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Kaktus København

Someone told me there was a cactus shop on Jægersborggade so popular that it bordered on suspicious. Naturally I felt this was something I had to see for myself and got on my bicycle. Ten minutes later I arrive at an empty street with no people anywhere, except for this tiny cactus shop. Inside there’s about four thousand people who clearly think they’re at the stock market for green and spikey things. I’m not really sure what’s happening but I suspect they’re money laundering for the mafia because nobody should sell that many Prickly Pears on a Sunday

Looking at clothes on online shopping sites actually makes me excited to go back so I can go shopping in Copenhagen even though I don’t want to return to uni again just yet~ TwT

On a side note, I have way too many ongoing items;;; OTL

5 Things
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five things in my bag: cardholder, iphone, tag to get in at work, vaseline, passport (i really need to fix my id)

five things in my bedroom: water bottle, potted plants, book i’m currently reading (”we are all completely beside ourselves”), laptop, handlotion 

five things i’ve wanted to do: travel the world, learn to drive, see radiohead live in concert, curate a large exhibition, make good kimchi

five things that make me happy: drinks with friends, experiencing art, sitting with your face against the sun, the soft fur of a cat belly, a nice dress

five things that i’m currently into: baking bread, babying my plants, louis’ solo success, “melodrama” by lorde, chilled rosé

five things on my to-do list: food shopping, copenhagen with sisters, prepare for hen-do, doctor’s appointment, buying dunkirk tickets

five people i’m tagging : @ificouldflymp3, @pattern-pals, @domestic-harry, @tobeakingbesideyousomehow, @louehvolution if you want to, of course!

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The Nordics each run small businesses in their home countries, so as to not get bored. It's a little hobby of theirs. Finland owns a tiny flowershop in Turku, Sweden has a bookstore in Malmö, Denmark owns a sportswear shop in Copenhagen, Norway holds up a bakery in Bergen while Iceland has a little internet coffee shop in Reykjavik. They all like to hire themselves as workers once every century or so. Sometimes they even hire each other (though that really doesn't end well, most of the times)