top tier Bad Hog Headcanons:

  1. he hates being fat
  2. he had a wife and 2.5 kids (now all Tragically Dead)
  3. he was a cop
  4. he absolutely hates rat but is in it just for the money
  5. white

Cold Meat Industry 30 yr anniversary show.

A huge thank you to Oppatria on Youtube.

I hope yall are ready to meet another new troll of mine very soon, a male tealblood who is v passionate about their job as a cop
hE LOVES HIS JOB SO MUCH,, but the young man is so naive and genuinely believes he has the ability to put an end to crooked cops n bring them all to justice


he’s painfully optimistic and is convinced that he’ll be a hero someday 

venusinfursasaboy  asked:

what are some of your favourite ambient songs/bands to listen to? you have great taste...i can't stop listening to the Black Earth album you shared

Hoo, I have a lot of ambient songs and bands I can share! Unfortunately most of them can’t be found on YouTube, as the genre I’m most in to is niche and the artists either not very well known or very stringent on where their work turns up. I listen to a lot of New Age (80s / 90s) and Dark Ambient for background ambience - more that latter than the former.

For New Age my general go-tos are Kitaro, Andreas Vollenweider, and David Arkenstone. While all of these artists are still making new albums, I’m generally most invested and interested in the albums they released back in the 80s and 90s when New Age was, insofar as I remember, really big with labels like Higher Octave and Narada. Kitaro’s albums The Light of the Spirit and Mandala are personal favourites. Vollenweider’s work is very classical (he plays a mean harp), and if you enjoy the atmosphere of fantasy you’ll probably enjoy Kryptos. Arkenstone has a whole swathe of albums and his work has changed a lot over the years, it’s closer to “chill out” music now, which personally doesn’t grab my interest much. His older work has a lot of an adventurous spirit that seemed to dwindle as the 90s advanced into the 2000s. If you enjoy albums that tell a story, whether in the abstract or more literal sense, you may like Quest of the Dream Warrior and In the Wake of the Wind. Another Star in the Sky is a personal favourite and is easily the album I listen to most often out of his earlier discography.

For Dark Ambient (also known as Damnbient depending on which circles you run in, in a way), I have an… admittedly unwieldly long list of artists. The biggest name that you can run into for the genre is Lustmord, and he thankfully has a bandcamp for people to peruse. His album HERESY is generally credited with starting the genre. The Place Where The Black Stars Hang is a personal favourite, as well as the collaborative album he made with Robert Rich, Stalker. Another recurring name is Atrium Carceri, who thankfully also have a bandcamp that acts as their publishing label, Cryo Chamber. Here you’ll find a really nice collection of artists and albums. It’s hard to pick out favourites from their catalogue, as the artists are varied and their albums all unique expressions of despair, loss, and isolation - there’s a little something for everybody in there! Sephiroth (Ulf Soderberg) is also fairly well-known, some personal favourite tracks of his are Call of the Serpent, Now Night Her Course Began, Heliopolis, and The Clock of Distant Dreams.

More Dark Ambient artists and albums that I could scrounge on YouTube (mostly): In Slaughter Natives (To Mega Thereon, Angel Meat); All Hail the Transcending Ghost (with a self-titled album); Cold Meat Industry is a record label, and they have a compilation album/DVD featuring many of their artists - Two Evenings of Delightful Delicacies which sadly has no time stamps to pick out songs or tracks, if you want the name of a track or artists, just fire me an Ask with the time the song begins and I can give you the artist name and track, I have the CD version of this performance; Coph Nia (That Which Remains, Call of the Jackal, Hymn to Lucifer); Diabolous Opum is a series of six albums limited to 111 copies each with every album done by a different artist, they are incredibly hard to find even online as electronic files but if you can find them they are a highly recommended listen (personal fave albums are ACT II Abyss - Mental Self-Destruction, ACT III The Observers, ACT IV Darkness and Silence - Traumatisation and Torture of the Victim); Herbst9 (Gods Are Small Birds But I Am the Falcon, Ereškigal, Rise From Your Throne); Kammarheit (The Starwheel, Cities Last Broadcast); Nordvargr (Into the Vast Terrain); Sleep Research Facility; Toroidh (For the Fallen Ones, Hail Wermland); Troum (Grote Mandrenke); and a massive host of others.