copper house 2

Netflix US has confirmed that they won’t be losing Doctor Who, following rumours that their deal with the BBC was ending.

A spokeswoman for the streaming service has told Variety that these rumours were in fact false. Among the programmes that will still be available are Classic and New Doctor Who, Top Gear, Luther, Torchwood, Wallander, Keeping Up Appearances, The Office (UK) and House of Cards.

The deal in question did not involve Sherlock, Happy Valley, The Honorable Woman or Call the Midwife. These series will also remain on Netflix.

Here’s the full list of BBC programmes remaining on Netflix:

• Classic Doctor Who
• Doctor Who Series 1-7
• Copper Series 1-2
• House of Cards trilogy
• Keeping Up Appearances Series 1
• Luther Series 1-3
• Monarch of the Glen Series 1-6
• North & South
• Robin Hood Series 1-3
• The Buccaneers
• The Office (UK) Series 1-2
• Top Gear Series 17-20
• Torchwood Series 1-4
• Wallander Series 1-3

However, Fawlty Towers, Blackadder, MI-5 and Red Dwarf will only be available up until Sunday, 1st February.