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Title: Undercover Insubordination
Fandom: Attack on Titan/SnK
Pairing: Levi/Mikasa

Irvin’s method of matchmaking is little… unconventional.

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Value Me: Levi and Mikasa

Value Me

They’ve long since traversed the line between superior and cadet.  Now they’re tip-toeing the line between “just sleeping together, it’s no big deal Hange, fuck off” and being actual lovers.  In the silence that follows their lovemaking, when his arm is draped across her stomach and his fingers are tracing circular patterns on her hip bone, Mikasa has to wonder.  It used to be that they would just have sex, then the other would get dressed and leave.  Lately, though, they’ve been lingering for much longer — both of them.  Levi, especially, has been guilty.

“It’s getting late,” she comments casually, testing the waters.  He doesn’t say anything, though, just hums in acknowledgement and continues to trail his fingers across her skin.  She shivers from the feather-light touches.  "Sir—"


She bites down on her tongue, as though she’s afraid to use his name so informally.  As though doing so would push her across the line.  As though it would change everything.  (But maybe, part of her thinks, that wouldn’t be so bad.)

Sighing, she rolls over onto her side so that she’s facing him; his fingers stop their ministrations, just for his hand to move up along her waist.  It never used to be like this, she thinks.  His touch is too soft, too gentle, too thoughtful.  ”The commander will be making his rounds soon,” she says.  ”And we have drills in the morning.”

Even his eyes are soft.  (At least, softer than his usual stony mask.)  Levi reaches for her face to push the stray raven strands away from her eyes.  As his palm warms the side of her face, his gaze drifts down to her slightly parted lips.  ”What if I wanna stay?”

She can read the meaning behind the question.  He’s been thinking about it just as much as she has.

Mikasa snuggles closer to him, with her hands now laying against his chest.  Levi takes in a sharp intake of breath as her fingers curl against his heart.  ”Then stay,” she says.

He hums, once again without anything to say, and kisses her forehead.

A Midnight Live Art Stream

(For all those shingeki night stragglers, I am streaming myself drawing up some shingeki characters. If you dont make it to my random live stream, the I will post the pictures up after the live stream is done. I just got a new tablet today.)

Shingeki Live Stream Link:

(I will doodle little doodles for people to the best of my ability)