I lost my first tooth while my mother was out of the country and I was home with just my dad.

He was So Excited about getting to be in charge of a parenting milestone all by himself.

It was honestly really cute.

Because my parents didn’t believe in lying to kids, I knew it was the parent’s job to steal the kid’s tooth and then pay them damages.

So, I knew it was my dad who’d put $5 in our currency (~$2 USD) under my pillow for it.

When my mother got home, she was SHOCKED.

She was basically like “WTF, why would you give them so much money???”

“Even if you were trying to keep up with inflation since when we were kids, wouldn’t you give them one dollar???“

“Do you know how many teeth kids have????”

“They never would have noticed the difference! But now you can never reduce the price!”

My father is usually a very thrifty, financially-savvy man. He had just gotten over-excited.

But now his wallet flashed before his eyes.

And he had a face of “Dear G-d, what have I done”

The type of horror you’d feel after accidentally launching a nuke.

I felt sorry for him.

But I never let him reduce the price >:)

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Olly and Niall [and the other gogglebox participants, lol sorry] watching that SAS training show. Featuring:

  • Olly doing an impression of Niall
  • Niall: “I wouldn’t last 5 or 6 minutes… someone’d shout at me, and I’d like, shit my pants.”
  • Prime view of Niall’s crotch
  • Niall gradually oozing into Olly
  • The footballers! XDD
  • And actually, that SAS show wasn’t half bad