copper trees


This bonsai wire tree sits on an interesting piece of natural driftwood from the UK coastline, it reminds me of a huge wave crashing in the ocean. It’s trunk is hand wrapped and made from copper wire and winds up to the sea sponge effect detailing in a beautiful purple colour with blue accents.

Size - approx 11x11 cm
Weight - 31g

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Native copper infiltrating wood

We recently shared (see a piece of mine timber from an old copper mine in Arizona that was partially replaced by the copper carbonate azurite, precipitated from the waters percolating through the metal rich mine. In this sample, from the antique copper mines of Troodos in Cyprus that fuelled the Bronze Age around the Mediterranean (see, a slice of trunk has been infiltrated by copper rich waters, and the pure native metal has precipitated within its grain, each zone surrounded by a faint green area tinged with copper oxides.


Image credit: LGF Foundation


This bonsai is a special piece. If you love Japanese culture or like quirky home decor, this is definitely for you. An unusual bonsai tree on a wonderful piece of driftwood found on the UK coastline. The bonsai itself is made from recycled copper wire and has amazing sea sponge type detailing in a beautiful realistic yellow colour with red accents. It stands out and looks very dramatic and fiery. 
See for yourself, it’s an unusual unique piece for anywhere and for any decor in your home. 
Size - approx 13x10 cm
Weight - 28g

I looked at you today and I’ve realized that you remind me so much of a childhood memory.

It happened on a summer morning. I’m guessing April. The streets are red like strawberries, all thanks to the wonders of the fallen leaves and petals of my favorite, fire tree. On my birthdays, i will often times be welcomed with the joyful choruses and the autumn feel of the pavement, and that’s how i knew it was an april morning. Because i grew up with fire trees and that day was as bright and as vibrant as the colors of my beloved copper tree.

You see, my parents are not huge fans of beaches. But that day was unlike any other. Which is why when I woke up to the sound of my mother frying eggs and hotdogs for our picnic, almost immediately followed by my father announcing our spontaneous joy ride, I was practically screaming and jumping up and down. Because that’s me: a child of the sea, born with a seashell and a sunshine in her pocket. Humming to my favorite tune, I carefully packed my things, I even wore my favorite bikini. It was this red one-piece my mother initially bought for my swimming classes. It has yellow flowers all over with a cute little strap that surrounds my neck. And i was genuinely happy, mostly because I know everybody’s hearts were filled with ease and comfort and sunshine and partly because I was thirsty for sun kisses. And it was all so vibrant and beautiful. We even bought a tub of ice cream on our way to our destination. Not to mention the air supply and beatles playlist blasting on the speakers of our car!

And I no longer remember what happened next but I’m pretty sure it was most definitely the best.

And yes, that reminds me of you.

Not because you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me but because you left this summer impression inside me. Something temporary that ironically lasts for eternity. And i know we will never happen. God, how I wish we could happen. But fate never permits, does she?

You remind me of a childhood memory because there’s something nostalgic about the way your eyes glitter when you’re talking about the things you love and the things you fight for. You remind me of a childhood memory because of the innocent and naive tone you use every time you try to strike a conversation but I can’t keep up because I’m just like that- awkward as ever, never a conversation-goer. You remind me of a childhood memory because you smile so rarely but when you do, I know it’s genuine and my heart will then again be filled with ease and comfort and sunshine and you leave an impression of compassion inside me. And you remind me so much of a childhood memory because you’re too beautiful to be forgotten, ironically vague yet unbelievably special to hold on to.

And I’m glad I met you, I really am.

Because just like that childhood memory, you are kept inside a small satin box of my favorites. I might forget the littlest details about you, the smallest details about us. But I will never forget about you. Because out of all the fallen leaves from my favorite tree, I chose you. I chose to fall in love with you.

—  You are my summer petal