★ New speedpainting video! I hope you like it!  (๑╹v╹๑)/


Ué…? Não tem como fazer timelapse no instagram?? D: #copic #haikyuu


YOOO! So I decided to redesign my Sans! He is heavily inspired by @coulsart and @plushysins,(my senpais) this Sans is big, cuddly, and awesome! (The gloves were added cause I honestly just don’t want to draw hand bones).
I might make a height chart later but Sans is about twice as tall as Frisk and I would probably go to his chin. Asgore and Toriel will be the tallest of them all. I will also redesign all the other characters later.
So what you need to know about Sans:
*He is flirty as fudge
*Giant ass teeth (and tongue)
*He big
*Loves to cuddle
*Is kinda going crazy inside but keeps his chill around others
*Have I mention he’s big
*Has some awesome facial expressions (I have honestly never had more fun with expressions)
*Seriously he’s BIG
*I love it