copenhagen art festival

Silent performance at Strøget in Copenhagen. It was most thought-provoking during the 10 minutes of heavy showers. Urban performances are not always colorful and entertaining. This urban performances increase social awareness - it engaged the social to reflect upon the seemingly lack of performance. In many ways this is a well put commentary to the many visually and performative urban spaces in western cities at the moment. Obviously the piece draws from John Cage’s 4.33. Whereas the music performance of Cage could be interpreted as questioning the institution of the concert, this performance rather engaged in issues regarding public space, our consumption of experiences and events (taking place in public) and the general need for something to happen. 


There is something in the mist that brings us closer with no words; that transports us… or… that moves us… or… that carrie us. I don’t know.

We arrived at the airport with no clue how to pronounce the name of the coin in danish nor in english. That’s how clever our brain is for those things. Anyway, we got some kroners (or if you prefer… stylish pierced coins) and went straight to the train.

With a small map, we managed to find the hotel after walking around in circles for about 30 minutes. Despite our debility, the need to enjoy the first night in Denmark was stronger than our jet lag summed up with almost 24 hours nonstop.

In that night we met the city with great impression, still not believing we were there. Lars von Trier’s city. As for Rodrigo, it was the first time outside Brazil. But not only that, we had met a few months earlier and got there because of that encounter.