magpie robin by dsamson
Magpie robin - a rare bird, living at Fregate island, Seychelles. By 1990 the population ranged between 12 to 40 individuals. Due to great conservation measures in 20 years the population has increased to over 200 individuals.( Copsychus sechellarum)

experimental checklist

1. 2 (maybe 3?) Phinge (Black Drongo) [Dicrurus macrocercus]

2. 1 Kubo (Greater Coucal) [Centropus sinensis]

3. 1 Moutushi (Purple Sunbird) [Cinnyris asiaticus]

4. 1 Ghughu (Laughing Dove) [Spilopelia senegalensis]

5. 4 Shalik (Common myna) [Acridotheres tristis]

6. 1 Machhranga (White-throated Kingfisher) [Halcyon smyrnensis]

7. 1 (maybe 2?) Doel (Oriental Magpie-robin) [Copsychus saularis]

8. 1 Bou-kotha-kou (Black-hooded Oriole) [Oriolus xanthornus]

9. 2 Bulbul (Red-vented Bulbul) [Pycnonotus cafer]

10. ???  Kaak (Common Indian Crow) [Corvus splendens]

White-rumped shama by khoitran

The white-rumped shama (Copsychus malabaricus) is a small passerine bird of the family Muscicapidae. Native to densely vegetated habitats in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, its popularity as a cage-bird and songster has led to it being introduced elsewhere.

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