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Multi-tasking: Revlon Colorstay 12 Hour Shadow #01 Copper Spice

Revlon Colorstay Shadows are a bit of a hit-and-miss with me because I find they are all one texture. There is no contrast between mattes and shimmer and glitters. All of them are the same satin finish, and you don’t always get great color payoff.

But one of my favorites is Copper Spice, which consists of a champagne, a peach, a coppery-russet, and a dark cocoa. Nude Elements is popular, but I find it a little duller and less flattering than Copper Spice.

But here’s what I do with 3-4 color palettes to get maximum mileage out of the shades.

Step 1: Apply the 3rd shade, the coppery-russet, onto the outer 2/3 of the lids. Having a good base and using a flat brush to pack the color on will give you more intensity.

Step 2: Apply the dark cocoa along the lower lash line and outer corners of the upper lids for definition. If you have mono-lids, go ahead and sweep along the hollow of the eye socket a little.

Step 3: Apply the palest champagne-gold to the inner corners of the lids, and downwards on the inner corners of the lower lash line as well.

Step 4: Apply black liquid liner to the upper lash line, and then black mascara to top and bottom lashes. Put on fake lashes if you need a little extra oomph. This is a look that transits well between day and night.

Step 5: Here comes the multi-tasking step you can take with most neutral-to-warm eyeshadow palettes. With a big fluffy brush, apply the two palest highlight shades to your cheekbones as highlighter. (Yes, it doesn’t ALWAYS have to go onto your brow bone. And I DO recommend sticking with one spot, not both, if you don’t want to overdo it.)

This gives a lovely sheen and coordinates with your eye look. 

Laughter Lines

“Fawn? Am I funny?”

It comes out of nowhere, like many of his questions, things that seem to him like a natural next step from the swirling maelstrom of thoughts, ideas, feelings into words, before he remembers that not everyone can see into the minds of others.

“Are you… funny?” Fawn stops picking at a bit of crumbly mortar between the stones underneath him and looks up, eyebrows drawn together. There’s a little crinkle between his brows, and Cole would very much like to touch it, smooth it away, or maybe… maybe kiss it.

“I asked you,” Cole says, and he smiles a little, offering a joke, a test. The elf lets out a sharp little sound, something like mirth, startled and stilted. His laughter is like that, sudden little blurts, as if they’re surprised out of him. They usually are, Cole thinks, because sometimes his eye grow wide, and he looks as if he wants to call the sound back to roost, to pretend it never happened. As if he’s afraid to be happy, even if it’s just for a moment.

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So I bought myself a “congratulations on finishing your degree” present and ohmygosh look at how pretty this copper spinning spice rack is!!!

The best part though was that it was only 39 dollars at Target and it included all the spices! If I had gone to the grocery store to buy all these spices it would cost way more than 40 dollars!!!

I also bought myself some pine needle, eucalyptus and lavender oil :D

beautyparadisexo  asked:

What blushes would you recommend for brown skin girls? Highend & drugstore please😁😊

High end:

  • MAC: Format, Fever, Springsheen, Lovejoy, Love Thing, Raizin, Breezy, Peachykeen, Gingerly, Warm Soul, Sweet as Cocoa, Ambering Rose, Salsa Rose, Devil, Azelea.
  • NARS: Taj Mahal, Taos, Exhibit A, Lovejoy, Torrid, Seduction, Gilda, Gina, Outlaw, Liberte.
  • Bobbi Brown: Calypso Coral, Blushed Rose, Raspberry, Washed Rose, Apricot, Berry, Tawny, Nectar, Flame.
  • Illamasqua: All of the Powder blushes are incredibly bright and pigmented!
  • Kat Von D: All of the Everlasting blushes would look amazing.


  • NYX: Cinnamon, Terracotta, Cocoa, Copper, Desert Rose, Spice, Pinky, Bordeaux.
  • Milani: all of the Baked Blushes would look amazing!
  • Black Radiance: Toasted Almond, Warm Berry, Raspberry.