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Steampunk Ironhead by Iain S. Wallace
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Engine detail from this show winning Ironhead Sportster. Alba West Bike Show 2015

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Baby witch here: how do I make an altar when I'm not a Wiccan? I'm only familiar with that set up of God and Goddess and the 4 elements but it doesn't fit me. I'm leaning more towards green, cosmic and sea witchcraft, what would such an altar need to have? Thank you🌸

Any Witch can have an altar, so go ahead and set one up if you wish.

As far as how you set it up; how ever you want. It doesn’t need to fit any paths or religious requirement; it’s simply a space that you can use as you wish for your craft. Even though I’m a green witch, my altar is made up of copper and brass ornaments, some candles and an incense holder.

Whatever you have will do fine, if you want to decorate it with star charts, plants, seashells, bottles of sand, candles, rocks..seriously whatever you feel gives it a personal touch, you can c:


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miniature terrarium necklace // amethyst, lichen + moss by rubyrobinboutique

this terrarium is beyond beautiful … it’s so teeny you can wear it around your neck. irish lichen and moss pair with the purple amethyst with a lovely contrast, or you could go a little more earthy with their citrine version.

Viking Gilded Copper Weathervane, 11th Century

With a sculpted brass lion, found in Norway. This would have been used on the bow of a ship.

Weathervanes like this were used for determining the strength and direction of the wind, in conjunction with the sólarsteinn (sunstone) Icelandic feldspar which polarizes sunlight and allows the sun’s position to be determined in overcast conditions.


From Left to Right:

Rem Koolhaas, Sketch for O.M. Ungers, Competition for Tiergarten Quarter, Berlin, Germany, 1973-1974 / Georges Vantongerloo, Construction, 1931 

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Sculpture in Steel, Copper, Brass, and Nickel, 1923 / Arquitectonica, The Helmsley Center Proposal, Miami, Florida, 1981 


NO8 Copi-mod

Made up for a US customer this was the first time I had tried a no8 Opinel with the copper handle treatment .

High carbon blade was striped from the Opinel handle then etched and stonewashed . Soviet era copper from munitions boxes hammered ,etched and stonewashed for an aged effect .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from