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The Bookshop That Has (Almost) Everything

fun fact this is loosely based on a real bookshop I once found somewhere in greenwich idk exactly where it is but if ever find urself around the area look out for it its v cute and v tiny

summary: Phil works at a bookshop. Dan buys a book one day, and, in a ploy to see Phil, keeps returning with more and more obscure requests so Phil has to spend more time searching. After Dan leaves with ‘cactus maintenance: a memoir’, Phil starts to suspect something’s up.

words: 7.3k


“Look,” Phil sighs when he catches sight of the book Dan’s clutching today. “I know there’s a very good chance you keep cacti and you just wanna maintain them and it’s probably wrong of me to assume otherwise, but-…can I ask you something?”

Dan gulps, putting the book titled “Cactus Maintenance: A Memoir” down on the counter.

“Do you actually need half of the books you come in here for?” he asks softly. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s a good chance you might actually ride motorcycles, study bricklaying, want to know more about frogspawn or- you know, wanna look after your cacti, but…” he shrugs. “I don’t know. It’s just- um, you’re the first person I’ve met that, you know, buys one book every single day. When do you get time to read them all?”



Graveland’s Books is the kind of place you’d only come across if you were either very bored, very desperate, or very lost.

It hides on the tail end of an alleyway just behind the village market, and the gnarled wooden beams, the glass oil lanterns lining either side of the aged brickwork and the rusty bronze bell hanging above the door would fool anyone into thinking they’d just stepped out of 2016 and into the 18th century. If it wasn’t for the mobile phone shop sitting directly opposite, of course.

It’s not big in size, with a staff room and an office the size of a postage stamp upstairs and just about enough room to fit two free standing bookshelves in the middle of the shop, but books spill into every single crack. Stacks and stacks of fiction and history and travel and biographies narrow the aisles between the shelves, and it’s all too easy to trip over a random pile of books in the middle of the floor when you’re not concentrating properly.

But, for a job running along the sidelines of university, Phil enjoys it. He’d certainly rather spend his time flicking through a story about a cursed mushroom than stack supermarket shelves and deal with obnoxious co-workers, anyway.

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Candy Lacquer Sugared Copper + China Glaze Red-y to Rave

Sugared Copper is a mix of mostly copper glitter with a little pink and silver sprinkled in. It would be perfect for autumn, and it’s very flattering. I wish it was as opaque as Frozen, but it’s a little more sparse. 2-3 coats.

China Glaze Red-y to Rave is a “neon red” that looks either more red or orange depending on who you ask. The formula is terrific and the color is bright, so I dig it! Two coats.

Perfect time of the year to pull out @katvondbeauty Gothica lipstick 💛 It’s a beautiful burnt orange with copper flecks of glitter. Topped mine with gold glitter for extra sparkle ✨



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PEACH GLITTER LIPS 🍑 #mua_ashley_
@patmcgrathreal LUST 004 - Flesh 1 lipstick & Flesh Microfine Glitter
@maccosmetics 242 brush
🎶 Get No Better 2.0 / Serayah & Empire Cast
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FOTD: Warm Burnished Rose Eye for Fall

I haven’t worn much red-tones around the eyes this Fall season, as I’ve been sticking more to stronger lips and cooler or more neutral toned eyes.

It’s a bit late but before I move into all the Winter/Holiday makeup looks, I decided to wear a smokier eye look that references the warm, rusty, terracotta tones of Fall. 

Bonus? This looks wicked against grey, blue, and green eyes.


Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation - found an old bottle of this fave sitting around and I’ve started using it again; I don’t understand why they discontinued this

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer (not shown)

Marc Jacobs Light Filtering Contour Powder 40 Mirage Filter - this is great for matte face sculpting

Milani Powder Blush 01 - a soft neutral-rose tone to go with the beige-rose lipstick I’m wearing


Transition/socket color: Colourpop Super Shock shadow in Melrose (matte red-brown)

Lid color: Colourpop Super Shock shadow in Hot Tamale (glittery wine brown)

Inner corners: Colourpop Super Shock shadow in Supermodel (pearlescent beige)

Color accent down the center of lids: MAC Dazzleshadow in Slow/Fast/Slow (copper and pink glitter) - this translucent copper-rose glitter color is limited edition so if you don’t have it, a great alternative is something like Inglot’s AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow 82

Charcoal shade just in outer corners for definition - I used a discontinued Bourjois shadow but MAC’s Typographic would be a good dupe

Black Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Zero 

Mascara: Cover Girl Full Lash Bloom


Givenchy Le Rouge 106 Nude Guipure - I didn’t even bother with liner; I like to balance things out so the lips should be soft, soft, soft - since the eyes are strong and the cheeks are sculpted

cupcakeblake  asked:

i've been obsessed with urban modern witch aesthetic lately and i would love a drabble with that! jily or bellarke... doesnt matter for all i care! thanks <3

here’s some witch lily for ya <3


In hindsight, James will admit that there were probably a number of other ways- better ways- to have gone about asking the girl for help, but he’s been watching, waiting, for quite sometime now, nervous energy buzzing underneath his skin like a thousand ants until she walks in.

“You’re the village witch, right?” he ended up blurting out over the counter, and they both freeze.

She turns around, ever so slowly, eyes dark green and dangerous and he swallows heavily. This is it, he thinks, she’s going to turn me into a toad.

The woman- girl, he now realises with a start- slinks over, slow and graceful, and though she stands nearly a foot shorter than him, he can’t help but take a step back, clipping his elbow on the espresso machine.

She looks nothing like the what he expected the village witch to look like, no warts or hooked nose, instead her skin fair and creamy, with dark red hair that looks like it was kissed by hellfire itself, glittering copper in the dim lights of the coffeeshop, dotted with sprigs of holly and mistletoe even though it’s just barely fall.

She’s beautiful in a deadly sort of way.

“Who told you that?” she asks, a voice like the wind that rattles wind chimes and blows of roofs at the same time.

Despite the fear he feels tracing down the line of his spine, James steels himself and says, “I hear things. A witch on the hill, hidden by brambles and briar bushes and perhaps something a bit more sinister.”

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