cope thunder


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“I don’t think he likes me very much.”  Haru’s blue eyes studied the cat sprawled in Mako’s lap.  It was a stray that had somehow found it’s way to the balcony of Mako’s third floor apartment one night a few weeks ago.  Its reddish brown fur was surprisingly sleek looking for a stray and Haru wondered if it wasn’t just someone’s house cat playing hooky and out for an adventure.  “It is a he, right?”  As if in response to his question the cat flipped onto his back displaying to Haru and Mako that he was, very much, all male.  When Mako dropped his hand onto the cat’s stomach with a quiet laugh and gave a gentle rub Haru would have sworn the cat gave him a triumphant look.  He looked away with a quiet huff and stood up.  “Not like I care.  I’m not much of a cat person anyway.”

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