I did a pencil sketch a little bit ago to my instagram and personal facebook of an intense woman with facial scarification. Here she is now, all celestial and shiz!
I did a lot of different inking styles when I went to do the colored version, but it kept losing so much of the emotion and soul when I compared it to the sketch. So, I took the best inked version (used a brush pen, of course) and went banoonoos on it.
I colored her hair and face pretty normally and then I took my copic marker refills and dribbled them down from the top of the page to get this watercolor effect.
Since her skin and the background colors are so dark, I went over her outlines with a white gel pen, and also did her scarification that way. I’m pretty pleased with how this all came out, and I love the Rendr paper- it didn’t bleed a smidge; even with the gobs of ink all over it!
This will be available as a print, or you can purchase the original (9x12") by messaging me. :)