New yorkers with unlimited metrocards: please #SwipeItForward when you exit the station. Low income people of color are targeted by police for asking for swipes. But it is entirely LEGAL for you to offer one when you exit. If you see someone standing by the side of the turnstiles, they usually need a swipe but don’t want to be ticketed for asking. Offer it first. You are literally not paying more and you are preventing someone from being criminalized for not being able to afford a ride.

if u get arrested and are being questioned, dont u answer anything cops are notorious for pressuring people into confessing things they never did.

u ask for a lawyer and u stay silent. if they give you spiel about how u can’t have a lawyer for a while, or you aren’t officially arrested or whatever the fuck else, just say nothing. u got a right to say nothing. and sometimes saying nothing is better than falsely incriminating yourself.

furthermore if they tell you to do a lie detector test, i’d strongly suggest not to take it because they’re about as accurate as the flip of a coin. they aren’t admissible in court, and they’re just straight up bullshit cops use to justify their abusive garbage incorrect tactics into getting false positives to pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

This is the problem with the “good guy with a gun” theory.

When the cops and SWAT guys show up, no one wants to be seen holding a gun.

Because cops are often trigger happy and won’t allow you time to explain. The (concealed carrier) veteran at the Oregon shooting said he didn’t get involved for that very reason. 


From the “This is absolutely a racist cult” file.

Comparing Trump to Jesus. I mean, I’m the most lapsed Catholic ever and I even I find that frigging offensive.

And the NFL “joke” near the end…fuck.

These people are obscene and deserve every bit of their miserable, joyless lives.