Our old man Cliff just passed away, less than 24hrs after we returned from a week away. I feel like he waited for us. We don’t know how old he was, or where he lived before he came to us, as the only information the rescue had on him were the words ‘very friendly’. He lived with us for nearly a year, and we gave him plenty of brothers and sisters and he was a very happy, (and as promised) very friendly boy.

But, as one cage door shuts, another one opens, as now we have space to let another homeless ratty into our lives.

Have fun at The Bridge Cliffy 💞🐀

So, quick life update

In March, I had made a post that said I had gotten into the medical program at KCU. This was dependent upon my earning a certain GPA in my master’s program, which, unfortunately, I was just below. I was placed on the wait list, but it is late enough in the game that I can pretty safely bet that I won’t be getting called.

This is totally okay though. I’ve got my master’s degree at the age of 23, which is pretty groovy, and I still intend to apply to med school for the upcoming year. I’m applying to several schools across the country, and I feel pretty good about my chances that one of them will send me an acceptance letter (Although of course I will pursue backup options, just in case.)

In the meantime, I’m planning on getting a job in the clinical research field, so if anyone in the KC area can hook me up somehow, that would be awesome. While it’s a slight bummer that it’ll take me another year to start med school, I’ll definitely enjoy not having to deal with the stress of school. I’ve been in school for the past six years non-stop, and I think I’ve earned a short break before forging ahead on the path to becoming a doctor.

  • Boy:Oy mga tol samahan nyo ako mang
  • haharana ako sa crush ko! :">
  • (Nasa bahay na ng CRUSH nya)
  • Boy:O game ha 1 2 3
  • (Lumabas bigla ang Daddy nung babae)
#INeedDiverseGames is moving towards becoming a non-profit

#INeedDiverseGames is moving towards becoming a non-profit

However there’s a lot of steps you need to do before you can become a non-profit entity, then apply for tax free status; 501©3. We need a Board of Directors, and ideally founder Tanya would like the following positions filled before we move forward with filing. Copied and edited from a FB post: We are putting together our board in order to incorporate as a non-profit entity. However, a couple…

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Anonymous submitted: I follow you on your kpop blog and I know this blog is new but I thought if I request now you would get to mine sooner. I wanted to request a poem from a Black woman’s POV about the angry black girl stereotype. I would appreciate if it’s kinda short because if it’s what I need I’m using it as a senior exit speech kind of thing (with your permission and would credit you). And can you remove my url when you post this please


I wasn’t expecting my kpop followers to follow me on my personal blog so thank you!! I’ll post the poem later on today, since you want it to be short, so be looking for it. Also, you have permission to use it as your senior speech if you like it (I’m surprised you’re trusting me to write something like that but I’ll do my best). Credit me as Afrocentric Princex or Jazper M.

Mozart in the Jungle - ehhhh

copy pasted from fb comment i made

“the premise is interesting - new conductor joins ny symphony; he’s kinda nutty; they need to reel him in to raise money, etc; there’s also a young musician trying to make it in the big city and some other side characters - the problem is that you really don’t end up caring much for any of the characters. gael garcia bernal is a really good actor but that’s pretty much it. the main female lead is boring af. there isn’t much character or emotional growth of her character all season. some of the other roles feel miscast (like the old conductor, thomas) even the main lead’s (bernal’s) shit grows old (his love life is like weird for the sake of weird - didn’t understand what the point of that was except to show that he’s passionate and impulsive - ooh shocking!) but at least he has some sort of transformation by the end. there are some solid episodes but it’s too uneven for me to recommend and i think ultimately i wasn’t made to care enough about the characters to want to watch the second season. /review”

i think what really galls me is they have all these female characters in the show and it does eventually pass the bechdel test but the female characters don’t grow AT ALL in the show. oboe player (god i can’t even remember her name - that’s how weak her character was) hailey (only remembered because rodrigo pronounces it so weirdly - accents! hilarious!) is unconfident, awkward around dudes, and is basically rodrigo’s intern. she ends the season largely in the same place but has now learned how to make mate to rodrigo’s liking. literally wtf. she gets to play in the opening show but it’s overshadowed by the dumbness that is rodrigo’s love interest, anna maria. my favorite scenes in the show are between the cello player and oboe player when they hang out at home and talk about their extra-symphonic interests; when the oboe player explains why she’s so mean to hailey because they add some depth to the show and make me care about the characters. also why did they have cynthia sleep with bob - why? was it to show how much she missed thomas? why? makes no sense…

The biggest mistake everyone makes when thinking that they follow “logic and reason and skepticism” is in misunderstanding what science is.

Science =/= reality or truth.
Science = the human study of reality.

This means science can and very often is WRONG. Reality can change science, but science can NEVER change reality.

I bring this up because people hold onto transphobic viewpoints using “science” as their evidence. Science doesn’t defeat reality, and the reality is that trans people exist and have existed for a long time. The reality of gender and biology (with regards to gender) has never changed. However, science has been wrong about it this whole time, and *MUST* change in order to correspond better with reality.

In other words, phrases like “biologically born a man” are bullshit, and need to be recognized as such, because they fall into problems of categorical mistakes (“man” being a social term and not a scientific term), falsely equating “science” with reality, and misunderstanding how gender works on a fundamental level.

The whole idea falls apart when you look at dogs. Are dogs “male” or “female”? To us? Yes. To them? They don’t give a fuck, they’re DOGS. Dogs don’t interpret their lives based on science, because science is a human-specific idea. We called them “male and female”. Those terms only refer to “has a penis” or “has a vagina”. Reality is the phrase “has a penis”, and science is the phrase “male”. It’s a false equivocation to call “male” a “reality” because “male” is just a science term to describe “has a penis”. A term that trans people often reject. The reality of gender in human beings is not reflected in current social understandings of science. If you believe that trans women are “biologically born as men”, you believe a scientific understanding that is as outdated as the flat earth theory. When science was understanding gender and gender-related biology, science didn’t know that trans people existed, and once science had defined gender, when they found people who didn’t fit into the outdated version of gender, they tried to *force* them into the outdated version rather than updating it.

Now, we see that it is outdated, and now it’s time to move on, and just like we discovered the earth wasn’t flat, we discovered that gender isn’t based on “has a penis” or “has a vagina”, and that means psychologically speaking *AND* biologically speaking (because the brain is a part of biology, being a body part and all). Anyone who still holds to this idea that trans women are, IN ANY WAY, “men”, are just simply WRONG. Wrong about reality itself.

IRT to staying positive through negative experiences honestly the worst things I have gone through still haunt me and are ruining and eating away at me to this day, and taught me a lesson thats made interpersonal relationships harder. Like even with everything ive done to work past it it still rears its ugly head at inopportune times so honestly like not the biggest fan of that whole “every bad has the good” because nah somethings just flat out suck and the only lessons you learn are paranoia and despair, and how to avoid the horrible from ever happening again, which you know if it never happened in the first place to you ever would be best so like saying “hey you got your arm bit off by a lion but ya know, at least now ya know what to do next time it happens!” not a good consolation

Real talk: I’m not going to get into politics on here (I’m still undecided tbh), BUT I can’t even imagine how much sexist bullshit Hillary Clinton has had to deal with throughout her career.

With that said, I can’t figure out how to copy a link from a FB status through my phone, so I’m just going to copy and paste the status on here in a following post and share it because the perspective is an interesting one, despite whether or not you’re supporting her.

(Gonna copy and paste from fb bc it took forever to type)

Alright so the only way I can keep from fucking losing it is to write about how… Terrible. Today has been.

My sleep schedule being what it is (the perfect balance of erratic, uncontrollable and shitty), I woke up yesterday at 3 pm. I had to leave at 4:30 am so it was obvious I wasn’t gonna get to sleep.

I get to the airport early. Line is out the door to check your bag. I check my bag just in time. Head over to security and the line is overflowing. I wait 40 minutes in line at security and miss my flight just waiting to get to the front of the line.

I hand the rep my temporary ID and boarding pass and he tells me that the airport is above the law and can ignore the fact that my government issued temporary ID is valid as my ID according to said government. According to them it still is not good enough.

I get pulled over to the little steel desk, have to fill out a form, and have a security agent grill me on questions to see if I am who my ID says I am. Then they search my bags and give me a pat down.

Flight is long gone. I have to fight with the service rep who rebooked me and wanted to charge me 99$ to rebook because she was new and undertrained. I find out my new flight is at 9:20 pm. 13 hours later.

I decide to try to wait it out so I don’t have to fight Security again. I get 30 minutes of painful sleep on the concrete floor before getting woken up and deciding to see if there’s a way for me to step out and smoke.

I get on the train, get off at baggage claim, head to the escalator and check my pocket, realize my brand new $115 vape is no longer in my pocket, and turn to see the train doors closed and the train leaving.

I spend the next two hours traversing the entire airport checking every info booth and the lost and found to no avail.

Fuck today.