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Okay, but what if Jack is a hard-bitten old-guard sergeant (and mentor) in Winnie & Lee's precinct who suspects that Captain Reyes- a recent transfer- is on the take from Talon? And so he decides to go undercover as a corrupt cop, and is unfortunately recruited as a soldier in the wrong outfit? And what if Reyes is /also/ really suspicious, and assigns W&L to investigate their serge?

This almost sounds like infernal affairs and I love it
Jessica Chastain Boards ‘Painkiller Jane’ For Lotus Entertainment & Solipsist Films
EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Chastain is set to star in and produce Painkiller Jane, from the self-titled graphic novel series written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada. Chastain, no stranger to playing tou…
By Diana Lodderhose

“Chastain, no stranger to playing tough female roles, will play Jane Vasko, a New York City street cop who gets recruited by the FBI to infiltrate a major NYC drug and human trafficking ring. In a near death experience, Jane develops exceptional regenerative abilities that give her a unique indestructible advantage. With nothing to live for and no way to die, Painkiller Jane becomes an unstoppable force of nature seeking revenge to those who destroyed her life as she leaves a path of death and destruction in her wake.”

Team Voltron Buddy Cop AU for all your team voltron buddy cop au needs:

  • Our new recruits, fresh from the academy & ready to kick some butt: Lance, Keith, Pidge, & Hunk
  • Both Hunk & Lance joined because they both have always dreamed of being police officers. But if you ask Lance, he’ll come up with some tragic backstory, fake tears & all, that he totally ripped from a movie. A sad story gets all the chicks (it actually doesn’t)
  • Pidge joined because her father & brother were both kidnapped some years ago, but the case was never solved. She suspects some shady activity & back-room deals are behind tge reason why her family was never found, but there wasn’t much she could figure out on her own.
  • Keith will never give anyone a straight answer about why he joined. He’s like that one chef from Ratatouille – his story changes every time. Lance is convinced Keith is just screwing around with everyone.
  • Shiro is the team’s sergeant. He fought in the war, but the problem is that he can’t remember which war. He has the qualifications to be of much higher rank, but he opted to remain a sergeant for his own mental health. Yes, he still has his cybernetic arm.
  • Allura is the police commissioner. She far outranks everyone in our team, but does that stop her from spending a lot of time with the team? Nope. It helps that they’re in the same building.
  • Nobody really knows why she likes to spend so much time with the team. The most commonly (& non-romantic) believed story is that they remind her of the team she was in when she was no more than a beat cop.
  • Coran is Allura’s assistant commissioner. Everyone else is pretty sure he’s actually just her secretary, though.
  • Wanna know who definitely doesn’t get along in this AU? Keith and Lance. So of course Shiro assigns them to a lot of cases together. Neither Keith nor Lance will ever admit it, but they have actually bonded on a number of cases. Whenever Pidge is on a case with them, she makes sure to get photographic proof.
  • Hunk is basically the glue that holds everyone together. Mostly, it’s because he brings all the good food that sustains everyone throughout the day.
  • Galra is the mafia, of course. They’ve been around for ages, since long before Allura’s time. What is most frightening about them is the speed at which they dominate any and all crime communities in the city. Some people in the station are convinced that the leader, Zarkon, is immortal, since he never seems to actually die (it doesn’t help that they have 80+ old newspapers featuring pictures of him, and he hasn’t changed a bit)
  • In case you’re wondering, yes, everyone on the team has named their cars/bikes.
  • Pidge also has a really bad tendency of modifying their rides on a random, but regular, basis. Keith never knew he needed a bike that can shoot fire, but there it is.
  • Pidge totally does the Twin Peaks thing and talks to her tape recorder like it’s a real, living thing. She named it Rover.


Erik has spent the last ten years as Sebastian Shaw’s inside man in the NYPD, feeding information to the city’s most notorious mobster. Charles is an undercover cop on Shaw’s payroll, recruited for the job by Captain Moira MacTaggart when he was still in the Academy.

When Shaw and MacTaggart both realize that there’s a traitor in their midst, it becomes a race against time for Erik and Charles to uncover the other person’s identity. Little do they realize that they’ve met one another before, their brief and intense love affair cut short by conflicting loyalties and the lies they both live…


The 2nd of my ‘favorite Asian movie au’s’ trifecta, for @ang3lsh1 and @kageillusionz.

1. Happy Together
2. Infernal Affairs
3. In the Mood For Love

Gif source: kendaspntwd, starrose17
Marvel: Make a Falcon/Winter Soldier Buddy Cop Movie
As soon I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I knew right away that Sebastian Stand and Anthony Mackie gave their best performances to the beloved characters Winter Soldier and the Falcon. What I didn't know is how well the actors get along offset. I have seen many interviews promoting the movie...

I just found out that there was a petition to make a Sebastian Stan/ Anthony Mackie Movie!

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  • Harry: Zoom's going to come through that portal.
  • Harry: He's going to kill all the cops.
  • Harry: He's going to recruit all the evil metas.
  • Harry: He's going to take over the world if Barry can't stop him.
  • Zoom: *comes through the portal*
  • Zoom: *kills all the cops*
  • Zoom: *recruits all the evil metas*
  • Zoom: Lol, I'm going to take over the world and Barry can't stop me!
  • Fans: Why does Harry have to be so NEGATIVE and such a PESSIMIST all the time???
  • Me: *facepalm*

New order arrived. Looks like my 3DS library will start to grow nicely. Out of these games, word on the street say Legend of Kay [Nintendo DS) has been given high praise.

Your reminder that Vin Diesel got into acting after he and a group of buddies broke into an NYC theater at night to vandalize it and were caught by the theater’s artistic director, who instead of calling the cops recruited the kids for the play she was casting

He is a living example of the arts as an alternative to crime I can’t deal with it