Started with a doodle with the two stupids on the cow, ended up being a drawing i never thought i would make… luv it tho XD

i have the lineart, anyone interested in colouring it as well, ah, send a msg? XD I’ll send it!

[Image description] A piece of paper with the words “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Questioning and Asexual” typed in rainbow letters. The background of the image is a photo of a sunny sky with several clouds in it. [End image description]

This is something that I got from my university’s Queer Club (and, yes, that is the name). Notice that part right at the end? Asexual? Guess what? They’re included in the community.

They’re not excluded, hated, belittled, or attacked. They’re accepted and supported. This shows that the discourse about whether aces are LGBT or not is almost certainly restricted only to online communities. And, even then, it seems largely focused on Tumblr.

The exclusion of ace people does not occur offline. And if it does happen somewhere, those people who exclude aces are assholes.

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The Leo’s and Sagi’s have electric based attacks so maybe. At least in the modern day they never have to worry about electric devices running out of power   

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//casually charging own phone w cosmo

..That’s actually a thing that could work for them lucky bastards never have to worry about low battery. I mean, they might have low signal in some places, considering where they go in the world.

Funny me and @innocent-shichishito were just talking about Sanctuary, the Five Peaks and if the Gold Saint had modern technology.

It was a hilarious talk xD


Front and back covers to Fifth Season #5  Both pieces are by Suzane Lovett, and both actually illustrate a story in the ‘zine this time: The Castle and the River by Jean L. Stevenson. 

This is a story in which the mage Kier of the River, in service to the Roje of Blakemir, is tempted by the sorceress Siri Valan, who wishes him to assassinate the Roje.  But he has seen images in a crystal of another Kier, and another life that ended very badly…

This is a book-bound issue, and very entertaining overall, containing a nice mix of stories across the 4 seasons as well as a couple of AUs.

Video On Interpersonal Comforting And My Review; From Conversation

…I feel so empathetic toward her

It really really isn’t about the nail

Like, removing the nail might remove that particular problem, but the problems will expand to fill the emotional energy allotted.

What matters is being cared about, and trying to resolve someone’s problem so you don’t have to think about it anymore… Doesn’t make them feel cared about.

It feels like you want to get rid of them.

Khada Jhin’s vanity is a learned vice.

Before he was Khada Jhin, and more the wily, disagreeable Sochi Yang, his self image was an oversight: something to be looked after only when he was through with seething and filling himself with distaste for the many frustrations he suffered from his father and the responsibilities shunted to him. When that facade fell apart and took Sochi Yang’s world with it, Khada Jhin was the result of that running away; but he was young, inexperienced still, and thoroughly paranoid of what lay ahead of him.

It was not until Khada Jhin stopped the buzzing and realized his obsession with Daisuke Emiya that he learned the value of vanity. As Emiya lay dying, his lips cut and slashed from his last duet and his chest bleeding bloody from the worax horns pierced into it, Jhin happily sapped every lady vestige of his withering away and walked out someone else, believing that he had absorbed Emily’s qualities within him through that final duet. Emiya was fickle, precise, talented and deeply narcissistic.

Khada Jhin, not unlike a child miming his betters, reflects that very internalization. He has only grown into those traits since as the years have developed.

As for Emiya, his body served well for the moment it did on his family’s mantle.

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