copper buckle

This is an outfit for a farm girl turned General of her kingdom’s armies.  She just went to war to protect her family but then there was a prophecy and a magical sword and a missing princess she ended up rescuing and it just kept escalating from there.  Midway through the war, the King and Queen held a ball (for morale or something) and this is what she wore, in case she had to spring into action.  The knee braces are actually enchanted armor, probably.

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with dark red hair that is braided back and pinned up.  I am wearing a green-grey shirt with a delicate red floral print on it.  The shirt has a wide neck and wide sleeves.  Over it, I have on a very short sleeveless dress made of layers of fringed black lace.  It’s belted with a dark brown belt with a gold-and-copper buckle that looks like two shells.  Under the dress, I’m wearing black leggings, with black knee braces strapped on over them.  I also have on dark brown boots.  I’m wearing dangly bronze earrings, red lipstick, and a gold necklace made up of small panels of metal joined together.  As always, I have on my round, silver glasses.]


I got started making an oxblood colored belt to match my boots.  I think Fiebing’s oxblood dye is way too purple/violet in color so I did a lower coat of their British Saddle Tan so I’m only getting violet highlights here and there.  I punched narrow holes which means tomorrow night will be spent listening to NPR and hand sewing.  It has to dry tonight so the white thread doesn’t pick up any color.   Do any of you know of a more accurate oxblood colored dye?


I had a 1 ¼" strap laying around from a previous test with black dye so I put that soldered buckle on it just to see what it’d look like.  It looks kinda modern art minimalist.  If any of you want this belt it’d fit someone with a 32 - 34 inch waist.  I’m a 33.   I’ll sell it cheaper than my other stuff because it’s a ‘research piece’ haha. 


A pair of belts I made for Chris and his brother to wear at Chris and Suzie’s wedding today.   They’re getting married with no fear of pants falling down. 

By the way, If you want a black or brown belt like this with a hand made buckle, get a hold of me.  I’ve been sending a few out the door, into the world and so far I’m at a 100% approval rating. 

Some of the belt loops on my dress pants are too small to facilitate a 1 ½" belt so I created this 1 3/8" version.  I made the buckle last night and peened it to give it a bit of a fancy appearance.   Rubbed in mink oil and ready to wear.   If anyone is interested in one of these, get a hold of me with a buckle shape and dimensions.