cop dave

davekat ficlet

i heard it was a special boy’s wriggling day, so i wrote some fluffy popstar AU nonsense. set in this fic’s universe, but you don’t really need much context. 

sfw, about 600 words 

You prefer Dave’s apartment to your own. No big fucking surprise there, seeing as he lives in an uptown penthouse and your dingy little two-room walk-up barely has enough space for you and the roaches. But it’s not just because Casa del Strider (as he insists on calling it) is bigger and glitzier than yours. It actually feels like a place people are living, instead of just using to park their meat sack overnight.


 You stub every toe on a blocky chunk of machinery as soon as you walk in the door. You’re a little too tipsy for it to hurt much, but it made a really loud noise.

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What's your strongest memory attached to a song by The Killers?

Wildflower - by Dogman707

And if by chance that I should hold her
Let me hold her for a time
And if allowed just one possession
I would pick her from the garden to be mine
 - Lyrics from the song “Wildflower” performed by Skylark. It’s from a poem written by  Dave “the Cop” Richardson a Canadian police officer for his girlfriend. 

#5: everyone is like okay guys. this is our one chance. on this day we have implicit permission to be as sappy as we want and they can’t say SHIT load it all up. all of it. every emotion. they are trapped in a prison of our well wishes. 

everyone gives speeches. some are better than others and karkat is totally wrecked by every single one because he’s a sappy piece of shit but dave holds it together until rose who expertly snaps his emotions over her knee and then john follows up with the KO blow. Dirk goes last and walks up to this smoking emotions crater and just gives dave a thumbs up, roxy is like holy shit is that your entire speech you fucking cheating cop-out nerd and dave is like oh…. thank god

In honor of Daves birthday i thought I would take a look back on my dave cosplay,

Ha for me dave is a special charater to my heart, he was my second homestuck cosplay and now hes become more than that to me.

I started cosplaying dave may 26 2013 At phoenix comic con.
PCC was my first big con I ever went to,hell I still consider it the best convention ive ever when to.

A few weeks before con i decided that i should start reading homestuck, that same day that i started reading homestuck I started on my karkat cosplay,
Now heres the funny part, I swore I would never cosplay dave strider because at the time I thought “He was over cosplayed” and i wanted to be “unique” ( ha adelle you idiot)
A week before the con i told my friend that i was going to cosplay dave Ironically ( shut up i was like 14 ) I ordered a red and white shirt and made a few props ( timetables,Syladex card and a bottle of apple juice)
I got a shitty party city wig and packed for con

the second day of the con i cosplayed dave

After that con I couldn’t stop cosplayig Dave, I just felt so connected to him.
After then i started to cosplay him more ( out in public and on a regular basis.
At the time he was my most worn cosplay.
I Alto at some point i decided to step up my cosplay and get a new wig.
And the first thing i did when i got that new wig was cosplay davekat ( wow im a dweeb)
Then school rolled around, and i got the bright idea to make a god tier dave cosplay and wear it to my new school,on the first day.
I actually had a really good first day of school and made friends with the nerds quite quickly.

A few days later I decided to have an actual photo shoot for my god tier dave cosplay.

About a week later i got my dave shirt in and decided to mimic a picture of dave i saw, for me this was my first semi reveling cosplay and i was terrified to do it, It took me 3 hours to get the gut s to post it, And when I finally did It spread like wildfire.

I was shocked, But confident.
At some point i found a dress at good will and got this bright idea,

( I still have that dress)
My friends asked me to go to the moutians with them because that was the only place it snowed in Arizona.
And I got the idea to go as god tier dave.

Christmas time! ( I was dave on Christmas eve and day )

And now New years, I wanted to bring in the new year as dave. To me dave was my altar ego and for the new year i wanted to embrace him more.

After then i started casually dressing as him to school and such, I almost cosplayed him weekly.

Weird, yes but from about 2 months of doing that i did try out a few makeup styles and stuff and somehow during that time i improved my dave cosplay, the day rolled around when i decided to do and actual dave strider makeup test and i was More than happy with the results.

I compared it to my first dave cosplay

Month or two later I went to Texas to visit my best friend and brought my dave cosplay along ( its only suitable to cosplay dave in Texas. I couldn’t pass that opportunity up!)

That is still one of my favorite dave pictures to this day!
I started cosplaying dave a little less and doing other cosplays
(Alto, I was still Dave for the 4th of july.)
As time went on i cosplayed dave here and there

Ive  done a few different versions of dave,

Deer Dave :
Cop dave :Winged God Tier Dave:
At some point I was maid dave too.

But in all Dave is my favorite cosplay, to me he is my other half. When I cosplay dave I can be myself as.
Im glad I made that ironic decision and decided to cosplay him. Ive had great adventures while I was him. And i cant wait to have more.
Happy birthday Dave, Happy birthday you dork.


Well today I watched the funeral for the 3 slain RCMP officers.. I’m glad I was home alone because I cried like a baby. Seeing the family members.. 5 little kids and one on the way.. none of them old enough to really know exactly what was going on. Listening to the coworkers and family members of the fallen give their eulogies with their wavering voices just broke my heart. Members of police departments form across North America and even some of Europe were in attendance today.. I think that is amazing, and really shows the brotherhood and sisterhood that this profession creates. Even the non-human brothers.. Constable Dave Ross’ partner Danny, the German Shepard cried and whimpered through parts of the ceremony as he sat by his partners casket and jumped up to smell his hat while they walked in the procession, I think that’s when I lost all composure.

As a first responder, I work with RCMP and City Police on a daily basis, they are professional and we depend on them for a lot of different calls. It sucks that it’s always stuff like this that makes people realize that “cops aren’t just cops”.. they have a life and a family outside the job. Sure, everyone hates to get fined for speeding or ticketed for something.. but reality is that if you aren’t doing something wrong, they will leave you alone.. They’re not out to get you.

I wish the two surviving officers who were also injured all the best in their recovery

Rest in Peace 

Constable Fabrice Gevaudan

Constable Dave Ross

Constable Doug Larche