Texas school calls student's pro-LGBT shirt "disruptive"
Administrators tried to make the teenager change out of a T-shirt that read "Some people are gay. Get over it."

In Copperas Cove, Texas, a gay eighth-grader has been disciplined for wearing a shirt to school that reads “Some people are gay. Get over it.”

Ali Chaney was sent to the principal’s office and asked to change her shirt because it was “disruptive.” She refused, but the school district maintains that the shirt violated school dress code. 

“Our purpose at CCISD is to educate children, first and foremost. According to CCISD’s dress code in the student handbook and code of conduct, clothing that is disruptive to the learning environment based on reactions by other students is prohibited. The student was offered a school shirt to wear and declined,” spokesperson Wendy Sledd said in a statement to KCEN.

Sledd claims that multiple students complained about the shirt, but Chaney and her mother believe differently. “It’s just a shirt, and it’s not hurting anybody,” Chaney told KCEN.

Chaney showed the TV station a photo of a student wearing a T-shirt of President Obama that claims he is a Muslim and a communist. That student was not forced to change clothes or told that the shirt was “disruptive.”

Ali’s mom is filing a complaint with the school district, as her child has clearly been discriminated against. This is just absurd. It’s just a shirt. 


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March 17, 1995 @ Blue Flamingo, Austin, TX

Want your kid to be an NFL quarterback someday? Move to Texas.

With the New York Jets benching Mark Sanchez, the number of starting QBs this weekend in the NFL that graduated from a Texas high school is 8 (which is a whopping 25% of the league!) and 9 if RGIII is able to play:

  • WAS - Robert Griffin III, Copperas Cove
  • IND - Andrew Luck, Houston (Stratford)
  • CIN - Andy Dalton, Katy
  • MIN - Christian Ponder, Colleyville (Heritage)
  • NO - Drew Brees, Austin (Westlake)
  • MIA - Ryan Tannehill, Big Spring
  • NYJ - Greg McElroy, Southlake (Carroll)
  • DET - Matthew Stafford, Dallas (Highland Park)
  • PHI - Nick Foles, Austin (Westlake)

The next highest state is California with 5, though the tell-tale statistic may be the combined winning percentage of the Texas high school graduates versus the California high school graduates: 47% (59-67) vs 56% (39-31).


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1995 @ County Club, Temple, TX