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Hi Vic so I'm making a fanfiction about your amazing Elf!AU but it's not fluff.. It's angst and I got questions (I'm sorry. Please don't be mad at me!) 1.What would have happen to Phil's flower if he died? Will it die as well? 2.How will the elves do their funeral ceremony? Do they just bury it in a coffin? Put it on a boat wih lots of flowers? 3.Other than Dark and Forest elves is there any more kinds of elves? 4. How will Dan cope for his loss? 5. What era/time does the Elf AU take place?

Oh God I didn’t want this AU to be angsty D: 

1. The flower would die with him.

2. The elves would probably cremate bodies, and spread their ashes into the ground, to kinda act as compost I guess, since our bodies have a lot of essential nutrients in them (I once read a book about how kedavers are used, and there was a chapter about a “green funeral”, developed in Sweden I think, where essentially you can donate your ashes to help grow a garden). 

3. I’m not sure yet if there other types of elves. Haven’t thought that far. 

4. Dan would be extremely morose and cut-off from everyone (even more so than he usually is) for a long time. And then to remember Phil he would start taking up gardening, specifically of sunflowers. Idk I don’t want to think about this haha. 

5. Pre-industrial times. Like, a long time ago. Again I know this story lacks believability bc I haven’t really thought of specifics like that ^_^;

I want a season 2 that’s just philip and lukas dealing with their inevitable ptsd and being openly gay in a largely homophobic small town and coping with the loss of loved ones and growing and developing as a couple and as individuals..because a show doesn’t need a main villain or a overarching plot arc when you can just follow the lives of these interesting characters and their struggles and how they deal with them

You can drink too much and forget the night before but I’ve learned you can never drink enough to forget the people you’ve loved and lost.

Beau Taplin || A most unfortunate truth. (x)

Okay, let’s remember that it was Isabelle who pointed out to Clary the importance of training, who orchestrated that scene to give her advice, and who gave her the idea that “to know your enemy, you must become your enemy (based on Sun Tzu’s Art of War). They’re a really good team, but it’s also important to emphasize how much Isabelle has been helping Clary from the start. Helping her adjust to the shadowhunter’s world, coping with the loss of normalcy, supporting her plans and ideas (even at the cost of her own safety or reputation), arguing with her brothers (Jace and Alec) for her, and more. 

Give Isabelle Lightwood credit where credit is due, and acknowledge just how much she loves Clary, and that without Izzy’s love for her, Clary would not have adjusted so well to this world. 

A million words won’t bring you back,
I know because I tried.
Neither would a million tears,
I know because I cried.
Okay we all love the LGBT+ representation in YOI, but also

what gets talked about less is its representation of mental illness!! Yuuri’s anxiety, JJ’s anxiety. Yuuri’s depression. Viktor’s anxieties about being a coach.

They’re all treated as normal, human emotions and human beings for feeling those emotions???  Yuuri being depressed and binge eating to cope with it over the loss of his dog and then the loss of the GPF . Yuuri having self confidence issues and Yuuri talking about it frankly with Viktor in episode , but also Viktor not being the cure-all for Yuuri’s anxiety, but that he tries desperately to help him with it.

AND JJ IN EPISODE 11. Holy shit. The fact that they took this superhuman skating beast and made him ~human~. That he fumbled his performance because of anxiety the same way Yuuri has in the past. That the pressure gets to him too. And his supportive fiance GOD BLESS HER. And the audience still singing and clapping along with tears streaming down their faces, and JJ recovering in the end with the “It’s JJ style!”

And never ONCE does this show make fun of/belittle/treat like it’s crazy any of this mental illness stuff. 

I’m so fucking proud of this show. As someone who is LGBT+ and suffers from mental illness, this is the most meaningful Christmas gift I could have been given. Kubo-sensei, on behalf of myself and everyone like me…thank you. Thank you so much.


Advice from Princess Eleanor on Getting Over a Painful Break-Up by Going Through the Four Stages of Grief:

1) Cry* to Cute Boy you’ve had warming up in the bullpen for hours/weeks/years.

2) Weave into the crying: laughing, being wacky, being serious (just a bit!) and a couple of secret sure-fire moves from your Flirtation Arsenal.

3) Buy a lot of clothes, earrings, shoes and fishnet anklets.

4) Have the appropriate minion signal Cute Boy in the bullpen that it’s time for him to take the mound.

The Royals - S03E8: “In the Same Figure, Like the King That’s Dead

*When you cry, make sure it’s that “but I really don’t need anyone” kind of way, so he can can conclude that he, and only he, can help you.

Though I held in my hand, the key to all joy
Honey my heart was not born to be tamed.
So goodbye, so long, the road calls me dear
And your tears cannot bind me anymore,
And farewell to the girl with the sun in her eyes
Can I kiss you, and then I’ll be gone.

In my personal narrative, MacCready copes with the loss of his wife by telling people that she left him. He still loves her, desperately, and can never let her go. When Darius and Hancock welcome him into their relationship, he discovers within himself that he can continue to love her. But that doesn’t mean that he cannot move forward with his life, and find further happiness. Allowing himself to embrace new horizons, he frees his heart from Lucy’s shackles, forever remembering her, cherishing her, but knowing she’ll never come back.

I’m writing a fic concerning this, it’s about halfway done. :’D

“I want that planet to DIE.”

Yellow Diamond copes with loss through erasure. She believes that all Rose Quartzes should be destroyed, and that Earth-born gems shouldn’t be kept around just for sentimental reasons. Yellow Diamond wants to destroy everything that reminds her of Homeworld’s loss. 

She didn’t wanna hear Peridot’s plans for Earth just because of the cluster. She wanted to destroy the Earth out of grief.

tree asks
  • ash: would you sacrifice yourself for a stranger?
  • bonsai: are you easily impacted by the feelings of others?
  • birch: how do you cope with loss?
  • cedar: do you feel like anyone's protecting you?
  • elder: if you had a fairy godmother, what would you ask her for?
  • fir: how long do you want to live for?
  • heather: do you believe friendship must be earned?
  • holly: what makes you angry?
  • juniper: are you easily pressured into doing things you feel uncomfortable with?
  • maple: if you could have one magic ability, what would it be?
  • oak: what element do you feel the most power over?
  • pine: list your favorite holidays
  • redwood: do you respect your elders?
  • wisteria: are you romantic?
  • willow: what was the last dream you had?

Honestly I think there’s little chance of Makkachokechin actually dying, because it’s kinda pointless plotwise.

They needed him very sick to give Victor a good excuse to leave Yuri’s side at such a critical moment that meant nothing bad about their relationship. They needed Yuri away from Victor so that he (along with Yurio) could learn to deal with love and support that wasn’t physically by his side. All of that was achieved just by his trip to the vet.

Makkachin actually dying doesn’t add anything to the narrative as far as I can see…unless they want to open a subplot of Yuri helping Victor cope with the huge loss, but with 3 episodes left I think that’s unlikely.

So while it’s not impossible that they kill another poodle, I don’t think it’s the most likely scenario.

TAZ Lady Week - Day 4:  Canon divergence - what would you do differently?

in the best way possible is a fucking phenomenal piece of fiction and it’s how i cope with the loss (also like real people do by hozier is my song for this fic)