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Halloween Karaoke! 

-Lena as Morgana Pendragon (Casting joke, refuses to sing) 

-James and Winn as Batman and Robin, Lyra joins later as Catwoman (They sing I need a hero)

-Maggie and Alex as Cop and Leather clad stud (They sing Macho Man together, when people start wondering where they are)

-Jonn and Megan are as their earth self (Barry White song for J’onn)

-Kara dressed up in the black suit she had when she was under RedK influence, everyone is scared as shit when she shows up. (She remains in character and sings a slightly altered version of Hellfire to/for Lena) 


Alright so I was three episodes behind but I just caught up tonight. And bRuH

Ok so I love Love LOVE how Max turned the Suzie Boreton shit on its head in the book club meeting. All the previous episodes to that had Suzie as a classic woe is me victim type and sure, her life was kinda shitty but she was a high school Queen fell down low. She was a shitty mean girls mean girl who fucked up her own life. I guess this makes it easier to dislike her for joining the mage and trying to kill Dirk.

Also in Two Broken Fingers (I’m pretty sure), I love Todd comforting his friendos by doing funny accents and voices. See: pretending to be stereotypical stud cop to distract Farah from her anxiety over not having earned her uniform and cheering up Dirk with his british accent attempt.

Also also YAs Rowdy 3 Reunion!! And then that previous episode scene with the Todd + Amanda pararibulitus connection? I read a book like this where the person was dying/had a disease but in the other world they were powerful/had abilities. Is it just Amanda or will Todd have powers in Wendimoor too?

And Fate and Chance and Free Will. Important important things here to this season I know it. Bart didn’t follow the universe’s will and let Suzie live and now she’s the mage’s apprentice and trying to kill Dirk. Dirk tried to take charge but instead the universe led him to the house within the house and they found Arnold Cardenas. And Dirk is trying to control his actions because he’s finally found friends and he doesn’t want any of them to die but the universe won’t let him and they’re still in dangerous dangerous situations.

Also Farah and Todd?? I know that scene with Tina was kind of a classic “oh no! We’re not together!” thing and then am I correct in after the chillax spell Farah said her and Todd made out? But have they since? Are they still a thing? I’m a Brotzly fan but I’m here for them. Like a post I reblogged earlier, it’s important to have strong and emotionally open male relationships that aren’t romantic and there already is LGBT+ representation in the show.


As an aside, the tabloid makes a big deal about calling Swift “boy crazy” in its article, but the reality is she’s only dated two men in the past four and a half years. Far be it from Gossip Cop to call the reference sexist; however, there are stars like Justin Bieber, who’s been romantically linked to loads of women this past year alone, and no one calls him names, except for maybe “stud.”
—  (Gossip Cop)
ClubFR DDay51

This was probably the most fun DDay I’ve been too. With each passing trip to this track, I try to do something different with my photo style to keep things fresh. My intentions were to focus more on the drivers and their machines the most. I had many vantage point ideas that I wanted to try out, but after the track went hot for the second time that day, I figured that I wanted to take part in ride alongs and shoot within those to get something different.

In the past two trips up north, I’ve attached my D7000 via suction cup to a willing car to capture something cool. The possibility for achieving what I want is there, but I think I bought the wrong cup for now. I’m currently using the Manfrotto 241V which has a pole coming out of it. That pole is hindering how I can mount the camera. The 241FB (I think) comes with the cup and a stud to put a tripod head onto, and that would be perfect! I could use the two for better stability I suppose. Another thing is getting a true wireless trigger. I own a Nikon infrared remote, but it needs to be facing the front of the camera to work and that’s not possible when the camera is facing away from me. I typically use a wired remote but that only has a meters reach and I can’t do much with that. Pocket Wizard makes some neat products that I might end up getting before Final Bout II.

Anyways, thank you to Mike, Josh, Ilia, and Phil for the rad ride alongs! I rode with Mike (Moonlighter) the most and his period correct car and driving style was a blast to experience. Even though he’s pushing a stock KA, that thing rips! Josh is the craziest driver I have experience. Coming up on top of the hill by the bleachers on the advanced track, he would just drop the frame on rumble strip and gave zero fucks. The aggressiveness within his driving style was jaw dropping. Ilia, even though he almost ran me over, pushed his Cressida to the limit. His clutch kicks are actual full force kicks and its so entertaining to witness, in a good way. And Phil has truly mastered his FR-S. He and that car are one. There is so much going on in the cockpit when he is behind the wheel, and there is not a single second when his hands or feet are not doing something. Kudos to everyone.

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Grab your cans cause we’re runnin’ down the hatch
Hidin’ from trains trippin’ over tracks
Runnin’ from the law just for a cause
Youth run wild man go and get yours
Rollin’ thunder writers inks no crime
Never pay the fare man fuck the one time
Bombin’ Coney Island how about Brighton
Just a little dude in the midst of mothafuckin’ giants
Here to bomb the system so you’ll recognize
All around kings Lordz of Brooklyn in the house

mako falling in love with a cute air acolyte librarian is cool

but what about mako falling in love with a mysteriously cool triad member

what if the librarian was once a morally ambiguous triad member until they change their ways and joined the acolytes