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“We’re shooting this scene right now, and my instinct is to turn and look at you for this line, but there’s no chance for me to do it, so I’ve actually been fighting this this whole scene; I’m like doing this weird look to you! I’m doing this weird look/neck thing!” [x]

Have some more Holt Twins
  • “I mean, you pilot a giant Lion. A giant mechanical Lion.” “Where are you going with this?” “One might say, a giant lion suit.” “Oh my fucking–” “I can’t believe my sister is a fucking furry.” “I’M NOT A FURRY”
  • “My Lion is green, your lion is blue, if you don’t shut the fuck up, I will shoot you”
  • Pidge: *Does something badass* Matt: Same.
  • “So you’re going to reach an area that has a pretty low ceiling so watch out” “Copy” “Except for Katie, Katie will be fine” “Fuck you”
  • Lance: “Armrest #1 and Armrest #2 you’re needed in the kitchen”
  • “My name is Matt Holt and this is Jackass” *A blowtorch turns on, the Galra are screaming, something crashes*
  • “I didn’t escape the Galra just for you to die some incalculable amount of light years away from Earth, Katie
  • *There’s no time for an intricate response/hacking/figuring it out* “WHATEVER” *Something explodes*
  • “My baby sister *Sniffles, wipes a fake tear* all grown up” “We’re the same age you walnut”
  • *They come across a group of short aliens* Lance: “We found your people”
  • *Matt, while meeting Allura and Coran for the first time* “ELVES ARE REAL”
  • Also Matt, due to his time with the Galra, calls people by character names on very bad days
    • Pidge/Katie: Viola
    • Allura: Zelda
    • Coran: Nigel Thornberry
    • Lance: Sebastian
    • Keith: Lightning McQueen
    • Hunk: Baloo
    • Slav: Caterpillar
  • *After eating something horrible on an alien planet* “I regretti the spaghetti”
  • *Lost in space with Keith in the Red Lion, Matt quotes the entirety of the Hobbit from memory because Keith says he never read it, Keith is never the same after that, they don’t tell anyone what happened, Lance is pretty sure someone died (they did, but only fictionally)* 
  • *Matt and Pidge realize a new Star Wars movie was released while they were in space* “TURN THE SHIP AROUND!”

barnowlz  asked:

Hello, I'm a new grad, newly NCLEXed nurse and wanted to know if you had any advice for job interviews. I had one at the hospital I currently work at which was a group interview and it didn't go well. I have another interview soon that's an individual interview and wanted to know if you had any pointers. Thank you!

Dear @barnowlz,

Congratulations on passing the NCLEX! I have been asked this question a few times, so I’m going to signal boost my previous advice with regards to interviewing for a job. Below is a modified version of my original post.

First, research the hospital. Find out as much about it as you can. Are they a magnet hospital? Who is the medical director? Look for news articles (hopefully positive) about the hospital and keep it in your noggin in case there’s an opportunity during the interview to bring it up. Sometimes they’ll ask you, “So, what do you know about our hospital/floor?” Always good to be prepared for that question.

On the day of the interview, dress appropriately. Even if they tell me to wear scrubs, I wear business attire and bring a pair of scrubs with me. Arrive early! Arrive early. ARRIVE EARLY.

When you get there, introduce yourself to the receptionist, or whoever is there to greet you. Get their name and remember it. Don’t forget to smile.

When I go to an interview, I always take at least two copies of my resume and the cover letter I sent to that particular employer. Make sure it is updated and doesn’t contain any spelling errors.

If you haven’t already, fire up the old Google machine and look for “most common job interview questions” and conduct your own mock interview. Heck, if you have a friend or family member that’s willing to play along, have them be the potential employer and ask you the questions. Trust me, it will help!

If, during the interview, you do not know the answer to a question, DO NOT PANIC! Simply tell them, “That’s a very good question. Would it be OK if I gave that some thought and came back to it later?” At this point, write down the question in your notebook or piece of paper so you don’t forget (just remember to put your pen/pencil away so you don’t fidget with it).

At my previous job, I sat on several hiring committees and believe me when I say that we will search the interwebz for you. I suggest you do the same and see what comes up. If there are photos or posts that you’d rather the hospital/facility not see, lock down your social networking profiles. Seriously.

Lastly, get the names (first and last) of every person who interviews you. Make sure you send them a hand-written note of thanks immediately following the interviews. Like the next day.

One final bit of advice… if you don’t own a copy of Kati Kleber’s (@freshrn) book Becoming Nursey, I highly recommend it. Chapter 3 is all about landing a job (and keeping it) after you graduate. Kati has a great section about interviewing for RN jobs (p. 40). And even after all my years of experience, I learned a lot from her book. For $13 on Amazon, it’s a great deal and well worth your money. And, in case anyone is wondering, no, I don’t get a penny for promoting the book. I paid full price and it was worth it to me both as a student and now as a BSN, RN.

Best of luck with your individual interview. I hope you knock it out of the park!

Mursenary Gary

Works in progress and requests

Yeah, I’m copying Katie. Sue me. I figured you guys deserved to know what I’ve been working on; especially since I haven’t posted any new work recently. Sorry about that.

I also want to officially extend an invitation for requests. (I know I already have a few waiting, but they are going to require some more thought and research to write them properly. I promise I haven’t forgotten about them.)

Anyways, this is what you have to look forward to:

Part 5 of Love Bites- Its been a slow process for some reason, this is my top priority to get done.

A new Misha series- This one may get long. It involves Misha finding your Tumblr page after you meet at a convention.

A Casifer series- I don’t want to give too much away on this one; but it’s a slightly different take on the idea of soulmates.

That’s it for now. If y'all have any other imagines or stories you’d like to see, let me know. 💕

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(x) so i saw this picture and i couldn’t stop thinking about sam carrying around a kitten in the pocket of his hoodie

he found it on his way to stanford. he had to wait for the next bus and walked around in the woods behind the bus station. crying. and he found a little kitten and played with it and asked around where it belonged and it was a really small town - not even a town - and everyone just said it probably didn’t belong to anyone, and sam looked into its eyes and they were green and it looked at him like dean used to look at him, like he was the only thing in the world, like he mattered, and he knew it was stupid but he couldn’t leave it there, so he just, he put it in the pocket of his hoodie and took it with him on the bus.

he calls it ‘dean’ in his head and 'cat’ in front of people, because for some reason it feels weird to let people know, however indirectly, how much he’s still in love with dean, how hung up on his brother he still is. he carries cat around all the time, even to classes, eats his lunch on a bench outside the cafeteria, in the park if the weather’s nice, and feeds her little bites of meat. it’s easy to make friends that way, a lot easier than ever before, and there’s this one girl, jess, who’s started to eat outside with him and cat even when it rains so he won’t have to eat alone because cat is not allowed inside the cafeteria or diners.

and whenever he misses his brother, really misses him, misses him so much it feels like he can’t breathe, he cuddles with cat, listening to her purr and burying his face in her soft fur, and it makes everything a little more bearable.