Seventeen The 2nd Mini Album Boys Be

The album will contain (for each ver.):
 - 60P photobook                                                              x1
 - Individual photocard (randomly chosen out of 13)   x1
 - Postcards                                                                       x5
 - Poster-like map + stickers                                            x1

*Rare polaroid will be limited for only 500 copies*

1. Fronting
2. Mansae (Title Track)
3. When I Grow Up
4. OMG
5. ROCK 

An old wizard answers - be prepared xD

Thank you slightlyintimidating for tagging me :) … You guys have no idea what you’re getting yourself into by tagging me in these things xD since I tend to write… a lot.

And I loved playing these games when I was at school, so this was actually pretty fun :) even though it took me DAYS on the notes of my phone before I copied it here XD

1. How tall are you

I’m an old wizard who grows a little every year… today I’m three meters and fourteen cm tall. Tomorrow… Who knows. (1m67)

2. What color and style is your hair

Long and ghastly grey with a wizard beard. Sandra from Rändajad represents my hair goals. I have dark and long and very straight hair, sometimes with a fringe and sometimes I gel it on the sides of my face. I love changing haircuts and when I was a teenager, during the peak of the emo period, I drew my inspiration from emo haircuts because those styles were perfect for straight hair. And mine is so straight and heavy that I can’t curl it because it doesn’t last longer than an hour or two… These last months I mostly let it down though. Sometimes I clip in or attach some crazy clips or swirly colourful dreads when the situation is festive (or when I feel festive myself xD which can be an average Tuesday when I don’t have to work in a more official environment)

3. What color are your eyes

The darkest shade of brown possible. Almost black. I have the darkest eyes in my family :) (¾ of my family are light-haired or green/blue eyed… and ¼ look like me, with dark hair and eyes and southern skin… Some of them have darker hair than me but I have the darkest eyes and I find it fun :)) (BUT OF COURSE I DON’T INHERIT THICK EYELASHES FROM THEM. THAT I INHERIT FROM THE BLONDES OF MY FAMILY. WHO DON’T MIND BECAUSE THEY’RE BLOND OR LIGHT-EYED ANYWAY. BUT I’M THE SOUTHERN TYPE, I DESERVE THOSE EYELASHES DAMMIT XD)

4. Do you wear glasses

Yes, but in summer or when it’s sunny, I wear contacts because I have sunglasses that look like apples and I love how they look on my face :)

5. Do you wear braces

No but I did when I was a teenager! :)

6. What’s your fashion style

Oh well it strongly depends on the context, but since I’m quite a fan of creating and inventing my own stuff or combining interesting elements, I’m pretty confident that I look good x)) Now jokes aside, I like going into the original or the cartoonish even in formal contexts. I’m a big fan of Tim Burton and of punk-inspired motives, which means that I have a lot of black and white stuff, stripes, as well as red tartan pattern… I’m the sort of person who really likes attention, so if I can get it through clothes, I’m happy xD (I mean, I HAVE A HUGE HAT THAT LOOKS LIKE A FOX AND IT EVEN HAS A TAIL AND I MOST DEFINITELY WEAR IT DURING WINTER, and I feel awesome.)

7. Full name

You can call me Zampy :)

8. When were you born?

In 1092. I’m an old wizard after all. …or maybe in 1992. As a one thousand and twenty three years old, I tend to forget things.

9. Where are you from and where do you live?

I come from space (I’m a SPACE wizard) and I live on planet Earth now. (From 1992 to 2001 I lived in Bosnia. From 2001 to now in Belgium)

10. What school do/did you go to?

I went to several schools, but the best ones were:

- in Bosnia, I went to a school standing between a mosque, a church, a health center and a beer brewery. And we just needed to cross the bridge to get to the city center. It was the best place one could imagine.

- in Belgium, the high school I went to was five minutes from where I live xD it was an incredible school in every possible way. It’s a Catholic school, but while being strict, it wasn’t TOO strict or too limiting. On top of that, it was a school to which people from all around the world came to study. It was beautiful. Also, even though it was a Catholic school, it was VERY open on the religious level and a great deal of students weren’t Catholic or weren’t even religious. The religion classes were awesome too because we learned about the religions as a whole, and also a lot about psychology and philosophy and we were encouraged to make our own choices and we had to be able to defend our opinions but without ever putting others down personally.

11.Top five winning Eurovision entries - question invented by slightlyintimidating to torture fellow europals

WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME? How do you want me to choose only five? Ahhhh >“The Voice”, Ireland 1996 because it’s just gorgeous. And I feel like it represents my blog pretty well, what with sounding like the magical spirit of the earth that manifests itself as a singing voice. Beautiful. “Rise Like a Phoenix”, which has become my favourite song from the first moment I heard it. It’s perfect on every possible level on which a song can be judged. “Poupée de cire poupée de son”, Luxembourg 1965. I LOVE the dark and creepy aspect going through the apparent sweetness of the song. I do like the macabre and I love when it’s peppered by sugar on top. This song uses fantastic imagery and lots of play on words and metaphors (some words mean two things at once, I may do an explanatory translation of this song one day) and at the same time, it works as a dancy dreamy song. I love when something opens itself to several readings and this song… man, this song… “Wild Dances”, Ukraine 2004. I associate SO many beautiful memories with this song and I think that it was the first song for which I ever voted. It also symbolises a certain period in my life, a very nice time when I had no worries and problems. “Hard Rock Hallelujah” from Finland 2006, because it’s the perfect image of Eurovision in the twenty-first century. I feel like it represents what Eurovision has become and, quite frankly, it’s a beautiful turn of events. Of course, we had crazy acts before. But Lordi… They were special to me x)) also, I DARE you to listen to that song without smiling. It will just make you feel energised and happy and… and it was awesome that a song of that genre won :)

12. Do/did you like school

I LOVED school. Or at least the most of it. I always had good grades and I’m the type of person who can easily talk to everyone, so I was pretty popular too :) the friends I made at high school (and some that I met even earlier) are still my rays of sun.

13. What are/were your favourite subjects?

French, English and later I took the language option so I’ll say also German and Spanish. We’d learn debate skills and we read a lot, so for someone like me that was the bomb x) I also liked religion because, as I previously said, I find that it opened our minds (and we had some really fun projects!) And of course, the art class. That one doesn’t even need an explanation x)

14. Favourite TV shows?

I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan :D but for most other famous tv shows, I really need to catch up… I dont watch TV a lot, but I watch musical shows… I’m a big fan of “The Voice”, for example :) I’m not mentioning Eurovision because it goes without saying xD

15. Favourite movies?

I like science-fiction, fairy tales, embedded narratives and super heroes… So amongst my favourite movies, you’ll definitely see Mad Max, everything Tim Burton has ever made, Pulp Fiction and of course, the Avengers (by Marvel, I also really liked both Thor2 and Captain America 2 :))

16. Favourite books?

“Alias Grace” by Margaret Atwood is probably my favourite book of all times. I really like Margaret Atwood as a writer since I’m a big fan of speculative fiction or very plausible science fiction… And I also like stories about madness or meta ones, questioning the fabric of the stories/history as a whole… and Margaret Atwood does it in an amazing way and the questioning of the fabric of both fiction and history just shines through “Alias Grace”. I also really like “Slaughterhouse Five” by Kurt Vonnegut. His literature is very particular too and the passage where the main character watches a war-movie in reverse is one of the most emotionally charged scenes I’ve ever read, despite being masked by simplicity. I also like a Song of Ice and Fire, obviously x)) One of the songs for my soul is also Frankenstein, because it set the genre of modern science-fiction and I’ll be forever grateful for that… Especially since Mary Shelley was basically a child when she wrote it. And an eighteen year-old having such a huge influence on literature for generations to come is a thing of beauty.

When it comes to YA, I obviously love Harry Potter, but another YA saga that I really liked was Ann Aguirre’s Razorland series.

When it comes to children’s books, I find that Sempé’s and Goscinny’s “Little Nicholas” is a treasure of our world and I still read it today… Also, in which category does “Coraline” fall? XD

17. Favourite pastime?

I’ve got loads :D my favourite pastime is pretty simple though: it’s hanging out with friends, cooking with friends, discovering new tastes/eating with other people or walking around town. I don’t like staying inside for too long (even when it rains) or being alone… on another hand, lots of my hobbies kinda force me to stay inside or to be alone from time to time xD since I love reading, writing and drawing, making comics, singing, playing guitar, writing music, listening to music and exploring more genres… I’m very artsy in every way that I can so I also like making jewelry or little things for clothing or for the house… And yes, I miss on sleep pretty often xD

18. Do you have any regrets?

There are always those tiny little regrets (I should’ve gone to bed earlier/I shouldn’t have eaten that last piece of cake/I shouldn’t have waited for the last moment to start working on this/…), but when it comes to bigger ones, for me, it’s the fact that I’m not the king of the world yet. Also the fact that I spent several days on this tag game that will be read by maybe three people xD

19. Dream job?

King of the world.

(Or anything related to art/creation/helping other people. I’d like to say that I’m on the right track, but I’ve barely scratched the surface)

20. Would you like to be married someday?

I would.

21. Would you like to have kids?

Oh yes! I love children and I’ve been taking care of kids since…. Well, even as a child myself, I already organised games or helped feeding younger kids. I’ve worked with children, either taking care of them or teaching them, and every once in a while, I get stopped by a child in the street who wants to hug me or tell me that I’m pretty xD so I’d obviously love to have children of my own :)

22. How many?

As many as possible! So basically, as many as I’d be able to give a good life to :)

23. Do you like shopping?

No. Never did. I like having a plan of what I want or I like to just see something I like and then save for buying it if I don’t have money right then, but I hate spending time looking at things I won’t even buy XD

24. The scariest nightmare you had?

My dreams tend to be structured like stories, so this could be a really long answer and I’m trying to control myself xD One horrible nightmare I had had me stranded in a sort of locked center with people who are… Well either criminals, or poor, or globally unprivileged and most importantly, dehumanised. During the entire dream I plotted on the ways to get out or on ways to get those people out of there. I made friends with some of them, even the most dangerous crew. All was well and I became pretty respected there and figured out that if I stay good, I’ll be able to get out soon. However, I ended up having a feud with the main bad guy (who was supposed to be my friend, but then claimed ownership on me and my stuff) which led to a huge brawl. We fought while some others tried to separate us, but we kept hitting each other. In the end, I threw him against the wall and he didn’t get up. I realised that he was dead, and that I was the one who had killed him and with it, my sole chance to escape or to take anyone out with me. I then took my head in my hands and started to scream and to pray for that to be just a dream. I screamed so much that I felt myself screaming out of my body, then out of my dream and in the real world and that’s how I woke up.

25. Do you have a s/o?

No. I’m chronically unlucky when it comes to love and for the moment, I work a bit too much right now so I don’t even get to having time for love :-/

26. Do you believe in miracles?

Honestly, yes. I survived several times through what could be considered “miracles”. And several other times, things that could never happen happened to me. It’s hard not to believe in something you’ve lived.

27. How much do you love the person who tagged you?

I’m pretty new to tumblr, but some of the people around here are super sweet and the person who tagged me has always been good. I don’t know them personally (I TRIED TO ASK FOR THEIR GENDER BUT THEY TRIED TO MAKE ME GUESS SO I’LL GO FOR A LIMB AND RISK A TUMBLR TEMPEST AND SAY “HER” BECAUSE THAT’S MY FIRST FEELING XD) …so… I don’t know her personally, but she seems to be pretty awesome :D her posts always make me smile/laugh and I’m really glad to have such people on my dash :)

28. What color is your soul?

No matter the colour, I hope that it shines :) …but I think that it’s green. It just fits. It’s one of my favourite colours and I associate it with many positive things. So green which shines, maybe peppered with silver and gold because why not… it’ll look magical that way :)

Now I’m supposed to tag some of you guys (most precisely twenty people) and so I choose

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I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE I TAGGED and I hope that I didn’t tag someone who did it before XD so those of you I tagged who want to participate in the game, or those I didn’t tag but who want to do it, be my guest :)

$2.00 for the first copy. $1.00 for every additional copy.

This lost classic was originally published in 1850 as a chapter of Herbert Spencer’s book Social Statics. When Spencer re-issued Social Statics late in his life he revised it to remove much of the most radical material, including this chapter.  However, earlier American facsimile editions continued to circulate, and the essay was widely read and discussed among American and English Anarchists, who republished the essay independently.  As Tucker wrote of his pamphlet edition, “Though Spencer, when in his later life he revised ‘Social Statics,’ suppressed this chapter, he never answered it, and it remains the best bit of political philosophy that ever came from his pen. It might well be called ‘The Right of Civil Disobedience,’ as a companion-work to Thoreau’s ‘Duty of Civil Disobedience.’ The two certainly constitute a pair of Anarchist classics… .” (Liberty XVI.6, p.1)

As a corollary to the proposition that all institutions must be subordinated to the law of equal freedom, we cannot choose but admit the right of the citizen to adopt a condition of voluntary outlawry. If every man has freedom to do all that he wills, provided he infringes not the equal freedom of any other man, then he is free to drop connection with the state—to relinquish its protection and to refuse to pay toward its support… .

Nay, indeed, have we not seen that government is essentially immoral? Is it not the offspring of evil, bearing about it all the marks of its parentage? Does it not exist because crime exists? Is it not strong—or, as we say, despotic—when crime is great? Is there not more liberty—that is, less government—when crime diminishes? And must not government cease when crime ceases, for very lack of objects on which to perform its function? Not only does magisterial power exist because of evil, but it exists by evil. Violence is employed to maintain it, and all violence involves criminality. Soldiers, policemen, and jailers; swords, batons, and fetters are instruments for inflicting pain; and all infliction of pain is in the abstract wrong… .

Support C4SS with Herbert Spencer’s “The Right to Ignore the State”

okay much like with the last update before xkit saved me the hassle with editable reblogs (which in its current form doesn’t work), you can copy from the section you just can’t edit it. so:

1. copy and paste your partners last reply into your typing section (including their url if you like having that in your thing)

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note; if you do that and you’re a little unsure, save it as a draft first and see how it looks on your dash that way.

if you really want to respond to anon hate here is a fun thing to do

1. copy the message
2. re-send it to yourself anonymously
3. block the original anon
4. respond to the copied message so they can’t contact you ever again and you get the last word

TPoH: Update!

Available here on the TPoH website or here on smackjeeves!

WIP of German, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Polish, Esperanto, Swedish, Latin, Hungarian, Norwegian, French, Spanish and Japanese translations!

There’s another Patreon-supporter OC cameo in this page! (thank you !), if you’d like one of your own OC’s in the mix, a personalised copy of TPoH volume 1, or any other tasty bits and pieces please consider supporting me on Patreon, or if that’s not your scene have a look if there’s anything that tickles your fancy in my Society6 merch box :D


July, 2015: Some Girls Are is removed as an optional title from West Ashley High School’s summer reading program after one parent complains that the book is ‘trash’ and ‘smut.’ (The full story + my response.)

August, 2015: catagator and Andria Amaral of the Charleston County Public Library organize an effort to get Some Girls Are into the hands of as many teenagers who want it–for free–as possible. Thanks to your amazing generosity nearly 1,000 copies of the book were donated.

September, 2015: The Some Girls Are book project is underway! The photos above are the result of your fight against censorship and your advocacy for teen readers. As I said before in the wake of this incident: books provide us with an opportunity to empower teens by giving them a say and choice in what is relevant to their lives. I am deeply grateful to you all for giving that say and that choice back to them.

Thank you.

Photo credit: Andria Amaral.

TPoH: Update!

Available here on the TPoH website or here on smackjeeves!

WIP of German, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Polish, Esperanto, Swedish, Latin, Hungarian, Norwegian, French, Spanish and Japanese translations!

This week’s update features a special guest from one of my patreon supporters! If you’re enjoying the comic, would like the opportunity to have one of your OC’s in the mix, a personalised copy of TPoH volume 1 or any other tasty bits please consider supporting me on Patreon, or if that’s not your scene have a look if there’s anything that tickles your fancy in my Society6 merch box :D


Book Finger Balance Challenge

So…I challenged Amber ( amberthebooklion ) to balance a book on her finger (here is her post) and she wanted revenge.

So this is me, trying to balance a book on my finger. Yup, no, it didn’t go so well…

I’m going to make this a challenge tag thing now.

Here are the rules:

1. Copy and paste the rules to your post
2. Balance a book on ONE finger and take pictures of it
3. Tag/Challenge people!
4. Use the tag ‘book finger balance tag’

So I’m going to challenge loquaciouslyliterate, ianbrunner, books-and-cookies, theboywhoreadsbooks, bookswithbazzi, parchmentjunkie, martinandhisbooks, kat-from-minasmorgul, ignited-by-books, thebookthrone, unepovrat , alibraryismyparadise, mind-constellations , abookalien, readingdidyoumeanbreathing, exquisitefeminism. Your turn.