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Falling in with the wrong crowd. A fear submitted by Emilija to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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Can i ask for a Roman Godfrey imagine? YN is Shelleys best friend and he's completely in love with her (because I adore Shelley and they all deserve happiness)

Part Two

“Hey Um… Shelly Right?” You asked the huge girl who was stood in the centre of the library holding the last copy of your favourite book. She looked at you carefully but didn’t speak, she simply fixed you with a weary look. “Are you checking that book out, it’s amazing and like the only copy in the whole town which seems stupid.” You rambled on about the book for a while and she set the book down, grabbing at the phone in her hands.

“It’s my favourite to.” A robotic voice sounded from the phone and you laughed happy to find someone that shared your love for books. Her suspiciously weary gaze faded as she smiled at you and happily stooped over while you read to her and began discussing your favourite parts in great detail.

Your friendship with Shelly grew as time went on, despite being three years older than her, you both had a love of books and spent almost every day with each other. You were sat cross legged on the end of Shelly’s bed as she rolled her desk chair across her large room. 

Roman, Shelly’s brother, wondered into the room looking for her and wasn’t surprised to see you halfway through reading Shelly a new book.

“You are aware we live in the world on technology right?” He asked you as he hugged Shelly and spoke to her quietly.

“Maybe we don’t want to be teen delinquents.” You said quickly, smiling when he chuckled at you before tapping the end of Shelly’s nose and walking out of the room.

“Oh, it’s raining so you’re going to want a lift home.” He called over his shoulder. Shelly giggled and you narrowed your eyes before trying to get her to tell you what was so funny but shed simply shook her head and refused.

“So you need a lift to school or home tomorrow?” Roman asked as he pulled up in your drive. You giggled which made him frown before shifting in your seat to face him.

“Roman what day is it today?” you asked quickly.

“Friday… oh right… well I could drive you up to the house.” He offered quickly when he realised his mistake.

“We’re going to the Mall, you could come and scare that ticket guy who won’t let Shelly in the cinema… but you’d have to watch a movie you won’t like.” You hadn’t meant to sound so disappointed and Roman swallowed loudly while you tried to think of a way to get Roman to help them without forcing him to sit through the while film.

“Hey I love films, all films.” He said quickly which made you snort in laughter.

“You can’t sit through cartoons… any way my Mom’s waiting I should go.” You say as you mother opens the door and points at her watch before heading back into the house.

“Yeah I’ll… um see you tomorrow.” He smiled at you when you grinned happily and ran from his car to the front door, waving once you’d reached the porch and escaped the rain. He waved back wistfully, not starting the car until he knew you’d locked the door behind you and headed over to Peter’s.

Part Two                                                   More Hemlock Grove


          “Look at this world! Your world! Littered with hope-filled skyscrapers that pierced the sky! It’s now been degraded to a copy of that tiny town you grew up in! The constant raining in this world has stopped, but in return, everything has sunk into this sea!! It’s all over, Ichigo, because you despaired and ceased to walk forward. Ichigo. I won’t let you remain this way…”

                            Right here…and now
                            I will rip out the source 
                            of your despair.“

music to listen to while reading uzumaki, basically. mostly soundtrack. 

listen (on YouTube because 8tracks didn’t have most of the songs)

i. dark city soundtrack - into the city | ii. allegri - miserere mei, deus | iii. durarara!! soundtrack - kokoro wo shibaru ai no kotoba | iv. atonement soundtrack - farewell | v. olafur arnalds - near light | vi. zack hemsey - waiting between worlds (instrumental) | vii. nexusmusic - revelation | viii. frode fjellheim - nattjoik | ix. madoka magica soundtrack - i think this world is precious | x. madoka magica soundtrack - flame of despair | xi. atlantis soundtrack - the crystal chamber | xii. interstellar soundtrack - coward | xiii. interstellar soundtrack - no need to come back | xiv. interstellar soundtrack - tick tock | xv. interstellar soundtrack - murph

@ellesanimalhaven town was stolen. This is one of the reasons I love and hate, yes hate, the animal crossing fandom. I love it because there are so many cool people, towns, and blogs dedicated to the game. Some of us have played since we were very young. I was 13 when I had my first animal crossing game, and I’m almost 22. This game is dear to some of us for many different reasons. The reason I hate it is because unlike before, we can no longer play in peace.

Unfortunately, I was always hacked and ‘seeded’ in my Wild World game, and that’s how I started playing the game by myself. Before, I would add any and everyone. When I got New Leaf, I was hesitant to add anyone, and luckily I was able to find just a few close people in the fandom that I could trust. Yes it’s just a game, but honestly, it’s messed up that people are so comfortable stealing our work!! AND receiving compliments when it’s not theirs! I’ve had my images stolen, and I’ve had people try to copy my town to a T. It’s one of the reasons I don’t even have a DA now.

Animal crossing is about creating YOUR OWN town.. it’s one of the reasons I like it in the first place. I love decorating things, and I love the color pink. So the fact that I can create a beautiful town that’s all pink is fun for me. And for someone to come steal that isn’t okay. For someone to steal @ellesanimalhaven town isn’t okay! I’m sure she worked very hard on it!

There is a difference between getting ideas/inspiration, and downright stealing from someone. These thieves are the reason the fandom is getting smaller and the reason we are disliking it. No one wants to play or share progress with someone who will WILLINGLY take it! Keep it up and one day you’ll have nothing to steal. We’ll all be gone, back to playing by ourselves.

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I have a headcanon that hunk is like hARDCORE into animal crossing okay like imagine him trying to get the squad into it

GOOD SHIT!!!!! I haven’t played ACNL since I gave my sister my copy… I miss my town…

  • Hunk doesn’t hesitate to drive out the villagers that creep him out. He pulls out all the stops. He reports them to Isabella, he smacks them with nets, surrounds their house w holes so they can’t leave, and pushes them over buried pitfall seeds. He is merciless.
  • One time he didn’t get to play for a while because of school, and when he finally returned he discovered that his favorite villager had moved away. Hunk almost burned down the Garrison before he time-travelled to mend their broken friendship.
  • His house is so… Beautiful. It’s a perfect rating. Even his basement is good, that’s how much of an HRA god he is. 
  • Hunk spent the first like, month of the game living in the shitty tent Nook gives you in the beginning because he wanted to pay off his renovations immediately. He doesn’t trust Tom Nook and refuses to be in the raccoon’s debt for longer than a day.
  • Hunk really, really wishes he could be Reese’s in-game best friend. He loves Reese and Cyrus so much.
  • He also would die for Isabelle.
  • Hunk spent m o n t h s on his flowers. He carefully bred for all the rare colors. He watered them. He dropped that $10k on the beautiful town ordinance. It literally killed him to let his roses die, but reviving them into Golden Roses made his goddamn year, no joke.
  • One time Hunk left Lance in charge of his town for a few weeks and when he came back Hunk discovered that Lance… Had been running……. Through his flowers.
    • What followed was like. A solid month of silence and cold shoulders. It was the lowest point of their relationship.

Btw, I checked Gamestop today after today’s downtown errands, and I actually found a copy of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. It was used, for 35 euros. Not sure if that price is a bit too high for a used game thou, as just 2 euros and I can get a new copy from another town’s game-related store. Pfft.

Found some Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game for 13 euros thou. Gates to Infinity. Any opinions on that game? Any good?

Margo always loved mysteries.
    And in everything that came afterward,I could never stop thinking
                that maybe she loved mysteries so much 
                         that she became one.
                      — John Green, Paper Towns

Week 4 of #TurtlesAllTheWayCountDown hosted by @penguinrandomhouse is for Paper Towns! When I first read the book five years ago, I didn’t really get the point of the story until I watched the movie and understood what Margo really wanted to happen and why Q did what he did… A paper town for a paper girl indeed.

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