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So you want to be a writer...

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I’ve seen a lot of people answer the Dream Job question with WRITER in the question tag posts going around. It makes sense. Many of us are here, rubbing this fandom all over ourselves, because we love reading. We love to read great writing so we want to contribute more of that to the world. Therefore, writer seems like the obvious dream job. And honestly, no matter how many times people try to talk you out of romanticizing a career as a writer, it’s impossible not to.

“I’m going out to the writing loft, darling! Send a small woodland creature with a note affixed to it’s tail to alert me when it’s time for tea!”

I always wanted to be a writer. I didn’t know how that would happen.

I read the classics, went to college and majored in English literature and learned to be a pretty good writer.

I tried to get into publishing houses after college, but I needed money to live and I didn’t know anyone in the industry, so that was a bust.

I tried to get a job as a caption writer, making minimum wage. Didn’t get it.

Things were not looking good and one morning, in my tiny, ancient apartment, I pulled my pants off the floor and a mouse ran out of the pant leg. It was just me, that mouse, and a bunch of bootleg copies of X-Files episodes on VHS.


Despite my failure to get a job as a writer, I never stopped feeling that I was a writer. And in the midst of this uncertainty and rather bleak existence, I realized that WRITER is not a job. WRITER is a characteristic.

I couldn’t not be a writer. 

I got a low-level job at a big corporation. Customer service hell. But I did a good job and had confidence in myself and my superiors recognized I was worth more. They also knew I’d burn out soon and leave. So they created a new job for me. An analyst. Because I’d shown myself to be intelligent and curious.

I cannot stress this enough: even if your job sucks, do it well and once in awhile, do more than your job. People will notice.

So I got this analysis job. I literally made up my own work. I looked at information and tried to notice patterns and things that could be improved. And one of the skills that stood out to people was my writing.

People notice good writers. And they will start coming to you for advice and editing. Soon, I had an entire department coming to me to work on their documents. I had communications people (who literally are professional writers!) coming to me to help them craft messages.

I wasn’t a writer. But I was a writer.

Now, one thing about being a writer is the need for a creative outlet. And sometimes, you need to make your own.

One day, at this corporate job, I spent 3 hours creating a fake newsletter full of my dumb humor, printed out a bunch of copies, and secretly dropped it into the offices of the executives. (I don’t know how I get away with this shit, but I do)

And it was funny enough, that when everyone eventually traced it back to me, we all just had a good laugh. And I got a little creativity in that day.

Fast forward many years to now. I have an amazing job. And if I told you the title, almost no one would know what it was. My title isn’t “writer”. But I write all the time.

Sometimes it’s boring writing. But part of being a good writer is finding ways of making something less boring.

This week, I wrote a book review (NK Jemisin’s Broken Earth trilogy – it’s awesome) for our newsletter that goes to our friends and clients, some more newsletter content, a post for our blog. I write our Twitter copy. None of this is even my main job, which is about 40% writing. And every morning our team writes “huddles”, emails talking about our lives and stories and what’s making us laugh or inspiring us. That’s a huge creative outlet for me.

I’m a writer. I even get paid to do it.

Novelist is something else entirely, but one great secret is that most novelists have other jobs. Extremely talented, well-known novelists even (see NK Jemisin).

So, if you’re a writer, you’re a writer. You already are living your dream. You’ll have many different jobs over the years. And, if you’re determined, you can find a way to be a writer in that job, even if it doesn’t look like it in your job description.

I’ll end this by saying…

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Historical Events in Shelley’s Life & Today: 

Falling in Love with Mary Godwin

On Sunday June 26, 1814 a nervous Mary Godwin, perched on her mother’s grave, bared her heart to the eclectic poet that had entered both her life and her heart with a suddenness that frightened her. Her step-sister Claire sat on a faraway stone, unable to hear the conversation. While Shelley’s response is unknown, it was obvious he returned the sentiment. The two returned to Godwin’s home arm in arm. 

Shelley had been making regular visits to the Godwin house for some time, discussing a variety of topics with Mary’s father, William Godwin. In June, he finally became fully acquainted with Mary and he was overcome with passion. Right under Godwin’s nose, one of the most brilliant, tumultuous love stories was forming. 

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Hi everyone!! So due to circumstances out of my control, I am jobless at the moment again and really need funds in the meantime in order to buy myself a few much needed personal items (such as bus fare, deodorant, medication, art supplies, and eventually a new laptop). While I’m pretty much always taking commissions, these are gonna be at a special low price for a while in the hopes that more people can afford them and thus, help me pay for stuff I need. 

**Disclaimer: I promise my art is much better than my awful copy+paste image editing skills that you see above (I tried, I really did).**

Pricing is as follows: 

  • $5 for a pencil sketch
  • $10 for line art & color
  • +$1 for each additional character (so, pencil sketch with 2 characters = $6 total)

I will draw pretty much anything, though please be warned that I am not very good at mechanical looking things. Since all my art is traditional, I have no problem mailing you the original physical copy of your commission once completed, as long as you’re willing to pay for postage. Otherwise I’ll just scan it and email you the file.

  • Plush: depends on the size and materials used, but my large Bill Ciphers (17″ tall) are $20 + $5 shipping and the smaller ones (about 6″ tall) are $12 + $5 shipping, to give you an idea of pricing. The larger the plush, the more shipping costs, obviously.

More examples of my art here, as well as plush examples, here. I accept all payment via PayPal. Please email me at (this is not my paypal email) if interested and we’ll start discussing your commission! Signal boosts are of course very appreciated if you can’t afford anything right now.

Thank you!

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Most fob fans don't hate 5sos, most of us (I include myself) don't like them because they try really hard to be punk rock and because they copied the guitar riff from sugar we're goin down. I DON'T HATE THEM, AND MOST OF US DON'T HATE THEM. (Also I don't need to add the racist/homophobes commentaries they've done)

This is literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever had to read. 

First off, 5SOS’s influences are people like fob and all time low… The fact that they are “trying too hard” to be punk rock is so funny to me. You do realize that they are still a very new band and that they are still very much developing their sound? ATL’s sound is completely different from what it use to be because they have grown as artists.

Luke, Mikey, and Cal are still teenagers and Ash isn’t even old enough to drink in the US. You all have in in your head that somehow they are suppose to be completely developed at 18??? Please tell me that you are completely the person you want to be in every aspect of your life or plan to be by 18…. 

And as for the racist/homophobic slurs/comments, if you are actually bringing up tweets from 2 years ago, please refer to my last paragraph. Not every fucking person in this world is brought up in the same way with the same social issues. For fucks sake, they are learning and trying to be politically correct and people like you with pretension attitudes are completely over looking the progress they have made as humans.

Fuck off with this bullshit excuse. 


I’m done with the ignorance.