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a few of my personal thoughts on Lily Evans

-she always had a run in her tights, always. even when she bought a new pair by the end of the day they would be ripped somewhere. she had no idea how it happened but it always did

-she wore several rings on both hands and the boys swore they had never seen her without them. sometimes she took them off when she had to write a particularly long essay and Peter would giggle at the tan lines on her hands from them

-after her mom died she took up smoking for a few days to cope. when Remus saw by the lake smoking one he promptly set the entire carton on fire in front of her eyes and she never picked them up again

-her hair was wild and tangled and usually filled with several knots. Sirius was tease her that her hair was worse than James until suddenly his mouth was filled with soap until he took it back

-when she got drunk she shouted the lyrics to her favorite rock and roll songs and made James swing dance with her in the common room in front of all of their friends. she couldn’t dance worth shit but it was really something else to watch her try

-she was a HUGE feminist. she lectured the boys on women’s rights so seventh year they started a S.P.E.W like club for the witches at Hogwarts and Lily beamed proudly as they started informing the other wizard’s about treating the witches with respect

-she cried when she found out she was made head girl. she knew she she had a chance but she had also gotten in trouble her fair share of times and didn’t think Dumbledore would give it to a muggle born because of the war but he did and she cried and had never been more proud of herself

-as soon as she realized she had feelings for James she acted on them because there was a war going on for God’s sake and if she had to watch that sixth year ravenclaw flirt with him one more time she would rip her own hair out

-she knew the other boys had a bet on when she and James would get together and Peter tended to lose these bets so she made sure to let James know how she felt only when she was sure he would win and threw Peter a wink when Sirius and Remus payed up 

I let this PERSON in…
I let him in,
I don’t let PEOPLE in
You knew this-
You’ve TAKEN him from me
I needed him
And you’ve BROKEN me

‘She’s texting you, calling you’
‘Is she the first girl you’ve been with? Is she the first one you TURNED to when I couldn’t give you what you wanted?’
“I want you”
'It’s easier with her…’
“God this is so stupid”
'She doesn’t make you FEEL sick when you look at her, you don’t feel ASHAMED? Because she didn’t fall apart…. She didn’t have a BREAKDOWN, She could cope with what she saw….What we WENT through, I’m that screw up…I’m the one who’s sitting THERE, Trying to figure out why i couldn’t see it coming… why I COULDN’T Stop it.

I like being ALONE-
At least, I convince myself
That I’m better off that way
And then I MET someone
He changed me
And then he left….

—  poems-she-wrote

hey. my grandma’s funeral was today. it was, really nice. i understand how the ceremony helps people cope with death. i saw a lot of family and i’m thankful that they’re all so loving. bye

The Life & Times of Sophie Amell: The Tower

Rating: M

Relationship: Female Amell/Cullen Rutherford (this chapter)

Summary: Sophie Amell was just a very young girl when the entire course of her life changed because she can summon flames at her fingertips. Each time she thinks her life is settling into something resembling normalcy, everything changes once again. She’s conscripted into the Grey Wardens, she’s sent to Amaranthine, or she loses someone she loves.

Usually, she loses the ones she loves every time her life changes.

This is the story of unwilling Warden Sophie Amell, told in four parts: The Tower, The Blight, The Wardens, and The Calling.

Part One. The Tower. (Read on AO3)

Ever since the forest burned, Sophie’s life has never been the same. She didn’t know what she was doing. The trees were large, scary, the howling of wolves too much for her little body to cope. She saw a pair of yellow eyes in the darkness and all she knew to do was throw her hands up to protect herself.

And that’s what started it.

Then the men came and took her away, ripped her from the tree in their yard that she’d hidden in. Her hands were skinned as she gripped the branches to hold herself back, the blood making the men all the more angry.

They did something to her then, something that made her feel sleepy and made her tummy ache. She couldn’t fight anymore. She couldn’t even make fire like she did when the wolves attacked.

Her mother didn’t even look at her as she was carried away. She didn’t see her again.

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Ask : Hello!! You really seem nice and adorable! May I request something with Alex x reader? Like a tickle fight? Super fluff is all I need! Take your time! Thank you!!♡

Words: 674 Words

Alexander Hamilton x Reader 

Alexander had been working non-stop since the war had ended. He didn’t even pay attention to his wife. Whenever they had alone time, he would simply rant about Thomas Jefferson. [ Name ] being the patient woman she was, always listened to him, smiling, and giving him advice to cope. But whenever she saw him, she felt a deeply unsettling feeling in the pits of her stomach. Alexander was always frowning. He never cracked a smile, more made any of his witty comments that she was so fond of hearing.

Alexander never said anything sarcastic, or fun, that made her days. Instead, he locked himself away in his room, writing. Which annoyed his wife even more. It was a cold day, and the snow was gently falling in flakes. [ Name ] opened the door, as she set the plate of food down, even if he was busy, he did find time to eat. “Alexander, take a break,” You chided giving a soft smile as you gently touched his shoulders.

His eyes looked up from his work as Alexander shook his head, “My love, you know what I have to do,” The female gave a soft chuckle as she nodded, she didn’t say anything but she placed her chin on the top of his head. All of a sudden a bright idea popped into her mind, her hands slid down to his stomach. Alexander’s eyebrow quirked up as she tickled him.

And then he was laughing. What a joyous sound, she hadn’t heard it in what seemed like years. [ Name ] felt him squirming as he kicked himself away from his wife’s grasps. Instantly [ Name ] stood up, her lips pulled back in a bright smile as she put a hand over her mouth. A poor attempt to stifle the giggles that erupted from her lips.

“I’m going to get you!” Alexander stated for once putting down his quill as his wife shrieked playfully opening the door and running downstairs. An elated smile was on Alexander’s face, as well as a look of relief. He wasn’t thinking about how to get his plan through congress, or about Jefferson. He was simply thinking about his dearest, [ Name ]. She was quicker than him, probably from playing tag with the children.

His wife opened the door giving a teasing smile, as he ran outside.

“Try and catch me!”

The cold nipped at their face, as the gentle flakes fell to the ground, gently coating it. Alexander finally tackled his wife against the grass, as he began to tickle her. She squirmed, and laughed. The sound as beautiful as peeling bells, they were light and airy. Her breath was seen in puffs of smoke, as she fruitlessly tried to bat his hands away.

“Stop! Stop!” she shrieked as he followed her words, the female gave a slight giggle as Alexander shook his head. The gentle flakes of snow were falling down on his hair, and her face. He stroked away the snowflakes that fell on her reddened cheeks. [ Name’s ] chest was rising and falling as she used his hesitation, to swing him to the ground without a modicum of complication. His back hit the snow, as she sat victoriously on his lap.

Her hands slid onto his sides as she started to tickle him, he erupted into laughter, as his wife also giggled. The two of them looked like simple children frolicking in the snow. His wife leaned in to kiss him, as his hands slid to her waist. Their laughter came to a halt as they kissed, the kiss was sweet and gentle. It was as if their relationship was porcelain and they were living in the same house, but they could have never been more strained.

All of a sudden she felt a giggle erupt from her throat, Alexander had started to tickle her. “Alexander!” she squealed batting his hands away as the male leaned in to kiss the female once more. It was a sweet winter for the both of them. 


On the left: a generic coping saw, available on eBay and other places. New, £2.99.

On the right: a Knew Concept coping saw, available from various places. New, £125.

My understanding of these things - with my limited knowledge and experience - is that it’s the blade that does the cutting.

They both use the same blade.

So can someone please explain to me why on earth I would pay £125 for something that does the same job as one costing £2.99?

A fool and his money are soon parted.

Coping with Coping Saws

It’s late, and I’m pretty frustrated with the coping saw. I finished off another set of dovetails, this time in poplar. It quite a bit more different than I was expecting. It’s both more and less forgiving than the white pine has been the last couple days. The edges and corners stay sharper, whereas the pine tends to round itself over if you’re not careful. On the other hand, the poplar shows even minor deviations in from a straight cutline. Ultimately, those don’t seem to show up in the assembled joint, but it does enough to remind me that I’m still very much a beginner at this.

The coping saw was pretty much a disaster with the poplar pins. I didn’t manage to keep a single cut above the baseline. The cutting radius is much larger than I was able to get through the pine, and there’s quite a bit of damage on the backside of the cut as well. I think a large part of that is due to the thin kerf dovetail saw, and the coping saw blade being such a tight fit.

Even with the disastrous coping, the assembled joint is the tightest one yet. There is one tail that shows a sizeable gap. The rest seem pretty good. I still have issues sawing the end waste off the tails. I think less splitting the line and more keeping to the waste side might help that tomorrow. Pictures later.