copper replacement agate

anonymous asked:

What would be a good personality for a copper replacement agate? I recently got the oc but don't know what they should be like...

I would combine the metaphysical meaning of agate and copper since that agate doesn’t have its own properties. Considering it is a type of quartz, they would be loyal and intimidating in some way. Agates are stones of courage, protection, and harmony. They may be the most balanced of most agates, often looking at both sides instead of just one. They may be more aware of how the system works than most do. They are courageous, very self-confident, and don’t hesitate to get things done. They often back up their friends in times of need, acting as the tank to get the opponent focused on them rather than their teammates. They may be artistically inclined, whether it’s the arts, writing, or music. With copper added into the mix, they’re very energetic (as copper is an energy stone). As a grounding stone, they keep themselves level-headed, but have enough stamina and endurance to complete their tasks. They may seem as overbearing and hard to keep up with. They probably are impatient and hate waiting on others, as they feel they could have done a million other things while they were taking their time. They could also have an obsession with time, always trying to be on top of their assignments by being exactly on time with each one. As copper helps with clarity, Copper Replacement Agate makes sure their orders or words are heard and as clear as possible.