I have been teaching myself basic typography. It is so exciting, srsly. I redesigned the Copwatch New Haven know your rights posters that I made a long time ago, because now that I know better I know they were fugly.

Full text of the posters is at the old link, although I changed it slightly since then. As before, feel free to use the posters in any way you need to. It’s mostly split from a (even fuglier) Crimethinc poster and edited from there. Contact me if you need better resolution pdfs.

CopWatch is a good idea. Huey P. Newton had an even better idea: CopWatch with guns, to defend the community from racist killer cops. 

How many more Eric Garners have to die before we step up and organize for armed self-defense? How many Trayvons, Renisha McBrides, and refugee children at the border murdered by racist vigilantes?

You can say that the law prohibits carrying guns in many cities. Or that liberal gun-control ideology has permeated the working class and oppressed communities. But it is the job of revolutionaries to lead as well as to respond to the masses.

As the saying goes, first comes the struggle, then comes the law. And then, perhaps, if the people are armed with revolutionary ideas AND guns, comes the revolution.

Gaza and Donbass show the way.
Police Abuse Videos: The New Era of Oversight

When a UC Davis police officer, Lt. John Pike, took out a can of pepper spray and calmly doused a group of passive, nonviolent Occupy protesters sitting on a campus pathway, he should have known that all of the world would witness his horrific act. There were scores of people watching the scene unfold, nearly every one of them with a video camera in his or her pocket smartphone. Within hours of Pike’s attack, the video went viral, uploaded onto websites like YouTube and shared via text messages, emails, tweets and Facebook status updates.

The only good thing about this incident is that everyone could see it. Thanks to technology, we have entered a new era of citizen oversight of the police. The behavior and actions of police officers are increasingly captured on digital cameras and opened up to broad public examination. And the long-term result is likely to be a significant – and welcome – reduction in police misconduct.



This man had his skull smashed against concrete by a cop. Fucking watch this disgusting police brutality and spread the word.

Fuck cops, fuck pigs, fuck em to hell

Watched the live coverage of Ferguson tonight and heard the most classist racist remark:
“The police chief has a duty to protect the homes just outside of these neighborhoods. They’re nice, middle class homes.”
20 minutes later the live feed was filled with police aiming their rifles in every direction, and tear gas thrown on people’s lawns. People who were inside their houses, uninvolved (in the peaceful gathering outside).
I teared up with rage and frustration; where was the duty to protect those people or their homes?


Cop Watcher being beaten up by South Lake Tahoe Police for filming 


Opponents of the newly appointed police commissioner, William Bratton, gathered on Friday in a protest that started in Harlem and ended in the Bronx. Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio announced his choice at the beginning of December, and just days away from his inauguration many protesters say the decision means de Blasio has already broken one of his campaign promises- to reform discriminatory practice of Stop and Frisk.