copy cow

Started with a doodle with the two stupids on the cow, ended up being a drawing i never thought i would make… luv it tho XD

i have the lineart, anyone interested in colouring it as well, ah, send a msg? XD I’ll send it!


So my pal @cousinjared tagged me to post the music i’m into right now!! (I’m waiting for your playlist btw)

The soundtrack for Sing Street is so amazing and if you didn’t watch it, I definitely recommend it!!
Then well I should have posted all the Foals songs cause yes i’m obsessed again by them.
Kinda re-discovered Oasis and The Cure and I can’t stop listening to them (also i basically listen to supersonic everyday but there’s just the live version on spotify mmh)
Some new stuff which I really enjoy like Temples new one (nice guitar sound and pretty catchy!) Cw one is really rock and roll and makes me want to start a moshpit, way it goes is perfect for driving time and Justice ,well, if this doesn’t make you dance with that funky bass line, you aren’t even a human being
And eventually my enemy mac demarco who I hate but still listen to his songs

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Name: Mod

Birthday: July 17th

Gender: Mod

Relationship status: Happily single atm.

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Siblings: 2.  I’m caught in the middle

Favorite Color: It changes too often to pick just one.

Pets: 3 very wonderful, adorable dogs.

Wake-up: before you go-go.

Sleep: god, i wish that were me

Type of Phone: LG something Alcatel Pixel Tracfone something? S’good phone.

Love or Lust: Both are really interesting to write.  I appreciate both dynamics.

Lemonade or Iced Tea: Lemonade.  Hot tea’s delish, but I’ve never liked it iced.

Cats or doggos: Both are good animals.

Coke or Pepsi: Coke, but I’d take either if I had to.

Day or Night: I am the night blogger.  Nananananana Batmod

Text or Call: Text.  

Make up or Natural:  I’m making up a lot of this as I go.  Wish it was natural.

Met a celebrity: Just local ones really. I saw a ZZ Top singer in an Alexandria restaurant once.

Smile or Eyes: Preferably both, but I’d rather they have eyes.

Light or Dark hair: Gimme head with hair (i had to sorry)

Shorter or taller: Taller’n me at the very least.

Intelligence or attraction: Can’t I put points in both of these trait slots?  I wanna get a rogue.

Chapstick or lipstick: Hmmm, I kinda prefer just sticking it to people tbh.

City or Country: I’ve done both.  Too many cows. City to live, country to visit.

Last Song I listened to: Overwatch gun syncs are my latest favorite thing.  This is the newest one I’ve listening to on repeat.

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