cops and robbers

Stolen Beginnings
Hyuuga Hinata, Uzumaki Naruto
@basilbees​ was kind enough to guide me towards this prompt about criminal!naruto and cop!hinata, which I thought was super fun. 💛


Naruto had long since learned how to gauge a predator’s intent before the threat moved from eventual to emergent. He’d learned it the hard way as a young boy, with six facial scars to show for it.

It had taken him far too long to realize it, but now he was up to speed.

Hinata was a predator.

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COP!KARA (from the movie Band of Robbers) and the stories I have in my head from the screenshots.

kara is happy. kara is excited to pew pew. she like justice.

is kara gay? she’s ecstatic!

kara is not used to law enforcement without powers

kara sees a crime. she is in panic. 

kara tries to help. kara is unsure of how. kara has nice forearms

she wonders if she can use cat’s glare to arrest them. or lena’s way with words.

yes! kara can pew pew now! alex wuld be proud

kara needs to call supersquad. How to apprehend humans?

cishet white male interrupts her moment yet again. criminals get away, yet again. thank rao she likes girls. 

first day of police work and she does not get to pew pew. 

(idk if i should do a part two there are so much iconic moments of her in the movie but i need to study hdwehuqehidewcihwri) (hint: there’s a close-up of her absurdly long fingers)