Has anyone else noted that with the exception of one kiss (Cosima’s first pass at Delphine), Delphine has initiated all on-screen Cophine kisses. Either that’s Delphine’s cultural “I’m French” side showing through or Delphine takes an alpha/dominant role when it comes to relationships.

Either way, no complaints.

ok I admit this was a lame excuse for cophine kiss fest. U mad?

365 Days of Cophine Headcanons: #301 - #302

Day 301: Second Chances/Mercy (Canon)
Where would they both be without second chances? Cosima only laughs at the fact that Delphine accidentally kissed Sarah and, in retrospect, is kind of flattered to have heard, if not to have taken part, in the fact that Delphine kissed ‘her’ in the middle of a company function.

Day 302: Immortality (Canon)
One drunken night when they’re discussing literally anything that comes to mind, the topic comes up. They agree, both of them having seriously skirted death at least once, that if given the chance at immortality they would take it. For science.