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For my drug friends...


Be careful you guys…I hate saying this but I used to be a cop & they’re sneaky sons of bitches. I was told VERBATIM: “anything is probable cause”. ANYTHING. So if they have a feeling something is wrong, boom. Probable cause.

If you post videos of yourself doing drugs WITH YOUR FACE OR INSIDE YOUR HOME OR ANYPLACE ABLE TO BE INDENTIFIED, you are at risk!!!! If you get caught & they end up looking at your internet history & social media sites, this will confirm drug usage. A warrant is possible for this.

Please be careful everyone!

Even marijuana can be dangerous. Make sure you know your laws of your state!

(This applies of USA only).

okay I gotta talk while privilege for a sec like I’m baffled. I went to the beach today for the evening for fireworks, I brought a lot of joints to smoke throughout the evening because I didn’t want to risk damaging my Pax. I was fully prepared to have officers speak to me, and have me show my licence and all this, as there’s always cops patrolling everywhere shutting down fireworks/drinking/smoking. Literally like over 70 cops passed me fully smoking weed, no one even gave a second glance. There was a group of ethnic people nearby smoking some hookah, the cops swarmed them to make sure it was tobacco, smelling the smoke, all that. Meanwhile I’m right beside them smoking weed, not one cop stopped. Like I’ve never felt such intense white privilege??? Literally wtf