Neil gaiman on filesharing and providing free service. It’s really fascinating!! 

This is so true. Also, I met Neil Gaiman while he had a chainsaw in his hand. Not kidding.
Producing New Content

Ever since I finished all of the assignments, I started finishing all of my vlogs including the vlogs for RedExK and the series for PinoyK which is, until now, not yet finish. How can you expect to finish 1 vlog and 4 episodes in one day?! Of course I can’t. Hahaha. First the vlog needs a script so I could make sure that it is not that controversial even though the topic is kind of controversial and I need it detailed and for the episodes I need to pick the clips where it wouldn’t get to the point that I’ll be forced by my friends to delete the video. I’m not complaining though, I’m just telling you that Despite of all the work that I need to finish (and a could be upcoming referral from the assignments), I’m thinking of producing new channels even though my other channels are not yet a hit! 

Ok, here’s the deal. So I was covering japanese songs before, like year 2010. And I stopped doing so the next year because my channel was taken down by YouTube and Sony. Ever since that time I was scared of putting videos online because if I did and the same thing happens again, it’s like cleaning a dining table where everyone is still eating and keeps on messing the table, so yeah something like that. 

Now that I’m back at YouTube, I am slowly opening and producing new channels, three channels. And with that, I am thinking of going back to the J-pop covering. Now there are also two things that comes into my mind: copyright and “being noticed by my ‘Senpais’”. 

Copyright. It’s been a never ending issue with YouTube and I am one of those people who have their channels taken down. It’s frustrating to have your channel taken down but then we cannot deny that our channel is taken down because we did something wrong, and that is one thing that I admit. Right now, I am trying to avoid having my channel or Google account suspended because of that. 

Being Noticed. Ever since I did those covers I have one thing in mind. Being noticed by my favorite band. Before, I became desperate of being noticed by them that I made a cover for all of their songs…. in a span of two months! HAHAHAHA. I can’t even believe it. I uploaded videos everyday and edit every single one of those videos in two hours. like wow! So yeah. Right now, I’ll just wait and let it come to that point. 

I think you get the point in the things that I am saying. To sum it up, I am pressured with the things that I love to do, which could mean that I am close of getting sick of these things, again. But I hope I WONT! 

How do I protect my sighting of Elvis?

Copyright law does not protect sightings. However, copyright law will protect your photo (or other depiction) of your sighting of Elvis. File your claim to copyright online by means of the electronic Copyright Office (eCO). Pay the fee online and attach a copy of your photo. For more information on registering a copyright, see SL-35. No one can lawfully use your photo of your sighting, although someone else may file his own photo of his sighting. Copyright law protects the original photograph, not the subject of the photograph.


experiementing with cutting from Sophie Higgins on Vimeo.

just a brief film of cuts I have done using footage I had.

using the cutting point was a hard decision, I used points where the film went towards a shadow or where it was dark in an area and focused on that being the centre point of a cut action.