keep passionate about creating music, but don’t be afraid to make some demands of yourself, just to push things forward.

>Post message asking if peeps would like to see the NSFW goods, trying not to abandon Kylux because I’ve lost interest lately due to the constant hate

>Activate my askbox after weeks of it being closed to let a friend tell me what they think about it

>Suddenly, word vomit

I don’t care what you think about my stupid self, I also don’t know wtf you’re on about, I got angry twice at artists copying other artists yeah, what’s about it? Unfollow me on twitter if it annoys you oh my god I won’t tailor my twitter posts to make you happy. Also what is the “everything” I complain about? I bitch about copying styles and that’s about it???

But I’m pretty sure I know who you are, and I’m really disappointed in you because you made it look like you were a nice person when you’re visibly not. Don’t tell me you haven’t spoken to me before, I recognize speech patterns easily.

But as for “poorly painting over pictures” (not trying to offend me lmao, dude), I’ll direct your to these gifs of my attempts at photorealism:

I rarely outright copy photos, I use them as reference. These are usually for practice and when I need to obsessively study something.

Most paintings I make, you won’t find pictures of them because I actually…Create them? While using refs for the face and anatomy and such? Like 100% of realism artists do.

So, yeah, fuck you. Unfollow me, don’t try to talk to me again.

Man, I’ve been dry out of ideas for Fluorite AU content lately, but now I want to make some stuff for it, and I want it to get like, a shit ton of notes. Just for spiteful reasons. Because I’m a jealous piece of shit.

mini guide to art

now I’m not sure how many people take art but since I’m one of those few I thought I’d give a few pointers:


One of the most important things any aspiring artist can do is to practise, it doesn’t have to be a daily chore: it can be a little doodle for 5 minutes, a piece that you’ve been working on for a few days, do whatever you want with any materials you wish - just keep them creative vibes going. By practising more you can work on using medias that you may have been unsure about before and can gain experience from using them.


If you’re stuck for inspiration look up particular artists that may either interest you or something that is completely out of your comfort zone. Don’t necessarily copy other artists exactly, just see how they use their materials, are there any specific techniques they use, do they use a variety of textures or layering? How can you do something similar but yet have your own flare added to it? Going to art galleries and museums are a great environment to go to, simply because the art is updated on a regular basis, they’re free and you’re surrounded by people who are interested in the same thing as you; they’re also good for getting artist inspiration.

Different medias

Instead of just sticking to just one media per piece, think about using more, for example you could use elements of acrylic, ink and biro, this helps add more of a contrast since ink and biro tend to be darker than acrylic and it can help define areas more. Of course don’t go overboard with different materials, use ones that you think will work together and are able to work on top of each other (some materials disintegrate/dissolve when layered so be careful)

Take risks

Don’t always stick to what you know how to do well. I cannot emphasis enough, TAKE RISKS, try a type of paint that you’ve never used before, don’t always go for a flat background - add a texture to it (try sticking salt/sweetener in clumps to get a grainy effect or use gel medium to make your paint thicker and a bit more dense; bubble wrap, cardboard, the list goes on…) You can always go for a different size canvas/board to improve on creating smaller and larger pieces, it’ll also be good to practise to use them too.


If you ever wonder how to paint using a certain type of material or in the style of a particular artist look it up in YouTube; there are plenty of tutorials that will help you understand how to use your media or how/what your artist may use to create their pieces of work. And of course, if you’re really stuck, ask an art teacher or someone who has some background knowledge on fine arts, having someone else personally view and opinion can help expand your ideas.

This masterpost has several links that can help you when drawing, click here to see that!

Hope these ideas helped you a bit in your artwork and remember that our ask box is always open :))

jessicacruz-2814  asked:

Hey am i ok to apply the knowledge i learn from your youtube tutorials into any artwork i make even if it's for uni or for profit? thankyou! the colour video is being so helpful i just wanted to check

Anything you learn is yours - if I refrained from using everything I learned from my teachers then I wouldn’t be able to show anything at all. However; take care not to use direct copies of other artists’ work as your own. That would be wrong. But if you learn a technique of painting or coloring that I posted publicly on YouTube, it’s meant to be shared and used however you like. 

Hi anon! Sorry this took a while to respond, I wanted to put some good thought into it. Answer under the cut, since it’s a little long :)

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A warm up sketch for the night!

My friend saw my new dye job and called me a “Blue Jolly Rancher” and I thought of a new character lol

They belong to a gang where everyone’s gang name is a color and they all have a monochrome gang outfit according to their name. 

I’m also working on a stylization project where we copy other artists’ styles to figure out our own style/improve it. Currently working with Samurai Jack, but I’m using this to take a break and work with a Rafchu inspired style. Go check her out! There’s some nsfw stuff on her blog, but she’s got some incredible works and I love the dynamicism in the poses she does!

5 Things you think as a beginning artist that are lies:

I NEED to have a defined style!

I always kind of hurt when I hear a beginning artist say this. When I was younger, I thought my entire career would hinge on me finding a style, and that I needed to bust the door down with some jaw dropping style right away. This isn’t true at all. Your style develops over time. It comes from how you interpret things. You want to focus on structure, technique, and lighting, ect. and your style will come with those things. Some days you’ll just have an idea of what your art should look like, and you’ll start splattering things into it. Part of gaining a style is experimenting. Also: STYLES GROW AND CHANGE. DON’T LET YOUR ‘STYLE’ HOLD YOU BACK FROM IMPROVING YOUR ART!

I can’t copy other artists

This also feeds into the style train of thought. You should not copy or trace other artists work, that’s correct, but if they draw something a certain way and you like it? Use it! If they did something or colored something in a way you love? Take it, and make it your own! The ability to translate and perceive other concepts into something new, to re-imagine, is a very important one. Draw inspiration from one another.

Everything I do has to be rendered 100%,  All my lines must be clean, Everything has got to be inked, ect.

Sometimes, the sketchy, messy, and loose can be what has the most character and movement! Even when you ink and color/paint something, you don’t want it to loose the movement it has. Movement in art can bring it to life, and over exaggerating things can really make an impact on your piece. 

Don’t afraid to get loose and messy, even when you’re cleaning up. You can have a finished piece that isn’t rendered to death. Brush strokes, ink blots, scribbles, patterns, textures, sketch lines, ect. Can bring your piece into a whole new light of life! 

It is good to have clean pieces for portfolio purposes, (But even then, as I said, over rendering can sneak up on you, and make you loose detail) but especially when you’re just sketching for structure or for fun, getting loose and just letting yourself draw can be a breaking point all in itself! 

The paper I’m drawing on is flat

Okay, so, technically speaking, yes your paper/monitor/canvas/wood ect. is flat. But try thinking of your drawing space as a box you can fill things with, twist characters inside, place objects anywhere. It’s not just a 2D space, it’s an infinite box you can do whatever you want inside! This can help you do better when tackling things like perspective, and backgrounds! 

I’ll never be as good as _____

Every artist feels this way. I’ll say it again. EVERY ARTIST FEELS THIS WAY. We all have something we want to obtain, some level we want to be at, and I do promise you that when you see even 1% of what you want your art to be in your art, it’s party worthy. But don’t get caught up in comparing yourselves to others, or get so distracted with the main goal that you forget about the journey. 

Drawing and art can be an expression of self and of ideas, creativity, and story. It’s going to be different every time, and different doesn’t mean better or worse than something else. You’ll get there: where you want to be, but only if you never give up, and never stop practicing. Don’t let the insecurities become you, find inspiration in those you want to be like. Pick apart their work, study their art, until you find what it is you like so much, and then practice it! Just keep going! Everyone started with a circle with a cross in the middle once.

Anyway, I thought I should share this for young and beginning artists out there! Good luck!


If you ever want to create something but don’t know where to begin, here’s a tip: copy other artists.

“Isn’t that wrong???” Of course, obviously it’s wrong if you then claim that work to be 100% yours when you just blatantly copied someone else. But it isn’t wrong to use copying as a method to develop your own ideas and style.

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  • Juliet: *wears beanie*
  • Hater: [insert some random artist] wears beanies!! She's a copy cat!
  • Juliet: *wears cat ears*
  • Hater: that's Ariana Grande's thing! Stop copying other artists!!
  • Juliet: *cuts hair*
  • Hater: why are you so obsessed with Miley Cyrus?? So insecure and unoriginal!!!
  • Juliet: *dyes hair certain color*
  • Hater: you know who also has the colored hair?! [Insert some irrelevant person]!!! Original my ass!!
  • Juliet: *sings*
  • Hater: you knOW WHO ELSE SIGNFNDS
  • Juliet: *breathes*
  • Hater: I can't belwleveie tish
  • Juliet: *exists*

what gets me about banksy is that other, less prominent (for shitty reasons), street artists have a reoccurring message in their work that sets out the over-arching theme in why they do what they do. while they do make their work for themselves, they know that great art resonates with people and in that they hope their message gets across to them, even if the message isn’t something as important as commentary on police brutality.

while i don’t believe that ALL art needs a message, the sheer foundations of street art are BASED around making a statement, be it good or bad.

but with fuckin’ banksy, his messages are poor copies of what other, BETTER, artists are doing out there with their work. “oh police brutality is bad here’s an officer pointing his gun AT A LITTLE GIRL.” when, for the people this message is actually about, it’s an all too real image and doesn’t bring anything new to the table nor makes the audience think about what they’re seeing.

saying “this thing is BAD” doesn’t open discussion on it nor does it make the people perpetuating the awful thing in question feel at all guilty.

saying “wouldn’t it be fucked up if THIS happened” doesn’t really do much for anyone since down the way is a piece talking about an actual, real thing.

and saying “hey remember this bad thing that happened? well here it is AGAIN” only allows the audience to feel more distant towards it since there’s no direct connection to them and that bad thing.

banksy can comment on bad things all he wants but ultimately his audience feels no responsibility for it, they feel no urge for change, and at the end of the day they chuckle, go “haha that’s fucked up,” and move on to the next SFW psuedo-deep “think piece.”

now if banky’s WHOLE point about “dismaland” was to make audiences SEE the dissonance they feel from themselves and these horrific events then THAT’D be impressive


anyway here’s a picture of minnie mouse but as a hooker


so tumblr suggested goattrain and I like his style, and oversized ponies.

and then his page three had this and that rainbow dash is adorable. so I had a go at that style myself.

a friend told me to sketch references upside down, and holy crap everything is wonk. why is that? I was sketching it flipped, :s

did another, flipping back and forth after sketching. looks better. also tiny. see the pixels.

I guess thats a brain thing, to do with asymmetry, its easier to measure left to right than right to left. 

Wow, I seriously didn’t know that I could copy official art and animation screenshots, and as long as I did it in my own style, I could sell it for profit. That’s a thing now? Because it looks like that’s okay now, to sell work that’s copied off other artists…..

sorry, i’m just genuinely baffled at the amount of people who thinks this is okay. not the copying, but the profiting off of it. Baffled and extremely disappointed that people think so cheaply of artists who create their own composition, pose, and lighting (ie. the original artists and animators people are ripping off of) which makes up a lot of an artwork. 

edit: wow, i guess this was too vague for some people still: No, I do NOT think it’s okay to copy official art and animation screenshots that are done by other artists and animators, and then selling prints of that practice-art. notice the bold part. that’s the part that’s wrong for me :)

edit: would like to point out a lot of cover artists have permission or bought licenses to sell their cover-song. hence, the lack of problem. see? 

Happy Birthday Souma-senpai Fan Art Contest!
Show your appreciation for your favorite chef, Souma-senpai! Make a Souma-senpai birthday-themed illustration and get a chance to WIN gems!
Post your illustration on facebook, tumblr, or twitter! Tag it with ‪#‎NoticeMeSoumaSenpai‬ and make your post public so we can see it! Only one entry per person is allowed!

Winners will be hand-picked and judged by the entire Notice Me Senpai! Design Team! We will pick 3 illustrations! 1st place will win 1500 in-game gems, 2nd place will win 750 gems, 3rd place will get 500 gems! Deadline for Entries will be June 27, 12 Noon, UTC +8:00 Philippine Time!

TAKE NOTE: We will repost the illustrations on our social media platforms when we announce the winners. Tagging your illustration and joining the contest means that you are giving us permission to repost. Feel free to watermark or sign your work!

Please take note that we will also automatically DISQUALIFY any work that traces or copies other artists’ fan art. :D Please only submit your own work! Thank you very much!

Help us celebrate Souma’s birthday! Join the contest and show him your love! :D


It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally completed Adult Magazine! It’s a compilation of four comics about growing up by four amazing art fiends!

They are me, melissatrender, tiffbaxter and davevaleza!

It is debuting at next weeks Nine Worlds Sunday pop up market and then will be available on my store! I’ll be sending come copies to the other artists too so they can sell them as well!