Two Spirit Water Protectors Need Immediate Lodging!

UPDATE: Please help! We got as much as we could from our Two Spirit Nation camp to set up a temporary shelter for our remaining Two Spirit Water Protectors. It’s snowing and cold! We made trips non stop for the last three days, with one day being blocked out from camp because there was a direct action and we couldn’t get back into camp until after midnight. We are at a temporary camp on the bank of the Missouri River. We are exhausted and traumatized, with a couple sick folks and now I am running a fever. We need hotel rooms for the next few nights if possible. Chase IronEyes just paid for one room for the night for us because they are all booked at the Casino and we only have one truck for the 12 of us so we aren’t driving too far. Also, folks are still being harassed on the roads. We have two army tents and my tipi, but honestly…our folks are beyond exhaustion and just need time to heal and sleep before we can set camp back up and winterize.
It has been heartbreaking, heart aching & psychologically wounding to see how Oćeti Śakowin ended and to watch our camp go up into flames. Also, we had to leave our kitchen behind and will only be cooking over an open fire. These water protectors need support and prayers! We completed our commitment to stay till then end, we represented as Two Spirit Warriors, reclaimed our sacred places, carried the ceremonies and remained in prayer!
Please donate to this link or pay for a room at the Prairie Knights Casino Hotel under my name. Wopila Tanka❤️


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This action item was posted Feb 22 2017.

I finished my Lars piece! I’m so happy with how this turned out and I’m very greatful for the positive feedback ;u;

If you’re interested; this is available on my Redbubble in a variety of items.

Thank you all 💖💖
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Day 2 of noiao week. The prompt is “anniversary”.

Knowing Noiz, he would probably want to pamper Aoba with the best gifts and such for their anniversary. But i think Aoba would prefer to spend their anniversary with less extravagance, because he believes that simply spending time with Noiz is enough to show that they love each other :’)

They went out for a simple but classy dinner, maybe go for some shopping (Aoba shops at nyas) and then go for a walk at the park late night to see the stars.

And then they go to a hotel and make love all night yes

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That white supremacist “alt right” piece of shit, Richard Spencer, has been doxxed:

Richard Spencer 571-239-2797
Home Address:
98 Elk Highlands Drive
Whitefish, MT 59937

He’s renting an apartment in Alexandria, VA as a “headquarters” for the alt-right. The address is:
1001 King St
Alexandria, VA 22314

#nightynightnazi #bashthefasc #nosafetyfornazis


Pre T -> 6 months on T

As of today I’m officially 6 months on Testosterone and I couldn’t feel better about myself. Sure I’ve gained a bit of weight and I’m in Acne Hell constantly but like… my voice is changing and my hair is growing and stuff like. It’s so crazy.

The first few months were lowkey Hell because my dose was too high so my levels were fucked. But now that I’m on a lower dose it’s like 👌👌👌👌
No more random cramps or hot flashes
Acne is less intense
And the mood swings n shit r basically gone

God Bless

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Support our sibling Takiyah y'all. Information below:


Then and now, “you can jail the Revolutionary, but you can’t jail the Revolution.” Our Revolutionary Visionary who helped tear it down on Monday in downtown Durham, Takiyah, was jailed yesterday, and released. Their first court appearance was this morning, and when we arrived in the courthouse, within minutes they swooped in and took two more of us. We’re waiting in the jail right now for their release.

As they try to make political prisoners of our people, we have to say “No!” we have to show up for them in every way that we can.

Yesterday, Takiyah’s family started a GoFundMe page. It was reported by white nationalists and white supremacists and taken down within three hours. We denounce their decision to do this, and Takiyah still needs y'all’s support.

For all of you who can, please donate to the official support fund that was started by Takiyah’s family via Venmo: @solidarity-takiyah. We need y'all NOW! RIGHT NOW!


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I saw the actual ENT this morning. I told him the communication difficulties I had been having with the practice and he was not happy. He said that I should not have had to go through all that.

That being said, blood test said I’m allergic to dust mites and grasses. I told him I’m still having problems and would be willing to come off the psych med that kept me from getting the skin test. So now the plan is to taper off of that and get a skin test and regroup. In the mean time he has prescribed me an oral steroid because of my current allergy flare up.

Think that’s steroid round four this summer. Not counting the shots.

-I copied and pasted from my fb my experience today-

Today I had my first violent prejudiced experience in Spain.

As I was walking from the metro I saw a man following, harassing and yelling extremely racist things to two female tourists, the two girls managed to escape (I learned later that he had been following them from two metro stops and assaulted one of them) as I sat down on the bench he continued to yell racist things to them. I took out my phone and warned him that if he didn’t stop I would record him and put it online, he kept yelling aggressively at me and then took down his pants to show me his privates. When he realized I didn’t stop recording he got more aggressive and attempted to assault me by grabbing me forcibly by the arm. At this point a woman intervened and got in between me and this man to protect me from him, several other people also approached him to get him away from me and make sure I was alright. When it looked like he wasn’t backing down, as he kept trying to grab me, another man took my hand and got me away from the situation. We found the cops and the two girls and proceed to explain what had happened, and file a police report.
Turns out he has a history of doing this, no shock there, and he has been arrested.

As shaken up as I am, I don’t regret my decision to intervene, as most of you may know I have zero tolerance for racism, and much less when it’s directed at people who aren’t capable of protecting themselves. If you are able to, it is important to speak out on these things, don’t stand idly by. I’m also incredibly grateful to all the people who came to my defense and protected me from this coward. I hope the woman who got in between me and this man knows how grateful I am to her for being so brave.
They say that when bad things happen look for those doing good, you’ll always find them.
My experience in Barcelona has been incredible and this instance won’t deter me from making the most out of this beautiful city, if anything I got to see the good souls who protected me.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to please remind you that these are real things that happen, and while there is a lot of good in the world, ignoring injustices doesn’t help anyone. This is something that people of color face almost everywhere. Saying color doesn’t matter to people whose experiences have been shaped by the color of their skin is not ok. I’m a woman, and a woman of color, see me as I am. Seeing differences isn’t a bad thing, as long as it doesn’t deter you from being kind.
So be kind ✌🏾️


Our old man Cliff just passed away, less than 24hrs after we returned from a week away. I feel like he waited for us. We don’t know how old he was, or where he lived before he came to us, as the only information the rescue had on him were the words ‘very friendly’. He lived with us for nearly a year, and we gave him plenty of brothers and sisters and he was a very happy, (and as promised) very friendly boy.

But, as one cage door shuts, another one opens, as now we have space to let another homeless ratty into our lives.

Have fun at The Bridge Cliffy 💞🐀

So, quick life update

In March, I had made a post that said I had gotten into the medical program at KCU. This was dependent upon my earning a certain GPA in my master’s program, which, unfortunately, I was just below. I was placed on the wait list, but it is late enough in the game that I can pretty safely bet that I won’t be getting called.

This is totally okay though. I’ve got my master’s degree at the age of 23, which is pretty groovy, and I still intend to apply to med school for the upcoming year. I’m applying to several schools across the country, and I feel pretty good about my chances that one of them will send me an acceptance letter (Although of course I will pursue backup options, just in case.)

In the meantime, I’m planning on getting a job in the clinical research field, so if anyone in the KC area can hook me up somehow, that would be awesome. While it’s a slight bummer that it’ll take me another year to start med school, I’ll definitely enjoy not having to deal with the stress of school. I’ve been in school for the past six years non-stop, and I think I’ve earned a short break before forging ahead on the path to becoming a doctor.

  • Boy: Oy mga tol samahan nyo ako mang
  • haharana ako sa crush ko! : ">
  • (Nasa bahay na ng CRUSH nya)
  • Boy: O game ha 1 2 3
  • (Lumabas bigla ang Daddy nung babae)
Dear Paypal users!

I posted this on my Facebook, but thought I’d post it here too because a lot of us rely on Paypal for commissions, etc! Here it is (Copy and pasted from my FB post.)

It’s a bloody good job I just rang paypal! Got an email from ‘them’ saying my account has been blocked until it is verified, I’m going to tell you guys what the lady told me.

In GENUINE emails from Paypal:

- The email will come from
- They will only ever refer to you as the name you are signed up with. Paypal will NEVER refer to you as ‘Customer.’ So, if it says 'Dear Customer’, it’s FAKE. They will also NEVER refer to you by your email.

I have attached the FAKE emails I received. If you get one from the same sender, or referring to you as, or 'Customer’, PLEASE don’t click it, and for God’s sake don’t give them any of your information.


Here are the images of the fake emails I received -

Please be careful guys! 


My Loft 89 Experience

I never expected I would get to make one of these posts in a million years but here goes.
So a quick summary of last night. I was sitting in the middle of an aisle but I had posted my seat details on tumblr so she must have saw them or something. During Blank Space which is the 3rd song I hear someone in an American accent asking me “are you Shannon? Taylor made me come and find you! You’re meeting her after the show!” so after that moment I was sobbing so we sat in the concourse for a bit for me to recover and we returned to our seats. During her song clean she talked about how she connects with her fans online to make sure they’re alright and it just sunk in that she wanted to meet me. So after the show about 15 of us went backstage to meet her in Loft 89. We walked backstage and saw her band and a few of her dancers. Taylor came in at about 11:15pm. We were the first fans that got to meet her and she was like “Hello!” and hugged me and Keely so tight. She was like fluffing up our tutus and said “these are cute! I love these! You’re so cute!” and then said “would you like a photo?” and wrapped her arms around us for our photo and then talked about what a good crowd we were and how emotional her and her crew are about the tour ending. She gave me one last hug and then we left. We were given signed photos on the way out. She liked our photo with her on tumblr and also another post I made about meeting her and I’m so happy that she made everything that happened last night happen. I don’t know if I’ll ever understand why exactly she wanted to meet me as I was in too much of a daze but I am so glad that everything last night happened and it has left me feeling the happiest person alive. 💗