Cops Seize College Kid’s Savings for No Reason: 5 Outrageous Cases of Asset Forfeiture

Police departments often abuse this power to grab all sorts of things — even from people who are never charged.

Asset forfeiture is a police procedure whereby local police departments can confiscate the property of Americans if they can make a case that the property is essential to criminal activity. You would think such power would be limited to items such as firearms or other dangerous materials, but police departments often abuse this power to grab all sorts of things — even from people who are never charged with a crime. Here are five crazy cases.

1. Seizing the Life Savings Of a 24-Year-Old: In 2014, a college student named Charles Clarke was traveling through Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport when he was accused of having his bag smell like marijuana. Police then went on to seize the $11,000 found within it, accusing him of having done a drug deal to get the money. 13 different departments are now trying to gain control of the money seized from Clarke, although he was never convicted of a crime (there were no drugs in his bag).

2. Confiscating $75,000 From A Budding Restauranteur: A 55-year old Chinese American from Georgia was traveling in Alabama when police seized $75,000 he had raised from his relatives to open a new Chinese restaurant. After ten months of legal battles, he was able to get the money back, but he was set back by his own legal fees.

3. Taking Everything From A Cancer Patient: Police in Michigan busted into Thomas Williams’ home, accusing him of dealing marijuana – he wasn’t, but as a cancer patient, he was legally allowed to cultivate his own. Police took $11,000, his car, his shotgun, and other belongings and a year later he was still fighting to get them back.

4. Snatch And Grab From Poker Players: Two poker players driving in Iowa had $100,000 taken from them by Iowa police. The encounter with police led to one indictment for possessing drug paraphernalia. There was no hard and fast evidence that the money seized was at all related to any drug crime.

5. Decimating A Nail Salon Owner’s Life Savings: Vu Do, a man who owns two nail salons in New York City, had $44,000, his life savings, taken from himby the Drug Enforcement Agency while he was at JFK Airport. He had planned to take the money to California to help his family. He didn’t receive even a citation before having his money taken from him, which makes the government’s case that he may have been drug dealing all the more bizarre.

Abuses have become common enough to where two states have banned civil asset forfeiture altogether while the federal government has started to limit its own use of the procedure.                    /source/

If a group of civilians run into a home with guns at take what they want, it is armed burglary.
If a group of armed people with badges run into a home and take what they want, and maybe fill out a little bit of paperwork it is “civil forfeiture”.
It seems more and more the that police are acting as nothing more than the most well organized and armed gang in America. Besides the fact that they are killing us one by one on a daily basis, they are also stealing our money and property. It turns out those whom we should call when someone tryna kill or rob us, come on their own. They come to steal and kill. The police state is really scary shit.

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According to an investigation conducted by Dana Liebelson, there are currently 6,000 children throughout the Land of the Free currently being held in prison facilities for adults.

In her alarming report, Liebelson outlines the details of several cases of horrific abuse of children within the US Prison System. She was even able to obtain video of a young girl being held down in what looked more like a scene from a Quentin Tarantino movie than America’s rehabilitation process.

The girl in the video below is a minor; her name is Jamie. Because her mom was addicted to crack, Jamie lived with a close family friend. In 2011, Jamie and that friend got into an argument. Police were called, and Jamie was arrested for attempting to break back into the house she lived in with a brick.

Jamie was sentenced to two concurrent six-month sentences for assault and destruction of a building. She was thrown into a prison for adults. Meanwhile, a cop of 30 years pleads guilty to raping a 5-year-old, and he’s not sentenced to one day in jail. 

On a video a half dozen militarized prison guards rushed Jamie’s cell, dragged her out into a hallway where chemical agents were still lingering from another ‘cell extraction.’ The chemicals immediately hindered Jamie’s breathing.

As she began coughing, officers shoved a spit guard over her face, this hindered her breathing even further. You can read more and watch the original video here.

‘And don’t you love the fact that all we see these days on these bastards is masks. They wouldn’t want to know that these assholes are living next to you. their children going to your’s schools. Doing business with you. Going to your churches, as Good Christians do. Try to find there names and you’ll be stopped by their unions and the politicians that kowtow to them’. Many of you think that all these stories are so far removed from your reality that you will never take part in such a case. I sincerely hope so. Unfortunately, practice shows that cops often make monstrous mistakes, quite often suspects and accused are those who have never been even close to the crime. We gotta understand that the law enforcement system is everywhere in America, and any citizen can become a victim of it. 

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