One Basket

Interrogator: Ready to talk?
Accused: I’m not talking until I get a lawyer.
Interrogator: There aren’t any left. You’re accused of killing every lawyer in the world.
Accused: Then I guess we’re at a standstill, aren’t we?
Interrogator: Yes, but not for long.
Accused: What?
Interrogator: Several law school grads are taking the bar exam as we speak. At least one will become a lawyer any second now. Then you’re cooked.
Accused: Maybe.
Police Chief: Sorry to burst in, but every bar exam testing facility just exploded, killing everyone inside.
Accused: Or maybe not.
Interrogator: Damn it!
Accused: Guess we’re still at a standstill.
Interrogator: Or are we? Sure, no HUMAN lawyers are alive, but you never thought the law system would put all of its chickens in one basket do you?
Accused: …huh?
Interrogator: No, we made sure one chicken was out of the basket. BRING HIM IN!
Chicken Lawyer: BAWK!!!
Accused: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!


Hello! Happy new year! Oh, also, here’s this new animation I made.

Ok, seeyah :3