copper doors

The Hufflepuff Common Room is earthy and round, with round doors and copper lamps. Sunshine beams down through square and circular windows. The image of a spring walk through newly green trees comes to mind when one walks into the common room. It’s definitely the coziest of the common rooms (though the one with the most rigorous security!) filled with fluffy chairs and sofas, forts made out of sheets, and plants lining most walls. Being next to the kitchen provides a great advantage as the house that knows most of the house elves so they freely get passed cookies and pastries. They show their gratitude by growing herbs for the elves to use in their cooking. Hufflepuff is the house of earth which is shown in everything from the woodsy atmosphere to the growing plants. The dorms resemble chalets with wooden bunk beds and floating hammocks in soft yellow rooms, and put their occupants at ease.



青花瓷 (Blue and White Porcelain) by Jay Chou (周杰伦)

Written with longtime collaborator, Vincent Fang (方文山), the 2007 track is one of Jay Chou’s most well-known songs and is popular across the world, with an instrumental version of it being played as background music on Air China and its lyrics being included in language acquisition curriculums. This is in part thanks to Chou’s masterful composition, where he uses traditional Chinese elements such as the pentatonic scale to create an instantly recognisable melody. 

The lyrics refers to traditional Chinese ceramics, with the blue designs drawn onto white china, that is one of the most identifiable aspects of Chinese culture in the West. Fang used the porcelain as inspiration to tell a love story that transcends the boundaries of time. He also felt that the elegant decorative artwork resembled women in their beauty and vulnerability. Fang’s own favorite lines are: 


The banana plants outside your window brought torrential rains, and the copper knocker outside your door invited the color green


And when I passed through that small town south of the river, it was your eye that I caught first

Closed RP with savingtheworldinsixinchheels

Rabbit pouted as he looked at the door. Or well not the door. There was no door. Which was not a surprise. No the surprise, and a rather annoying one at that, Was the swirling blue portal located in the doorway.

“I was ju-ju-ju-just about to use that door!” The copper robot complained at the portal. As if it was actually going to appoligise and move out of his way. He even stood there stareing at it for a moment as if he expected it to happen. Hands on hips and that accusing pout on his lips.

Finely he sighed though. “Fine… Fiinnne… Since you’re there anyway and I-I-I-I’m stuck in this room I might as well check where you lead too…” So relaxing his pose a bit Rabbit stepped forward. Reaching up to tilt his hat over his oxidated copper face just a bit as he moved towards the portal. Hopeing it atleast lead to somewhere intersting.