this was totally a practice piece to experiment with digital speedpaints. I have now changed the obs recording settings to save to mp4, unfortunately only after i made a large recording that saved in flv and is too big to convert for free ( i aint payin no 16 dallas). So unfortunetly, even though i recorded the whole process, i only managed to provide this snipit of the progress for this tester

(total practice piece, not my best >_>;;)

recently wanted to try my hand at drawing a bit more realistically, so naturally i had to practice on this beautiful man 🙏 ohm face reveal confirmed u guys


v good documentary on nazism and art censorship 

the real question: who wrote the message

I fell out with a nigga cuz he said I was “self-absorbed”….

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I’ve given my ALL to a nigga before and learned a whole lesson, so that’s honestly the best fucking thing I’ve heard all year. It means growth. Stepping into my purpose: ME!!!! I wanted to yell in Dave Chapelle’s voice: It’s on PURPOSE nigga!! It’s on PURPOSE!!!!! 

He still called the MINUTE I was off the clock from work though. Three times. Texted me saying he “didn’t mean it” psh the fuck

Nah I’m good lmfao

Take that lil ego swerve you tried to pull and crash into the ditch you shoulda been diggin instead of tryna dig holes in MY self-esteem/self-worth nigga. 


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