copacabana palace

TIMELESS – For a woman having just entered her thirties, Jenna (and, by extension, Clara) certainly seems to be a product of the past. Her taste in music & movies appears to reflect this. Case in point:

While in Germany, Jenna and Peter discussed who they would most like to meet in all of time and space. Peter wants to meet the artist Vermeer. Jenna said she would most like to meet Cleopatra. She’d like to make the Queen of the Nile her BFF. She must be serious because she even went to a costume party dressed as her.

During the interview in Germany, Peter and Jenna stayed very much in character and began talking about the wonderful concerts they could go to.  “We could go to a Frank Sinatra concert”, Jenna said.  “We could do that. Which period Frank would you like to see?”, Peter asked. “We could go to the Copacabana Palace in Rio”.  "That would be great".

Or we could go see Elvis in Vegas”, Peter said. “See this is the problem when you have all of time and space”, Jenna said. “We could go to all the best concerts”.  "We could go see Mozart and see what he was like".

Like I said…TIMELESS.

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Although jealous Gail is one of my favorite tropes, and I know that one of the key things about Holly is that she doesn't do drama, I really want to read a jealous Holly fic. Kinda like, Gail, who does do drama and how amirite :) deliberately trying stuff just to see what would make Holly jealous. Grand gestures - flirting with others, or making insinuations etc - doesn't do it but something fairly innocuous - like off-handedly calling someone else a 'nerd' - and hello, green eyes :)

Hi Friend!  This prompt took me a bit of time to get right.  I hope you like it.


Gail was as blunt as they came; whatever she was thinking she was saying, often times with amazing clarity and even if it came with enough bite to require anti-venom.  Her girlfriend, however, was as diplomatic as they came.  Holly didn’t like to cause confrontation unless it was necessary, preferring to use her words or let things slide. 

Except when it came to her blonde, cop girlfriend.    

Holly tried her best not to let her jealousy rear its ugly head, but she was incredibly territorial when it came to the people she loved and how others treated them.  Holly’s moments of jealousy didn’t bother the blonde.  There was nothing that turned Gail on more than a growling Holly trying hard to curb her jealousy, but falling short and instead aggressively claiming the blonde as her own.  The sex was always fantastic afterward.

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