copper and booker

Things I miss from older Animal Crossing games:

-Island vacation house that you could decorate.  Plus island villager.

-Brewster storing your Gyroids.

-The Observatory (even though it was kinda pointless).

-Shooting Pete and UFO Gulliver out of the sky.

-That little ghost dude you could meet late at night.

-Diaries that had calendars in them so you could see what events were happening during the month.  Why was this taken out?

-Getting to play mini games on in-game gaming systems.  GAME INCEPTION!

-Mandatory witch and devil hats.

-Phinehas giving out balloons and other fun goodies.

-Gracie’s car.

-K.K. when he was a traveling hobo.

-Copper and Booker being partners against crime.

-The fountain in the center of town that would bestow wisdom upon you or scold you for not returning a lost item.

-Nook’s monthly raffles.

-Getting exclusive items with the point system.

-That debit card you could buy Gracie stuff with so you didn’t have to carry a million bells around.  Again, why was this removed?

-6 am morning aerobics!  Because I know we all miss that!


Main Gate - Animal Crossing [Trumpet Cover]

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