I bought some prints from @bunnybennett on deviantart and they came in today :D They’re lovely.

Also I’d put my Kazookaphone in the robot corner but I use it too much so I’m keeping it by my desk. Always gotta be ready in the event of a Kazookaphone emergency.

I’m so tired of collectors whining about how they didn’t get credit of their ‘ideas’. Your 'original’ idea is not that great and not worth noting. You don’t own the patent on alpaca wigs, tan lines, dolls shoes or crafting technique. Grow up! No one owes you a damn thing. Keep your salt to yourself.


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Why are people mistaken about Tolkien using that trope in LOTR?

for better articulated answers check here and here but tldr people tend to assume that tolkien started the whole chosen hero TM trope with frodo but the thing is that frodo is not actually special or anything and he *chooses* to bring the ring, but there’s no prophecy whatsoever saying that HE had to be the one, never mind that technically he fails at it - he brings the ring to mount doom but then if gollum hadn’t barged in he’d have turned over to the dark side, and the experience fucked him up so much that he couldn’t stay in the shire and get his life back the way it was before and left for valinor - like the entire thing with frodo is that he goes on a hero’s journey, sure, but it doesn’t fulfill any of those tropes and eventually he doesn’t make it just for his life to be better than he was before. the only character who has Chosen One hints is aragorn, not frodo, but lotr is not aragorn’s journey of self-discovery - he arguably had that off-page and by the time it starts he’s somewhat ready to claim his throne and move on with his life, lotr is not about aragorn’s *journey* of anything. and aragorn has the whole chosen one thing going on because he’s the fucking king, ‘course he has that mythology behind him. but anyway when people assume that the Chosen One thing was from lotr and that it implied the protagonist being special and the likes they are completely off the mark.

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Según todas las leyes de aviación, no hay forma de que una abeja sea capaz de volar. Sus alas son demasiado pequeñas para levantar su pesado cuerpo. Las abejas, por supuesto, vuelan de todas formas porque no les importa lo que los humanos piensen que es imposible.

enough with the bee movie script

ERGH … crappy lighting but you get the idea

WIP Wednesday.

a 12″ square white painting canvas … flowers to match the Dolly Plum doll and my nieces bedroom … might light blue wash the board.

idea comes from THIS 

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[TEXT → BEE 🐝💖] I’m okay, it’s not like I didn’t know what I was getting into. She isn’t a particularly nice person and I dared to call her out, I knew I was going to get a reaction.

[TEXT  → BEE 🐝💖] But anyway - yeah I’d love that. And I could really use a hug from my babe (you, duh).

[TEXT  → PETAL ❀ ] Why did you react like that? I mean goodness knows I don’t need or want to see Santana or Jake sans clothes but why’d you comment? 

[TEXT  → PETAL ❀ ] You can hugs all you want superstar.