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Nac- You could always start with a positivity day, then maybe work up to a weekend and build to a week if the logistics are something you're concerned about. Also, a blog I follow sometimes does "Indy day" (its a wrestling confession blog), maybe dedicate days to certain characters like "Luna day" or "Draco day". 😀

its positivity WEEK because we’ll need a week to get enough confessions to HAVE a positivity DAY. maybe a couple days. Because people just don’t send in positive confessions, thats not what a confession IS and I say this all the time but no one listens. No one goes to church confessional to say ‘forgive me father but i have no sins’, no one goes to the cops to make a confession like ‘you know, I just really wanted to say good work, keep it up, but i didn’t commit this crime’. Confessions are things you feel guilty about, the nature of a confession is N E G A T I V E. its something you want to keep hidden, thats why its called a confession. No one wants to keep positive things hidden. 

anyway like I said, we’re trying it. we’ll see what happens. I updated the FAQ where you send in asks and I put it on the front page so no one can say they didn’t see it when their negative confessions get deleted. 

and we’ve done character days in the past, but still. its hard to sort through so many confessions and store them until we have enough for this kind of thing WHILE getting messages about every little thing from followers. 

like i appreciate your suggestions and everyones want to help, but guys this isn’t cake okay. we’re not going to make everyone happy and I’ve been with this blog since it started. I’ve seen us try everything, I’ve seen us try to make everyone happy and it always ends the same. We go back to the way we were doing it because nothing makes a difference. But we try, because we gain followers so quickly, and the NEW followers weren’t here for it last time. 

I’ve seen positivity day before, we have done it before. several times.  -so weary-



A few minutes before 7 am on November 30, 2016, Jacob Remaley (14) called 911. “Why didn’t he kill me? I need help”, he said. The call got disconnected, so he tried again and told the operator he needed an ambulance, gave his name and home address in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. The operator said he became hysterical, saying he had “blood on his hands” and that he “didn’t know why his dad had put a gun on his bed”.

When police arrived to the scene, a neighbor informed them they had seen Jacob with a handgun and convinced him to throw it to the yard next door before the cops arrived. The teenager soon confessed the truth: he had shot his mother Dana (46) and younger brother Caleb (8) in the head while they slept, and had tried to pin it on his father Davey, who had left around 5:40 am that morning for work. Jacob told interrogators he would have shot his father too, if he had been at the house.

As for motive, it’s still purely speculation; if Jacob told police why he did it, they haven’t said. His paternal grandfather has described him as a quiet, good kid that was very religious and was upset because Dana was “mad at God” after the death of her mother, so she didn’t want to go to church. He’d noticed some tension between them, but nothing to raise alarms. Jacob’s other grandmother, Davey’s mom, had committed suicide years before Jacob was born.

Jacob has been charged as an adult.

I Need a Hero

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[Pictured above: the greatest adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing that has ever been staged, in which our darling little Hero has strung Catherine Tate up in a harness while feeding her funny little lies about Benedick. Muahahaha! 10 points to Hufflepuff! Because Hero would totally be a Hufflepuff. The badass kind of Hufflepuff, which is actually ALL HUFFLEPUFFS.]

Let’s talk for just a minute about Much Ado About Nothing. So sassy. So much sass. You have Benedick, you have the great and glorious goddess Beatrice, my queen, and then you have a lot of weird sex jokes from everyone else. Plus, Shakespearean innuendo everywhere. Everywhere. The title, even. Apparently ‘nothing’ was sometimes Elizabethan slang for vagina. Who knew? But now, let’s talk about some of the more horrific plot points that go along with this great time, feel-good, play of the millennium and the primary victim these plot points, Hero.

Hero (great name, by the way. 10 out of 10 would totally name their daughter Hero.) is the lovely daughter of Leonato and his ghost character wife, Innogen (or Imogen. The spelling possibilities are endless.).  And from the get go, she’s established as just that, lovely. That’s really all anyone says of her, other than that she’s virtuous, she’s just really pretty. This is not, however, consistent with her character. Over the course of the play, these are the things that happen to her:

  1. She gets courted by the prince under the guise of Claudio (God only knows why they thought this was a good idea. Claudio doesn’t even have a problem talking to women. The prince was just like, “I’ll woo her for you!” And Claudio was like, “Yeah, that seems okay.” Maybe for socioeconomic reasons, like it was the only way for the prince to guarantee Hero for him? I don’t know. The whole thing is really weird and unnecessary.)
  2. She gets publicly disgraced by Claudio, the prince, and her own father, after the evil and utterly pointless machinations of Don John lead these idiots into thinking she had “conversations” with another man. 
  3. Her case gets overturned by Dogberry and his loyal compatriots, and she gets married off to Claudio anyway, who has now seen the error of his ways. (We won’t talk about how it took her death AND the word of a couple of bumbling idiot cops and the confession of a male prostitute to get him to believe her innocence, while it only took a vague case of mistaken identity to get him to believe in her guilt. We wont’ talk about that at all. Definitely not bitter about that.)

Now, you might have noticed above an excessive use of the passive voice. This is because a lot of dumb shit happens to Hero over the course of this play. But now, let’s also take a look at how she handles the situations above.

  1. She figures out what’s going on with the prince, is a bit offended, and forgives them both for being idiots about courtship and agrees to marry Claudio anyway. (Because he’s the luckiest fucking man alive.)
  2. She actively defends herself against slander. She never admits to wrongdoings she didn’t commit. She defends herself to Claudio, the prince, and her father, the whole goddamn patriarchy, and never relents in professing herself innocent of “conversations” she never had. Does she manage to convince anyone but Beatrice and Benedick? No, but that’s not her fault. That’s the fault of the culture of deeply ingrained misogyny she was up against. 
  3. Her object throughout the play is to marry Claudio. She achieves this object with the help of Beatrice, Benedick, and Dogberry. (Now, the text can lend itself to the idea that she actually might not want to get married at all. There’s kind of an entire scene about it, and the courtship process is so weird it would give anyone pause.) The most important thing is that she doesn’t panic. She continually defends herself and resolves to see justice for herself, where a lot of people might have just thrown in the towel. But Hero perseveres through all of the horrific misogynistic bullshit, and makes it out the other side to her happy ending.

A lot of times, Hero gets washed out in the corner, while Beatrice is in her rightful spotlight as one of the greatest characters of all time, but I’m glad we could all take a moment to appreciate the bullshit Hero endures and ultimately conquers like the princess she is.

Bonus: She helps the prince trick Beatrice and Benedick into professing their feelings for one another. In fact, she’s the ringleader on the Beatrice side of things. And she manages it like a champ.  (Not so simple and virtuous now, eh?) Just a reminder. She does have a personality and a sense of fun. She really does. It’s right there.