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My grandfathers not feeling well. I want to be ready for when the time comes that he we leave his world. What book do I read to teach me how to end suffering? What can I read to help me with the passing of a loved one? Please let me know as soon as possible.

I am sorry your grandfather is not doing well. It’s always tough when a loved one is going through pain. 

One of my favorite books that helped me a little cope with loss is The Places That Scare You by Pema Chodron. It is an excellent book and highly recommended.

Death is unavoidable. It is a necessary part of life. But most of us fail to realize its reality, its realness. We go through our life loving and caring for those around us. We watch them age and get sick, and there’s always another day until there isn’t, and we feel our life is crashing down. But in reality we just forget about death and tend to only deal with it when it happens. However, dealing or coping with it only when it happens only causing our suffering to be greater and longer. Instead, we should regularly meditate and contemplate on death.

Meditating on death is a practice since the Buddha’s time. Buddha and his disciples would meditate at graveyards and contemplate on the process of life and death. It helped the disciples realize the stages every living being goes through: birth, age, sickness, and death. Understand and accepting this helps us deal with death when it happens. When we understand and accept it, we suffer less because we know this is inevitable. Regardless of who we are, kings, presidents, monastics, high class, middle class, low class - we all go through the same cycle of birth and death. So don’t try to avoid it, accept it and know that death is not the end. It is only a continuation from one form of life to another.

Smile and be well!   

So I know everyone in the castle is… shocked, right now, and grieving, and just – I hate feeling useless, and like there’s nothing I can do. So if anyone needs books on how to cope with loss, or books to distract them, or – or hugs, or something, just let me know, okay? I didn’t know Sebastian, but it’s going to be really weird to see an empty seat where Spencer used to be when we go back to classes tomorrow.