a lot of people were talking about the whole “what if Copper was the one that became the pink thing and not Amber?” so I was playing around with him becoming just that, but I discovered he looks silly in pink so I decided to embrace the “black” in “Black Beast” even if he still has the Pink effect from the Bete Noir spell 

Glitchtale belongs to @camilaart

Determined trio.

Oh look another glitchtale drawing
Because I love glitchtale.

How do you draw copper btw

I used black shading here but I still used other colors too :D
And I. Didn’t really nail the sword things but I still thinks It’s ok
Still better than my agate drawing tho lol

C- @camilaart


Everyone Is Dead

I can hear you thinking: shouldn’t Bowser be dead because of the Shulk trailer? The answer is no, that was in the Smash 4-era, when they still used stunt doubles. Ultimate is the real deal. Everyone will die before this game is even released.


She is finally done! My Custom of Robecca Steam is here and she was my most challenging project yet. In addition to my usual customizations I made her outfit entirely myself! After countless prototypes I finally nailed down the sewing of the two garments and even made her a custom purse! She is available on my Etsy shop if anyone is interested, link in my bio.