cops at protest

While cops mace children, the black bloc protesters carry them to safety and immediately search for their medics. 

When cops try to mace disabled people, members of the black bloc will escort them to safety as fast as possible, continuing to shield them with their bodies even when the police try to pull them away.

When cops try to mass arrest protesters by blocking off their exits both from the front and the back, the black bloc organizes and charges forward to break through and allow people to escape. 

While the black bloc damages property, the cops damage people. 

Black blocs love and want to protect people more than cops ever will. The image of black blocs being evil and disorganized chaos is a lie fed to us to stop us from showing solidarity with each other.

We need to protect each other and love defiantly against the state. We need to help each other, because the law won’t. 

Jerry Jones and the ENTIRE #Cowboys team #TakeAKnee before the National Anthem


Some posters in memory of comrade Carlo Giuliani, who was murdered by  Italian police fourteen years ago today, during the protests against the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy.

Carlo Giuliani was part of the black bloc, and came across a Land Rover with carabinieri, which was isolated from other state forces. (Carabinieri are the national military police of Italy, and they boast an illustrious history of violently suppressing dissent since Mussolini was in power.) The carabinieri and other security forces were brutal during the protests — they beat and gassed peaceful protesters as they were unable to catch the swift-moving bloc, one of the reasons this tactic is often employed by anarchists. Arrested protesters reported being beaten and tortured until they agreed to shout “Vive Il Duce!” When Carlo and others happened upon the Land Rover, rocks and a fire extinguisher were brandished. A carabiniere responded with a bullet to Carlo’s brain. Another then ran him over, as he lay bleeding, with their SUV. The carabinieri were never brought to trial and the charges against them were dismissed.

14 March 1978 – 20 July 2001


Some documentaries about the 2001 G8 protest:


July 7 2017 - During the G20 in Hamburg riot police attack random protesters hanging out in a park. This causes the people to attack them back, and the cops get driven out of the park. This is how it happened throughout the G20 summit, cops trying to remove peaceful protesters and attacking random people, and people fighting back. The cops earned everything they got by their own brutality. [video]

dealing with cops (at protests)

I keep seeing these posts about dealing with police pop up and I’d like to sum them up to the most important thing:


Police are allowed to lie in order to get a statement from you.

If they say “it’ll be easier if you cooperate”? It won’t. There are no disadvantages to not making a statement.

If they ask “do you know why I stopped you?” do not answer. They’re trying to make you admit something they have no proof for or they don’t even know themselves.

If they say “just give us a quick statement and you can go” do not say anything. don’t try to justify yourself. it’ll just fall back on other people.


No matter what they tell you
Don’t talk to police.

there’s no such thing as a good cop. BLM protests are immediately met with cops in full fledged riot gear even if it’s just people walking down the streets. NoDAPL protestors saw some of the worst anti-native police brutality simply fighting for their right to live safely and healthily on their own land. but a white supremacist riot? with torches and antiblack/antisemitic chants, a body count and injured people? why did it take so long for the “good cops” to show up? why are excuses being made for these people? cops will protect their own. no cop is a good cop