for me, tamara’s frown during the kiss scene meant one of three things:
- “man i wonder how kissing you feels like WHOAH WHERE DID THAT COME FROM”
- “celia is nice but you could do better, call, and better is right next to you laughing his ass off”
- “ew they’re exchanging spit”

Chip has forgotten the rules

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a) age: 28
b) biggest fear: being ignored
c) current time: 12:30 am
d) drink you last had: Renaissance Stonecutter Scotch Ale
e) every day starts with: The Song of Storms from the Ocarina of Time OST (it’s my morning alarm)
f) favourite song atm: Battlefield by Svrcina; Good to be Alive Today by Michael Franti and Spearhead
g) ghosts, are they real?: sure but hopefully no
h) hometown?: raised in: Auckland; home in all other senses: Wellington, New Zealand
i) in love with?: food,cats
j) jealous of?: no one really
k) killed someone?: Sma, with feels
l) last time you cried: Oh gods, I woke up last night crying from a dream.
m) middle name: Kathleen
n) number of siblings: 1 brother, older
o) one wish: Can the political left please get their act together and stop letting these populist, protectionist fucks take over?
p) person you last called/texted: Russ, let me in.
q) questions you are always being asked: At work: How do you do X? At home: Oh so you do archery? (usually right after I say I like archery), what is LARP?
r) reasons to smile: chip looking at dogs; Teacko and Pupcakes; my D&D group; kitties; the gays
s) song last sung: aloud? that’s not a thing I do. Earlier I was mouthing words to Fishing for Lisa by The Feelers.
u) underwear colour: white with a kitten. Yes, the kitten is right where you’re imagining it is.
w) worst habits: biting nails, panicking, miscommunicating, daydreaming, procrastinating…
x) x-rays you’ve had: collarbone.
y) your favourite food: feijoas (better when they’re freeijoas); sweets; hot cross buns
z) zodiac sign: leo

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