I shook Cam Clarke’s hand and got him to sign my copy of MGS 1 and I made myself out to be a huge fanboy by shakily telling him he is one of my favorite voice actors which I’m sure he gets a lot but like he has no idea how obsessive I am over voice acting so I was pretty happy

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leafy made a video on poppy... 1) copying pyrocynical much? 2) i didnt even watch the video and knowing leafy hes probably gonna get triggered by poppy so im not even gonna bother.

leafy is as stale as harambe memes


Blame Chart - Whose Fault For That Akuma [SEASON 1] + WARNING: New Challengers Approaching

Chloe: (11) -Evillustrator; Dark Cupid; Lady Wifi; Horrificator; Roger Cop; Kung Food; Vanisher; Stone Heart (2); Reflekta; Princess Fragance; Time Breaker

Marinette: (3) -The Gamer; Antibug; Volpina

Kim: (2) - Animan; Stone Heart (1)

Gabriel Agreste: (2) -  Bubbler; Simon Says

Adrien: (1) - Copy Cat

Others: (8) - Mr. Pigeon, Park Rangers; Pharaoh, (his dad) Mr. Kubdel; Mime, (co-worker) Chris; Dark Blade, (the Mayor) André Bourgeois; Stormy Weather, KIDZ+; The Puppeteer, (her mom) Nadja Chamack; Guitar Villain, XY; Pixelator, (Jagged Stone’s agent) Penny Rolling


It was a pleasure to be able to work on the Ladybug Zine with all the talented artists involved. Thanks May for organizing this for a very good cause. These are my submissions to the zine! I hope everyone will get their copy safely.

#1 was inspired by tarot cards obviously! The lily of the valley is a flower associated with luck in France so I wanted to enclose our protags in it with the appropriate card.

#2 was Chinese inspired, I really wanted to draw Ladybug wield a Chinese yo-yo in lieu of her usual one, so this piece was born.  



Bloom❀: A Haikyuu!! Flower Crown Fanzine

A collaborative effort showcasing and celebrating both the love of flowers and volley boys.

23 artists | letter size 8.5x11" | 45+ full color illustrations

Preorder Options:

Book Only

Preorder Bundle 1: includes a copy of the fanzine and 8 postcard sized mini prints

Preorder Bundle 2: includes a copy of the fanzine, 1.5″ acrylic charm, 4x6″ sticker sheet, and 8 postcard sized mini prints

Preorder items are exclusive and will not be sold after the preorder period has ended so come and get yours while supplies last!

✿✿Preorder available until July 25th!✿✿

Participating Artists:

Wally | Abby | LittleLuxray | Kitkat | Hanna | Cass | Ao | Yuan | Meyoco | Fawn | Poxei | Nicky | Rachel | kou | KodyB | Dag | ALLY | Em | Mochii | Eri | nymph | emu | Ceejles

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