I feel like Rachel is going to fall for Delphine in Season 3

I mean she’s going to change personality wise and it seems like Delphine is going to be taking care of her and you know Rachel is not used to being vulnerable and Delphine is probably going to be there for her in her fragile state and Cophine is probably breaking up and Rachel will probably remind Delphine of Cosima and omg please please please give me prophine

Clexa in Zimbio poll

Okay so maybe we’re a little behind now but don’t lose hope! We can get there!

Remember, you can vote:

  1. on your pc/laptop
  2. on your phone and other devices
  3. if you go incognito, you can vote again
  4. you can try different browsers too
  5. vote from school/library/work/wherever
  6. get your friends to vote even if they’re not into The 100
  7. vote once a day!
  8. spread the word around

I even want to ask Bellarke shippers to help us on this, this would mean a lot for the show and its recognition. That’s what we all want, right? For the show to get more fans and be more successful. If Bellarke was in a poll on its own, you bet I’d vote for them too, they’re my no.1 brotp. I want to ask SweN to help us too because we helped them before as well. Just anyone, really!

It’ll be a battle but it’s important that we don’t give up!

Vote Here!

Hi all :3 

I’m a massive fan of Agent Carter (as the majority of people following me will know) and there is a huge chance it wont be renewed :c

Theres this vote thing on E online (not that I can paste the link because yay, tumblr layout hates me) and its called save one show. You can choose from 5 to say which one you want to keep going.

So I wanted to ask all of you if you could maybe vote for Agent Carter? My otp is in the show and I feel like if the 100 or orphan black or once upon a time stopped, you’d all be really quite upset because you wouldn’t get any more scenes with your otps and stuff. So maybe if you could vote to help me keep my otp alive, that would be fab :3 

Thank you to anyone who does vote and I wish all the ships happiness.

Special thanks to ships im tagging x


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