Police abuse their wives, girlfriends, and family members four times more than the national average.

Research suggests that family violence is two to four times higher in the law-enforcement community than in the general population. 

This is a higher rate than the NFL has.

Two studies have found that at least 40 percent of police officer families experience domestic violence, in contrast to the 10 percent of families in the general population. A third study of older and more experienced officers found a rate of 24 percent, indicating that domestic violence is two to four times more common among police families than American families in general.

What makes this even worse is that officers who are found guilty of domestic violence are unlikely to be fired, arrested, or referred for prosecution.

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Cop Ruptures Man’s Spleen as Fellow Officers Take Pics and Laugh

Robert Liese was in jail for being unable to pay a $60 bar tab.


Orlando, FL — An Orlando cop has been arrested after surveillance video showed him violently kneeing a handcuffed man. But further investigation into the matter shows that his fellow officers were not only complicit in covering it up, but also sadistically laughed as the man lay bleeding internally in the cell.

Orlando police Officer Peter Delio was arrested in March and charged with felony battery after surveillance video showed him kneeing a handcuffed, Robert Liese, in the gut.

Several hours later Liese underwent emergency surgery to remove his spleen.

What happened between the initial blow to the stomach and the time the paramedics were notified is disturbing, to say the least.

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Secret Video Catches Cops Laughing, Fist Bumping After Beating And Choking Black Man (VIDEO)

Secret Video Catches Cops Laughing, Fist Bumping After Beating And Choking Black Man (VIDEO)

There’s a video that Inkster, Michigan police didn’t want anyone to see – and it’s obvious as to why, now that the footage has been released.

The video shows white police officers celebrating after brutally beating, choking and using a Taser on unarmed African-American Floyd Dent during a traffic stop in January.  The officers fist-bumped, joked around, and reenacted the beating while cleaning…

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I literally had to call the cops just now on a group of Christian fanatics outside of the theosophical book store I frequent. Crazy rude savages were coming up to people and putting their hands on them and PRAYING ON THEM.

They were also waiting for people to walk inside and trap them into conversations about “coming back to god.” Who the hell in their right mind thinks that harassing people with religion is okay? Do no harm, but take no shit. I snapped. Police were called. Shitty ass christians drove off.

Now the cop is sitting across the street in an empty parking lot, watching.

If anyone does that kind of shit on tumblr, I hope you read this and I hope you feel incredibly terrible and know what an asshole you are.

Holy shit I just saw the greatest episode of Cops.

The cop was a clown. A LITERAL CLOWN. He was undercover busting hookers. Undercover clown cop. When they arested the girl, he had balloons. HE HAD BALLOONS. He was smiling about it.
The segment was on Extreme Cops. Maybe you can find it on youtube. It’s fucking gold.


Watch Cops Tackle a Woman Whose Son Was Just Kidnapped

Reddish substance my ass…

A disturbing story out of Sacramento: Paul and Suzanne Guzman’s car was stolen out of their Fairfield home’s driveway—with their 8-year-old son Brock in the backseat. So the Guzmans did what most people would do and called the local police. The boy and car were eventually found, abandoned unharmed, with the help of a family friend who posted about the matter on social media. The cops, meanwhile, were busy pinning Suzanne Guzman to the ground in front of her house.

“The cop grabbed her and and they dragged her … around the corner, where they slammed her to the ground and handcuffed her,” Paul Guzman toldCBS Sacramento. “As soon as they got here we felt like we were being treated like we had done something to our son.”

Guzman says he doesn’t believe it was the cops who helped find his son. “It wasn’t the Fairfield PD that we give credit to for finding him, it was my buddy putting it on social media,” he said.

Both Paul and police body-cams caught the interaction on video, which you can watch below. Paul told Fox News his wife was concerned about their dogs when officers wanted to search the house and said they should wait until he returned.

“Then when I pulled up, there was a cop next to the door, antagonizing the dogs, and so when my wife walked over there and asked him not to antagonize the dogs, and that her husband was here, and put her hand on the screendoor to make sure the screendoor was secure because the dogs will jump up on it and it will open, they manhandled her,” Paul Guzman said.

In a statement, the Fairfield Police Department said that “in order to account for every possible scenario, including Brock escaping as the vehicle” and going back inside without his parents noticing, officers requested to search the home. “Suzanne Guzman refused to consent to officers checking her home for Brock … at one point demanding we get a search warrant,” it said .“Officers became so concerned they had dispatchers log the fact we were being denied entry into the home.”

The search warrant comment comes after cops repeatedly ask Guzman why she doesn’t want them to search her house if her son could be hiding in there. She responds that if her son was inside, he would come running into her arms. The cops suggest maybe there is a dead body inside.“Based on the growing concern for Brock, and the exigent need to check the home, officers approached the front door. As they did, one officer saw a ‘reddish substance smeared in the carpet’ that at first look appeared to be blood,” the statement continues.

Suzanne Guzman got up and pushed past officers toward the front door attempting to enter the residence. Suzanne Guzman refused to move away from the door and struggled with officers as they attempted to move her away from the door. After a short struggle, she was detained in handcuffs. Paul Guzman was also later detained in handcuffs for trying to interfere with officers searching the home.

Both parents were later released with no charges.

“The safety of Brock Guzman was of the utmost concern to us,” the police statement concluded. “It was the actions of the family during the investigation that caused us concern and ultimately led to their arrest.”

Ayatollah Trolls Obama, U.S. over Freddie Gray Protests

by Andrew Desiderio

As we’ve pointed out multiple times here at Mediaite, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei takes great pleasure in using his Twitter account to troll the United States on everything from race relations to torture reports, and the Iran nuclear framework.

Early Sunday morning, the Supreme Leader of Iran again tweet-stormed the U.S. on race relations, specifically commenting on the ongoing protests in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray in police custody by using the hashtags #FreddieGray, #BlackLivesMatter, #MikeBrown, #EricGarner and various others.

Khemenei accused U.S. police officers of killing innocent people, and called it “ridiculous” that black men are killed by police even though President Barack Obama himself is an African-American. “They celebrate a day for abolition of slavery but such crimes are committed against the blacks,” he tweeted.

Check out the tweets below:

Earlier this month, Khamenei tweet-stormed the Iran nuclear deal, highlighting his specific doubts about the particulars of the outlined agreement.

[Featured image via screengrab]

Yesterday, my mom got pulled over...

For speeding. She was going 50 in a 40 mph zone. Apparently the officers had been tailing us for a while, but it was almost 2:00a.m. and we were focused on getting my three friends in the car home.

So the officer says “Did you notice us?”

“No, officer, I’m sorry. I was too focused on getting these kids home.”

“Aw its alright, but we were there for a while, thought you were runnin’ and we had something good!!”

“Sorry, officer.”

“Alright, have a good one.”

And then he let us go. No ticket, but that comment didnt sit well with me.

“Thought we had somethin’ good.”

That kept replaying in my head all night. And I realized, that’s a terrifying mentality. I understand sometimes you have boring nights, but you shouldn’t call ANY incident “something good” as a cop. Especially when someone can get potentially hurt.

Seems like thats the mentality most cops have these days though.

so some people on tmblr posting this, and I think it’s stupid, let’s tear this 5 point article down

1, This distracts from the message

it does distract, your movement looks very bad and barbaric if you need to destroy public property to get your message across, of course people are going to call you savage and make the stereotypes much much worse when you do

2.Destroying ‘your own neighborhood’ won’t help.

of course it won’t, that much is obvious.

“We don’t have ghettos. Ghettos have us. Prisons have us. Sports teams own us. Record labels own us. We don’t have shit.”

um what, while people live in ghettos too, white people plays sports too,record labels own white singers too. lol black people don’t own shit, bullshit, Opera is the richest women in America, Barack Obama is president of the United States, and we have dozens upon Dozens of Talented black people who are movie stars and professional athletes, and you have the gall to say black people don’t own shit, bullshit.

That video you posted doesn’t justify anything, how does burning a quicktrip  have anything to do with cops and a dead black person?absolutely nothing. two wrongs don’t make a right

I don’t know where this guy learned his values, but they’re not American values.  There may been an injustice done in that community, maybe not.  The investigation is barely started let alone over.  But these people have already reached a judgement and inflicted punishment (on the wrong people) already.  One thing we can be completely certain of, none of the businesses that were robbed or destroyed in that neighborhood had anything whatsoever to do with the police killing of that young man.   Americans have the RIGHT to peaceful protest.  If it’s a good cause, I’ll march and protest right alongside them.  When it turns to looting, burning and destruction it’s no longer a protest, it’s anarchy!  I think anarchists should be shot down right in the streets, every one of them…

If they resent being stereotyped as overly emotional, uncontrollable sub-humans, then why do they play out the stereotype?

but what do I know, I’m probably a big fat massive fucking racist, I’m sure the best way to represent this dead kid is to steal and burn down your neighborhood, I’m pretty sure that’s the right thing to do for sure.

3.Looters and vandals are criminals

they are, stealing and destruction of public property are against the law.

Robbery is not a response to being attacked by police.  This was not about anger.  This was all about criminal opportunity.  It was a chance for people to vent their superfluous outrage, destroy property and steal whatever they could get their hands on.  Here’s an idea, how about you stop using this shooting to proclaim how oppressed African Americans are?  Violent protests and civil unrest are only harming this community more.  These morons are doing no one any favors by acting like hooligans.

4.Black community leaders oppose violence.

nice cherry picking there, but heres “Riots grow of intolerable conditions.” quote in full

“Riots grow of intolerable conditions.  Violent revolts are generated by revolting conditions and there is nothing more dangerous than to build a society with a large segment of people who feel they have no stake in it, who feel they have nothing to lose.  To the young victims of the slums, this society has so limited the alternatives of his life that the expression of his manhood is reduced to the ability to defend himself physically.  No wonder it appears logical to him to strike out, resorting to violence against oppression.  That is the only way he thinks he gets recognition.”

 You see Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t condoning violent riots, he was explaining the ignorant rationale behind them and condemning them.  He continues:

“After the riot in Chicago that summer, I was greatly discouraged.  But we had trained a group of about two thousand disciplined devotees of nonviolence who were willing to take blows without retaliating.  We started out engaging in constitutional privileges, marching before real estate offices in all-white communities.  And that nonviolent, disciplined, determined force created such a crisis in the city of Chicago that the city had to do something to change conditions.  We didn’t have any Molotov cocktails, we didn’t have any bricks, we didn’t have any guns, we just had the power of our bodies and our souls.  There was power there, and it was demonstrated once more.”

“We have to see that riots grow out of intolerable conditions existing in all our cities, and also out of centuries of neglect. The tragedy is that the riots aren’t going to solve the problems. … They only intensify the fears of the white community while, in many cases, relieving its guilt.”

“The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy.
Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it.
Through violence you may murder the liar,
but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth.
Through violence you may murder the hater, but you do not murder hate.
In fact, violence merely increases hate.
So it goes.
Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

- Martin Luther King Jr.

So Martin Luther King Jr. never encourages rioting, but understands why it happens

5.Reform the justice system, don’t riot.

I see all this protest whenever a WHITE COP shoots a BLACK person, but never when it’s a BLACK shooting a BLACK, why is that? 91% of Blacks are killed by other blacks, but the black lives matter movement only seems to pop up if it just so happens to be a white cop

now, ill copy paste some statistic from red blooded American page

While it is true that most crime is interracial no matter what your race, black on black crime is higher in overall total because of population number.  For example, black on black homicide in 2008 was 91% compared to 84% of white on white.  That also says a lot considering blacks are 6 times as likely to be homicide victims than whites and 7 times more likely to commit homicide than whites. [Source 1, Source 2]  That’s not even discussing the disproportional rates of interracial crime, which is shockingly one-sided.

As far as police on black shootings are concerned, there may be a reason for that high percentage, such as the troubling statistical propensity for blacks to commit more violent crimes per capita than whites.  But an epidemic? Hardly.  According to the best data compiled by the FBI, there were only 461 justifiable homicides by police in 2013.  For argument sake, let’s say that all of them were black individuals.  That year there was an estimated 45 million blacks in the United States. That still only makes the odds of a black death by police officer 0.00001%.  It also makes the odds of wrongfully black shooting even lower.

So, what’s worse? The roughly 91% black on black homicides of 6,261 total victims…or the less than a fraction of blacks killed by police officers?



On November 26, 2013, 38 year old Ervin Edwards, partially deaf and mentally ill, was arrested by police for sagging his pants and taken to the West Baton Rouge Parish jail in Louisiana. He only lived for a few more minutes inside of the cell.

For 18 months, police have lied over and over again about what happened the night Ervin Edwards died in their custody. Now that a video of their despicable actions has been released, ( Warning very tough to watch ) it’s clear they murdered this man and left him to die all alone in his jail cell. 

Here are the 5 things you need to know:

  1. The Video Shows an Officer Held a Taser on Him for 1 Minute, Contradicting Earlier Claims
  2. Edwards Was Left Alone & Unresponsive in the Cell for 10 Minutes Before He Was Given Medical Aid
  3. An Internal Review Found No criminal wrongdoing by the Officers
  4. His Girlfriend Told Officers He Had Health Issues That Could Make the Use of a Taser Fatal
  5. A Corrections Expert Said the Video is ‘One of the Worst Things I’ve Seen’

Source / Source / Video

#Stay Woke

Video released of Tulsa, Oklahoma, police shooting; 73-year-old reserve deputy attempts to use taser, instead “mistakenly” draws, fires .38 pistol, killing subdued, unarmed suspect; no charges filed.

It was a mistake.

That’s the blasé explanation Oklahoma officials gave after the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a white deputy who accidentally pulled his gun when he meant to use his Taser.

The botched encounter was captured on a disturbing video released by police on Friday — nine days after the fatal Tulsa shooting.

“He shot me! He shot me, man. Oh, my god. I’m losing my breath,” Eric Harris says as he struggles on the ground following the April 2 shooting, which flew under the radar until video emerged a week later.

F— your breath,” a callous officer can be heard saying. “Shut the f— up!”



As we can see, the answer “it was a mistake” was quite sufficient to American justice.

It’s time to reiterate that the Government encourages police brutality, it is true. Such situations strengthen faith in the police impunity that exalting them above the law. So that’s how our law enforcement system works: if you have a police badge, there are no laws for you.

#PoliceState #Tulsa

White Outrage vs Black Outrage

White People would understand outrage when someone burns the American flag.

But White People would never understand black outrage when a white person gets away with murdering our sons and daughters.

White People would understand outrage when someones rioting over their favorite sports team that lost the playoffs.

But White People would never understand Black outrage when rioting over police brutality against Blacks.

White People would understand outrage when two NYPD officers get ambushed and shot to death.

But White People will NEVER understand the anger…

the frustration…

the rage…

the fury…

Of Black People when Mike Brown memorial gets sabotaged not once…

Not twice…


Baltimore Police Admits Their Mistake

Baltimore police admitted that officers made mistakes in the way they treated Freddie Gray. These mistakes were life-worth for 25-year-old man. It’s a positive tendency that finally cops start to recognize their failures, but I think it was a little bit late to do it after the death of the innocent Gray (first of all) and after people of Baltimore expressed their anger on the streets through the protests and unrest. OK. The lesson should be learned to keep going!

p.s. some people from Baltimore police department are not agree that cops made any mistakes in a Gray’s case.