copper plate engraving


The Anatomy of the Human Body
by W Cheselden
Surgeon to his Majesty’s Royal Hospital at Chelsea, Fellow of the Royal Society
and member of the Royal Accademy of Surgeons at Paris
The VIth Edition [6th]
with forty copper plates - engraved by Ger. Vandergucht
London William Bowyer 1741


So my dad works on this really, really old house out near the lake. We’ve been doing construction on it for a while and things are now starting to clear up. Well dad was out tearing up some concrete and came across this plaque tucked in against a tree next to the ravine. Dad reads it and the home owner said it was from the people there before them, and to just toss it into the ravine. Dad decided that someone really, really loved their cat (seeing as this is a copper plate from 1950… and engraved none the less.) that they took the time to have a plaque engraved, and then embedded into concrete over looking a ravine, dad took it home and polished it up. He has plans to set it in the concrete next to the ravine once everything is finished, but probably with a very nice plum tree beside it.