Child of Ice Sapphire: the name AND idea came from @leonarajourney *coughbestpersonevercough* inspired by the game Child of Light and the “inked” or “dark” skin that you can buy for Aurora! And of course, Sapphire from SU! its a nice cross over if i do say so myself! Done with Copic markers!

Good morning!
Ink sketches and a matcha latte is a very good way to start the day!

[Image Description : A picture of Kay’s desk, There’s an open moleskine sketchbook with unfinished sketches of stylized women, A copic fountain pen rests on top of it. Other pencils and pens are layed randomly on the desk. On the right, there’s is a bowl of matcha latte on a round cork placemat ]

Was at Discount Tire (America’s Tire for all my California friends) getting some new tires and ran into George Lucas’s doppelgänger!!! So naturally I had to draw him. Oh and Yoda was there too 😜
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I’ve had this mermaid sketch in my sketch book for a while now and I’ve been wanting to finish it. I finally found some time to. I’m pretty happy with the way she turned out.

I’ve also added this Mermaid Cutie to my RedBubble shop.

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