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those fresno boys


Hi there! I sent in a request a long time ago but it must’ve gotten lost so I’m resubmitting it! Could I get a NSFW scenario with Kakashi or Yamato and a female S/O where they’ve both been away from the village for a long time, both have been sent on long missions, and they finally are both home with time off? Thank you very much!

Seriously my dudes, this is super NSFW. I’m so sorry it took us so long to get this out, but hopefully this makes up for it. Thank you for your patience! Oh, and please excuse my gratuitous abuse of italics.

Kakashi Hatake NSFW Scenario

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Nikki’s submission move wasn’t an STF……like, ignoring that it was like a bajillion times better than Cena’s STF has ever been, an STF involves a face lock, and Nikki wrapped her arm around Nattie’s neck……but ~oh Nikki’s dating Cena she must be using his move, right??~ …rme……….let Nikki do a submission without being compared to her boyfriend tbh!!!!!!

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Things you should do when you’re feeling shitty (me talking about me 45 minutes ago)

1. Don’t wear pants
2. Share your chicken nuggets with your bougie Shih Tzu
3. Listen/dance to Sik K, Penomeco, try to get into a fight with Dean, and then do Very Good’s dance in the dark in the kitchen
4. Act out Eureka’s MV to the bougie hoe when we both know I’m the one with the big booty
5. Once Boys and Girls comes on your dog leaves you because you’ve watched the MV too many times and is now reenacting the whole MV
6. Shake your booty to Ordinary Love
7. Have 18+ thoughts about Kyung’s voice
8. Declare Jiho as your favorite producer ever
9. Have 18+ thoughts about Jiho’s voice, speeding rapping, swearing, producing, and English

     Hello m’dears!! I thought I’d make it a little easier on myself by rather than making a bunch of random starter calls, I’d just make this one that can be liked at any point in time.

     By LIKING this, it means I’m more than likely to shoot a starter at you sometime within the next few days after you give it a heart, and/or that you’re okay, as mutuals, with me tagging you in random starters. It also lets me know that you won’t mind if I slide into your ims/ask to plot and flail at you about the beauty of your character(s), because ✧*:・゚ space mom ✧*:・゚ just wants to love you down. So if you like starters, flailing, plots, and feels, tap dat heart.


A few pictures of my 2 point perspective city project in Art Fundamentals. We had to make a city that represents us. So mine has a Culver’s, Wal-Mart, my tech school, my house, an art gallery, an animation studio (Pixar’s to be precise, idk why), a Steam store bound into an actual physical building, and a tech company. As well as a few other things, like the Arch.

I’m not very good at perspective.. or cities, but it’s kinda nice.

Under a pseudonym, Marcus once sent an assassin to target Cassiopeia when she was only a toddler, forcing Katarina to react quickly. She successfully fended them off, killing them with two daggers shoved into their neck. Of course, he was there in the shadows, watching in the chance that Katarina failed, but he had faith his daughter would be strong enough to handle it.

He taught Katarina to value family above all. She does not have to feel anything for others, but she must look out for her sister even when she is ‘weak.’ To value someone even at their weakest is to care, to let someone watch your back is to trust. Family is meant for that. 

Katarina keeps this lesson to heart.