cop smoking weed

witchcraft is googling...

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Why does sage smell like weed?

What do I do if I get pulled over after burning sage in my car and a cop thinks I smoked weed?

Meanings of my astrology sign?

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Meaning of my birth stone?

What is my birth stone?

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What does misc stone mean?


Ex-Cops Smoking Weed Teaser Trailer

Hahahahaha, too funny. That guys smile.

Seriously if a murderer, in their confession, states “I killed them because they were black” then it is a hate crime

If you hear someone say “Oh gosh I can’t date korean people they aren’t attractive at all because *insert feature usually associated with their race*” they are racist

If a cop gives white kids smoking weed on private property a stern warning and hauls a group of black kids doing the exact same thing those cops are racist

If you report domestic violence on a white girl but not a native girl you are racist

Like there is no arguing it, no defending yourself, no redeeming the shitty flesh sack you are. I don’t care how many animals you have fostered or how much of your money goes to some ableist or racist charity foundation you are a sick scumbag and if you died I wouldn’t even care