that “secret” cosplay I’ve been working on, i had a gtier jake but it looks like he bailed and i don’t blame him, because if you think I’m not going to constantly attack him with my war fork

then you just made mistake number one friendo


*casually spams ya’ll with my face* TADAAAAAAA~~~

Me as GLaDOS and Princess Vanellope at Youmacon 2013

Photos taken by my bby arcanum-order (she’s my bby go follow her)

Here are the prizes that I got! I have a #guardiansofthegalaxy poster, a #Spider-Man comic (issue July ‘96), #fairytail emblem keychain and #grayfullbuster’s sword necklace, a #coplsay print from @sarahstorm, and a #marvel pin (I forget what the woman’s name is)!!!!!!!!💙💙💙💙 I’m so happy!! I’m thinking I might do a #genderbender gray with this necklace! I might have to wait for the spring/summer though. Right now it’s too cold to do anything!😔 But I will make this happen!!!!! I’m missing a few things and I’m gonna have to ask for a long black #wig from someone. If they don’t have it though, I have my short black wig I could use! I’m so excited~😆


My first original cosplay.
To tell the truth, this costume was born just two days before the Romics comics’ fair on October 2014, not knowing which costume bring there since those for Lucca were still on work, so I simply took a already prepared dress that I own from quite a year (sew by my good fairy Giulia Spezi) and other things I had, modifying the wig a little and a lot of fantasy.
Here she was born, my wood elf Alatariel.
The girl has got a crown made of a garland and shining radiance.
Name come from “alata” (radiance) and “rielle” (girl with a crown made of a festive garland).
I want to thank my photographers Jessica Pera, Simone Marangoni and Paolo Parrocchia.