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I made a book 🌿 Fairy tales have always captivated and inspired me, and my favorite illustrators have been drawn to and inspired by these stories as well: So for a project in my typography class where we were assigned to research and curate an exhibition; and edit and design a catalog for it, I chose to compile works of the illustrators who have been interpreting fairy tales in their own unique way for the last two centuries. This book was a true joy and a labor of love to create. It is hand-bound using a Coptic binding method. Shown here are illustrations by Alan Lee, Trina Schart Hyman, Arthur Rackham, Brian Froud, and Tony Diterlizzi. I can’t wait to create more books in the future.

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After I took “Coptic Binding: Focus on Stitching” through the Minnesota Center for Book Arts a week or so ago, I figured I needed to practice before I forgot everything from the class. I started out by using two of my gel plate prints (stencils and acrylic paint) with a few coats of matte medium for the covers. And that there is a six-needle coptic binding. O.O There was quite a bit of swearing involved, but rather less blood than I was expecting, so! :)

(And that’s Mayhem, “helping”.)


In the evenings last week while I was taking Intensive Bookbinding from the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, I had a surfeit of bookbinding energy, so I put together these coptic-bound journals. The one on the left features one of my gelli prints on the front and (not pictured) a nebula from an astronomy calendar on the back. The one on the right is covered with scrapbooking paper. I added spacers to both of them. (Spacers are little stubs of paper bound in with the regular pages to reduce that art journal foredge splay). The spacers also hide the crazy papers I used for the pages - graph paper, a cut-up atlas, etc.


Made this book from an old black mousepad (supplied by ArtiCulture), based on a project from Eco Books: Inventive Projects from the Recycling Bin by Terry Taylor.

First I cut the mousepad in half with a utility knife and a metal ruler. Next I stencilled it with layers of metallic and glittery acrylic paint, then coated it with two layers of matte medium. Per the project instructions, I used a leather punch to punch the holes through the mousepad, which left the paint around the holes a little worse for wear. D’oh. I added another coat of matte medium over the holes. And that light purple linen thread was the perfect finishing touch!

Mini Books /Mini Journals .. Recent work.

Something little .. and special ..
Tiny / little blank hand made mini books with artistically decorated hard covers .. with unique - one-of-a-kind - my own original handcrafted/decorated basrelief art .. (both front and back, each one slightly different).

Both covers are unique original pieces of art -
completely made from scratch - from polymer clay - and hand crafted with mixed media techniques - sculpting, bas-relief modelling /embossing, painting, patinating, etc. And - at the end - carefully hand grinded/sanded, and cleaned /polished.

Hand bound - coptic stitch
Hand cut /hand torn recycled paper inside.

A real pleasure to spend time creating those :)

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