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Fact: The first Pride was a riot. On June 28, 1969, the police were raiding a gay bar in New York called the Stonewall Inn. They were harassing people, arresting them, humiliating them and invading their space to be a community. They raided gay bars and made arrests regularly. But June 28 was different.

People were gathering outside to watch the arrests. Marsha P. Johnson, a Black trans woman, was at the Stonewall Inn celebrating her birthday. And I guess she must have had enough, because when they came for her, she said, “I got my civil rights!” and threw a shot glass against the mirror. Others joined her. They shouted, they threw bottles and bricks, and they drove the harassing cops out. They rioted for six days and the police failed to stop them. There were drag queens, QPOC, butch lesbians, sex workers, feminine gay men, queer people and gender nonconforming people of every description. All unified in a wider community of people who were marginalized by straight and cis society, people who were resisting those who kept them down.

And the next year, activists organized a remembrance on the one year anniversary. They came back together again and again, year after year. Forty-eight years later we are still coming back together. It is a celebration of what we have fought for and accomplished, both individually and collectively. But it is also a reminder of the diverse community we belong to, the people we must uplift and support and fight alongside all year long.

No, but a spin off of Shadowhunters named ‘Keeping up with Downworlders’.
• Raphael bickering with whoever is available maybe it be Ragnor, Catarina, Dot, Simon or even Luke

• he tries it with Magnus too. But Magnus just rolls his eyes and takes a sip of the cocktail ever present in his hand

• totally follows Luke’s day job as a cop. Wherein he pretends to be on The Office and looks straight at the camera whenever his colleagues do something stupid

• features random ass band performances by Simon and his band

• guests appearances by Clary, Jace and the rest of shadowhunters while they are asking for help. Cue both Luke and Magnus looking at the camera.

• features a shit ton of domestic Malec being their usual cute and touchy feely self. Jace bets that they can’t kiss more than 10 times in a episode. So an entire episode is dedicated solely to the two kissing their asses off.

• Meliorn and Raphael totally had a stand off one episode and it ended with both of them swearing never to go near another shadowhunter ever again.

•also Raphael and Simon totally try to out cute Malec at one point. Everyone is like ?? They are dating? To which Raphael promptly grabs Simon and kisses the shit out of him

•also entire 10 mins every episode dedicated to Maia, and her day job as a bartender in which she gets a shit ton of customers including mundies. Featuring her sassing the people especially Jace

• also on popular demand entire episode dedicated to Simon showing Jace how to drive, while Raphael sulks in the backseat and Magnus rolls his eyes


rebelcaptain appreciation week || day Four: AU of your choice

↳ childhood friends meet again

Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor had always been opposites, even as children. Jyn was the good girl with the stable family. Cassian was the boy without a home, whose best friend was trouble. But then they met one another, and something about that worked. They were each other’s anchors; the missing puzzle piece.

When Jyn goes away to college, she promises him that she’ll keep in touch, but during her sophomore year her calls and emails become less frequent until they stop completely. But by then, Cassian has found his own footing. He goes to the academy and becomes a police detective. And even though he thinks about her sometimes (everyday), he makes new friends; he makes a family out of them. But then one night, he is called investigate a breaking and entering in a gated community. What he finds there is that the burglar is still on the scene, and that burglar is one Jyn Erso, naked and drunk and in the swimming pool, the stolen jewelry still on her fingers.

He should take her to jail and charge her but against his own better judgment, he puts his blazer on her and books her into a motel room for the night. She asks him to stay a while; she wants to explain herself; explain her absence, but then one thing leads to another, and a friendly touch leads to a less friendly kiss leads to them tumbling into bed and making the walls shake.

It would be easy to write it off as him getting revenge for her silence or her trying to weasel her way out of an arrest, but it doesn’t explain the way he can’t stop looking at her. It doesn’t make sense the way she says his name or that come morning, she is still wrapped up in his arms.

Because maybe the only answer was the one that went along with the question they were always afraid to ask one another: Was the love they had for each other all those years simply platonic? Or had it always been something more, and they had just been too afraid to ask?

Also Nedley justifying Nicole’s mundane work as a small town cop is the most precious and important moment in the episode. Since day 1 all Nicole has wanted was to feel important and like she had a role to play in this little town. And Nedley just showed her that she has been playing it all along, that her role is what’s going to keep purgatory functioning. Also this gives Nicole her own narrative apart from just being Waverly’s girlfriend.

Side note: Nedley also confirmed that Nicole is an excellent (and highly sought after) deputy. But I’m sure we all knew that with her ‘sees all knows all’ attitude.

BS Medical Tropes that Need to Die, 2/? : Making People Unconscious

For Part 1 of the BS Medical Tropes series, click here!

So I got an ask the other night about a character choosing not to kill people, but knocks them out with blows to the head instead. And it’s not an unreasonable thing for writers to think is legitimate. In fact, in fiction, there are dozens of ways to produce unconsciousness! A sharp hit to the head; a sedative drug injected right into the neck, bro!, or even Darkly Dreaming Dexter with his special horse paralytic.

Hell, on Person of Interest the main characters routinely produce unconscious enemy combatants by shooting them in the @$#RY)G!@#% knees

Here’s the thing: Every single one of those is complete bullshit.

Poppycock. Nincompoopery. Asscrap. And you’d realize that it’s a crock of crap if you thought about it this way for even half a minute:

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