Gay Man Pulled From Home, Beaten By NYPD Officers Yelling “Faggot” In Horrifying Video

A gay Staten Island man is suing the NYPD after four officers dragged him from his home last month before violently beating him in the front yard while repeatedly yelling homophobic slurs.

Officers arrived at the home he shares with his 66-year-old mother to investigate a noise complaint. He had been arguing loudly with his brother an hour earlier, who had come home in an “obnoxiously drunk” stupor and left before police arrived to investigate the noise.

“As I’m talking to them through the screen door, they’re saying to come outside,” said Falcone. “I said, ‘For what?‘”

Falcone added that his dog began barking from inside the house, to which an officer said, “Get your dog out of here or I”ll fucking kill it!”

Falcone also had surgery on his foot recently and was wearing a boot, but that didn’t stop the four aggressive officers from purposefully stepping on it after pulling him from his home illegally for a violent, unprovoked beating on the front lawn.

You can watch the video here 

Falcone’s version of events was confirmed by a video obtained by the Daily News, which was shot from a neighbor’s window across the street. In it, Falcone is heard screaming for mercy while the officers mercilessly pile on top of him.

“They threw me against the concrete in front of my house. My first reaction was to try to get up a little bit,” Falcone explained. “While I was on the ground, I had mud and blood in my mouth. One [of the cops] said, ‘Don’t let it get on you, he probably has AIDS, the faggot.’”

Falcone begged the officers to be careful with his foot during the beating, a request they took as an invitation. “They’re hitting me for no reason. One puts his knee on my neck. They were all piling on top of me,” he recalled. “I said, ‘Please, I just had surgery on my foot. One of the cops stepped on my foot. Another cop comes and steps on my head.”     /source/

Well I don’t know what to add. The story is quite demonstrative and predictable. #NYPD got the reputation as the most wild racist and intolerant gang, u know. It’s sad, it’s very very sad and disgusting. I feel sick and i guess u got the main message: Cops are against you all the time. Whenever u criminal or not. It’s a separate group which pursue its own interests, protecting and serving the ruling class. 

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One Map Shows How Many People Police Have Killed in Each State So Far This Year

In 47 out of 50 states, American police officers have killed at least one person so far this year. In some, the number of officer-involved homicides dwarfs numbers from entire countries.The map below, based on statistics the research collaborative Mapping Police Violence provided to Mic, shows all 605 deaths from police violence in the United States from Jan. 1 through July 10. As is evident, there’s a clear correlation between population size and the number of slayings, but certain states still stand out with particularly large numbers.

It’s also pretty racist: The weight of all these killings falls disproportionately on the poor and especially racial and ethnic minorities, who experience significantly higher arrest rates.

A 2014 USA Today analysis using FBI statistics found white officers kill black suspects at the rate of about two a week — although the actual total is likely much higher. The New York Police Department, for example, shoots black and Hispanic suspects at many times the rate they do white ones.

Socioeconomic disparities no doubt account for part of this, but plain old institutional racism likely plays a huge role in these deaths.


when a cop comes to speak to the class


Photo 1: “Natasha McKenna was murdered by the police, plain and simple. There is really no other way to put it, or any other thing to call it when a woman is killed after being handcuffed and shackled.–Natasha death has been lied about and spun by police brutality apologists for months. Several sources explained to NBC that police detectiveshad been constantly denied access to the Fairfax County jail as part of their investigation into McKenna’s death.To make matters worse, the police have yet to even explain why Natasha McKenna had been locked up in the first place. Natasha herself was the one who initiated police contact, having called 911 after being assaulted. From there she was moved between jails and hospitals continuously without explanation. ” ( Source)

Photo 2: ”In all of the melee resulting from the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson, the media has overlooked a number of other very important shootings of unarmed civilians by police officers. One of the most egregious offenses is that of Officer Joseph Weekley’s fatal shooting of 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones.Officer Weekley recently saw manslaughter charge dropped against him, for shooting the 7-year-old while she slept.” (Source)

Photo 3:  “ The mother of an 8-year-old Native American girl is suing police who maintain that they were justified in using a taser on the child. The family lives in Pierre, South Dakota and belong to the Rosebud Sioux community.”(Source)

Photo 4:   “(Now former Officer) Dear said that (Mary) Hawkes pointed a gun at him in the early morning hours of April 21. But after shooting her, Dear suddenly noticed the camerawas “accidentally unplugged.” He plugged it in immediately, just in time to tell us what “happened.” Unfortunately, we are just supposed to take his word for everything.”  (Source)

Chandler officer ‘illegally’ enters woman’s home, arrests her while she is naked

An Arizona cop forced himself into the home of a woman who was wrapped in a towel after stepping out the shower, handcuffing her, which made her drop her towel, as he threatened to take her to jail.

Simply because he did not like her attitude.

Especially because she insisted on recording the encounter with Chandler police officer Doug Rose, who told her he was responding to an earlier call about her arguing with her estranged husband at his residence.

He handcuffs her, but then eventually unhandcuffs her, figuring his contempt-of-cop castigation was all the lesson she needed to learn how to properly respect cops.                                        /source/

It is so disgusting … It makes me sad af. Just watching this video got my heart racing. I honestly believe I would lose my shit if a cop did that to my mom. There’s no way I’d be able to stand there and film it. The daughter honestly deserves a lot of credit for staying calm enough to keep filming.
This shit is outside of humanity, modern society can not tolerate such a thing. By catching a cop went unpunished, he was not even fired.

#BadgeAbuse #PoliceAbuse #Cops #Injustice
Ferguson Police Victim Who Was Charged With Bleeding on an Officer's Uniform Wins Appeal
On a day in 2009, Henry Davis, pictured here, was captured by Ferguson Missouri police in an effort to execute a warrant. Pulled over for being stopped on the highway after missing his exit, his ...

Guy is arrested, but its the wrong guy (they discover very quickly)…then he’s beaten because he asked to have a mat to lay on in a bare cell , and held on a bs charge of property damage…AFTER he was unlawfully arrested, had his freedom restriced and then beaten, he bled on an officer’s uniform…that’s property damage? To bleed on the uniform of the man who wrongfully arrested you and beat you? Insane. 

Before you click on the link and read the story….guess what race the victim was? guess….