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When Louis CK talks shit about technology being wasted on the worst generation ever, just remember that his entire comedy career is built on being a fucking loser who failed his way upward. No wonder he praises utter shit as being a miracle, because he is utter shit and he floated to fame based on being prematurely bald and sad about having a family and still being a loser; yet still superior to everyone younger than him. It fucking baffles me how he has the gall to talk shit about anyone when he is the most aggressively un-funny comedian to achieve national recognition since Rob Schneider.

Seriously, has anyone below the age of 50 who wasn’t a self-hating Millennial actually laugh at his standup? I would wager that they don’t. The only brush he’s had with real success was his bit role on Parks and Recreation where he was a pathetic cop who tried to abuse his authority to stay with the protagonist. Good job playing a sexual predator, Louie! You fucking hack.

Seungbae, The Hero?

After chapter 23, I feel like I need to write about Seungbae from an unbiased POV. Let’s see what kind of a person Seungbae really is. Is he the hero of the story?

Reasons why Seungbae is a good cop:

1. He’s strict about law.
2. He’s focused on his job.
3. He’s good at remembering and connecting the details.
4. He wants to do good.
5. He’s motivated.
6. He has a good instinct.

Reasons why Seungbae is a bad cop:

1. He breaks the law when he thinks it’s convenient while expecting others to always obey the law.
2. He indeed ‘makes up stories’ often (even if they are true) because he relies on gut feelings a lot rather than logical, solid evidences.
3. His obsession with Sangwoo for petty reasons.
4. He considers himself above the law and better than everyone else.
5. He’s edgy and mentally unstable.
6. He got demoted once before.
7. He gets physical/violent when things don’t go his way.
8. He abuses his authority as a police officer.

Things Seungbae has done wrong as a cop:

1. Abusing his authority to get what he wants.
2. Lying to get into someone’s house and without a warrant.
3. Hiding evidences from his superiors.
4. Secretly investigating a ‘case’ without telling his superiors about it.
5. Pressuring/trying to manipulate someone into giving him the black box (even though black boxes are private the person could decline).
6. Threatening/blackmailing people into giving him what he wants.
7. Peeking into someone’s property (and ‘linger/loiter’).
8. Stalking.
9. Assaulting another police officer
10. Hacking his superior’s computer.
11. Using his police badge illegally to force people into giving him information.
After seeing the footage of Sangwoo assaulting someone, he was not concerned about that person’s safety but he’s still obsessing over Sangwoo.
(Some of these are from @ikemen-in-suitslist)

Why Seungbae seems like a good guy:

Between Bad and Worse and The Worst, he’s the bad!
People who work in the police department are constantly slacking off and are pretty much useless. The only person who’s trying to do his job properly is Seungbae. So despite all the unlawful, wrong things he’s done, he seems like a good person because everyone else is horrible.
And the reason fans also see him as a saint is because he is constantly being compared to a serial killer. ‘So if Seungbae doesn’t kill people brutally, he must be a good guy.’ (?) But he is indeed trying to do good.

Is Seungbae really a smart cop?

All the evidences he’s found so far were by luck. The hair happens to be from Sangwoo’s house and belong to Bum. The driver who was speeding happens to be Sangwoo, he happened to see them and so he managed to get his black box. Whether he’s getting closer to the serial killer or not, Seungbae’s approach is very comical and illogical. A normal, good officer would connect the solid, logical evidences together to find the killer. But what Seungbae is doing is placing the one person he’s obsessing over - for trivial reasons and because of his gut feelings - in the middle and trying to connect all the crimes to him instead. He’s going backwards.

He remembers a case from 3 years ago, his first thought is “It could be Sangwoo’s work.”
He finds a black hair on his foot (which is a pretty common color in Asia), his first thought is “It must be from Sangwoo’s house.”
He finds out a girl is missing, he doesn’t suspect any of her friends but “What about Sangwoo?”
He finds out a guy is missing, his first thought, “It could be Sangwoo’s work”
He talks to witnesses, his first question “Do you know this guy? Oh Sangwoo?”

There are millions of people out there doing suspicious things. Why does Seungbae just assumes Sangwoo must be the killer and even goes as far as to investigate it? His evidences are nothing but gut feelings, guesses and luck. So no, I think being smart and having a good instinct are different. He’s a pretty lucky guy!

“…he’s smart and really good at connecting the dots. people say he’s a bad cop but he has to do some wrong things in his situation to be able to do anything at all!“  

This is an ask I got I’m going to ignore the sarcasm that was in the beginning, anon >_>.
This is true. As I already mentioned, he is indeed good at connecting the dots but what are the dots? Are the dots solid evidences or just gut feelings again? Yep, mostly gut feelings.
He suspected Sangwoo because he makes him uncomfortable.(!) He doesn’t like how calm Sangwoo is and as he mentioned before, Sangwoo creates different atmospheres every time and so Seungbae considers him a liar! Again without any solid evidence.


Seungbae is not a hero but as for his role in the story, it seems like, he’s supposed to be a flawed hero (an anti-hero) and not a good person. At this point it seems like he will find out about Sangwoo and his crimes because he has a very good instinct. But when he does, he will probably be all alone, there won’t be anyone to ‘save’ and there’s a surprise waiting for him. Two killers instead of one.

Rescue Me by Bradypop

Lexa’s job as a small town deputy didn’t come with a lot of excitement or intrigue. Between wrangling up Mr. Bennett’s cows on the regular and getting the high school seniors to stop trespassing on the water tower, Lexa was helplessly bored. That was until an alleged domestic abuse case fell on her desk and suddenly Lexa was going out of her way to save Clarke and her daughter before it was too late.

Protective af cop!Lexa AU with mother!Clarke and asshole!Finn

Incredible commission by Turtleduckie. Check out more art and commissions by this talented artist here.

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Rescue Me by Bradypop

Lexa’s job as a small town deputy didn’t come with a lot of excitement or intrigue. Between wrangling up Mr. Bennett’s cows on the regular and getting the high school seniors to stop trespassing on the water tower, Lexa was helplessly bored. That was until an alleged domestic abuse case fell on her desk and suddenly Lexa was going out of her way to save Clarke and her daughter before it was too late.

  • Someone: Why don't you like the ToG series?
  • Me: Mediocre writing, inconsistent storytelling, out-of-character behavior disguised under 'character development,' plot cop-outs, abusive relationships, high-key pedophelia, over-usage of metaphors, unlikable protagonist, the fandom's intolerance of critique-
  • ToG Fan: pfft you only hate tog because chaolena is dead, suck it up, omfg you're so negative, omg shut up, chaol sucks

bitches be like “a relationship like Harley and Joker <3” but call the cops when you start abusing her and making her fulfil your clown fetish from childhood like what the fuck thot

Always With Me

Pairing: Cisco x Reader; Barry x Sister!Reader

Characters: Barry Allen, Y/N Allen, Cisco Ramon, Iris West, Joe West, Wally West, Caitlin Snow

Warnings: death

Words: 3968 (jeebus)

Barry sucked in a deep breath as he placed his hand on the doorknob, releasing it through the tight space between his lips. He didn’t know what to expect upon opening this door, but he refused to think the worst. He didn’t want to think that because of his actions, one of his friends wouldn’t be here. He didn’t want to think that he wiped the existence of someone he cared about. Yet, he couldn’t find it in himself to open the door.

When he finally twisted the doorknob and pushed the door open, he was happy to see Joe and Wally in the living room, talking in whispers. When the door closed, they turned towards Barry and Barry couldn’t help but smile widely.

Wally furrowed his eyebrows. “That’s an odd expression for someone whose father just died,” he declared. “Are you alright, Barry?”

“I’m fine,” he assured, looking at Joe. “Where’s Iris?”

“She’s upstairs,” Joe answered and Barry nodded as he made his way to the stairs, “but shouldn’t you check up on Y/N first?”

With a foot on the first step, Barry turned his head to look at Joe with a confused expression. “Y/N?”

Joe raised an eyebrow and nodded slowly. “She’s with Cisco, but he just texted me saying that she’s locked herself up in the bathroom and isn’t answering him.”

Barry took his foot off the staircase and turned his whole body towards Joe.

“Pretty sure if my father just died, I’d want my sister checking up on me,” Wally assured, then looked at Joe with a grin. “Not that you’re going to die, I’m just making a point.”

Joe rolled his eyes.

Barry’s eyes made contact with a picture on the wall as Joe and Wally started playfully bickering. He wandered to it and looked at it to see himself and a girl he hasn’t seen before, his arm draped around her and her doing the bunny ears behind his head. Wally’s words repeated in his head as he looked at the picture and then it suddenly dawned on him.

He has a sister.

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The Abusive Father (Part 2)

“I’ll be back for you MC…”
1. You were a month into therapy and it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. You went every Monday for an hour and a half, and someone was always there to pick you up after. Usually it was Seven since he stayed home and worked.

2. He almost always dropped you off at Yoosung’s and you would help him with homework and then the two of you would make something and go over to Seven’s with it to feed him and Saeran. Sometimes Jaehee shows up too. She only shows up to eat the food and see you though. She makes that very clear to Seven which always brings laughs.

3. Jumin calls you every night to check in and see how things are going and if you need help with anything at all. You make plans to meet the next day and he shows you all the (horrible) pictures he took of Elizabeth the 3rd that week, and tells about all the things she did.

4. Jaehee sets time for you on Wednesdays. You go out and get lunch anywhere you want. She knows it makes you feel better when she eats healthy so she tries to get a salad or something but she can’t help but agree when you want something sweet.

5. Thursdays are Saeran days. Saeran tries to do as many fun things as he can with you before he gets overwhelmed. Afterwards you just cuddle together which is always nice after a stressful week.

6. Zen spends time with you on Friday’s. You help him with his upcoming projects and you go to the grocery store together. You can stay at his place for as long as you like and you can watch movies with him and eat popcorn.

7. Saturday is God Seven day. Seven always has some wild activity planned to get your mind off things. You’ve gone to the beach, to the arcade, to the movies etc. You never know where you’ll go next but sometimes he gives you clues throughout the week.

8. And Sundays were just for you to relax by yourself and prepare for your next therapy session. They all know how important it is to be alone for a little while so they give you that space.

9. You tried to stay away from any news of your dad’s arrest. The police wanted you to bring him to court but you talked it out with Jumin and Seven and decided you just couldn’t.

10. If you broke down and refused to speak while testifying against him he’d be found not guilty and that’d do so much worse than good. It was best for him to stay there while the police looked back into the case of your mother and tried to look for evidence tying him to the murder.

11. You actually felt better than you ever had. You felt like a huge weight was lifted off your shoulders. You didn’t have to worry about your dad coming to hurt you or watching you from across the street as you walked with Jaehee. You did still get nervous whenever the phone rang but the RFA and Saeran were trying their hardest to help with that.

12. You’d been smiling a lot more and slowly you were becoming a bit more outgoing. You offered up ideas and started to be more comfortable taking compliments. With time you were sure you’d get to live a normal and happy life with the RFA.
13. Hearing a knock on the door you felt a rush of anxiety overtake you.

14. It was all too familiar. Too similar.

15. The RFA were out doing their thing and you had made food. You had also just taken the pound cake out of the oven for Saeran’s Party Take 2.

16. You put your apron down on the chair and your hands shook violently as you grasped the doorknob.

‘Deep breaths MC. Deep breaths.’ You thought to yourself as you squeezed the knob.

17. You slowly opened the door and smiled in relief seeing Jaehee. Of course it was Jaehee. Who else would it be? There was no reason for you to be nervous.

“Hello MC! I wanted to drop by to see if you needed any help. It smells really good in here.” She sad with a smile as she followed the scent of the food.

You laughed and blushed a little. “Thank you Jaehee that’s very sweet of you! I hope you guys like the food!”

“We’ll love it.” She said turning back to you. She gently took your still shaking hands and gave them a squeeze. “Because we love you.”

18. She gently brought you into a hug and you relaxed. It was ok. It was all ok. There was nothing you needed to worry about.

“Do you know when the guys will be here?” You asked as Jaehee pulled away.

“Soon hopefully. If not we can get started on the food ourselves.”

You laughed and nodded. “Sounds like a plan!”

19. You couldn’t help smiling like a lovesick puppy as she noticed the pound cake and immediately lit up.

“Seven will probably force feed this to Saeran before we get any…” She said with that soft smile that said she’s really tired but also said she was happy.

20. She seemed to only give that smile to you and you felt so special that she gave you that secret part of her.

21. You jumped a little as the doorbell rang and she put a hand on your shoulder.

“It’s ok MC. I’ll go get it.” She said before heading to the door.

22. You peeked around the corner as she opened the door but couldn’t help wanting to hide instead of seeing who was at the door, and hearing her soft 'hello officer’ only made your anxiety and fear increase.

“Yes you can come in.” She said leading a police officer to the couches in your living room.

Your heart leapt into your throat in fear when he said: 'I’m here to see MC concerning her father.’

“Would you like coffee or anything first?”

“Yes please ma'am.” The officer answered.

23. Jaehee smiled as she moved into the kitchen. Once inside she grabbed your arm and pulled you aside.

24. She gently held your hands as you shook with tears in your eyes as your mind jumped to the worst possibilities. What if your father escaped? What if he was looking for you? What if he was coming to kill you? Surely it was just that they found evidence tying him to the murder right?

“MC… Listen to me… it’s all going to be ok. Take deep breaths. No ones going to hurt you I promise.” She said looking you in the eyes. “It’s all going to be ok…”

25. You nodded and tried taking deep breaths to calm down. It was alright. You had Jaehee and she was trained in Judo. You were safe.

“Here help me make the coffee. That’ll help.” She said gently as he led you to the counter.

26. Your hand gradually stopped shaking as you two made the coffee and you were able to take normal breaths again. But still the thought of the officer waiting to talk to you was making your heart beat out of your chest.

27. You held one of the warm cups in your hands for a few seconds, trying to absorb the warmth to help you calm down, before you walked out with Jaehee.

28. The officer looked up when you two walked back in and the fact that he didn’t smile only made you freak out more.

29. After Jaehee offered the coffee to the officer she sat down besides you on the other couch. Her presence had never been as much of a comfort as it was in that moment. You gently took her hand in yours and massaged it with your thumb. Gently pressing on the meaty parts and running over the bony knuckles. It was more to calm yourself down but she smiled at you sweetly.

The officer took a sip of coffee and cleared his throat before speaking. “MC I’m sure you’re aware of your father’s presence in our jail?”

30. You nodded, too afraid to speak. You were sure if you even uttered one word it’d come out trembly and scared.

“I don’t want to alarm you. But it seems as if sometime during the night he escaped.”

“Just last night?” Jaehee asked incredulously.

“Yes ma'am. We should have an officer stationed outside this apartment by this afternoon to keep Ms. MC as safe as possible.”

31. You looked at Jaehee completely terrified and she gently took the coffee cup from your hands. You were shaking so hard from the fear you didn’t even feel or notice the burning sensation of the hot coffee on your skin. That seemed like the least important thing to you.

32. Your dad was free. He was free and he could be anywhere. He could be in the house at the moment and you wouldn’t even know until it was too late. You wanted to express your fear to Jaehee but your voice seemed lost in the lump in your throat.

“It’s ok MC… take deep breaths…” Jaehee said pulling you closer and stroking your hair. “It’s alright. I’m right here.”

33. You tried to focus on your breathing as much as possible. It was important to stay calm. If you didn’t stay calm you’d make bad decisions that would get someone, or many people, hurt.

34. The three of you seemed to jump as there was a knock on the door. You watched as the officer put a hand to his gun before making his way to the door.

35. Both you and Jaehee sighed in relief when it was just Seven and Saeran who popped in the door.

“Hello!!!!” Seven cried seeming to completely disregard the mood in total.

36. Saeran looked at the cop a little suspiciously before his gaze fell on you and quickly turned to concern.

“MC?” he asked before carefully making his way towards you. “What’s wrong?”

You forced a small smile at him and opened your arms for him. “I’m ok… don’t worry…” you lied. You didn’t want him to be nervous because of this. He didn’t need another party ruined.

37. The cop looked at Jaehee and she waved him off, signaling to him that these two were ok. The officer carefully walked around Seven before resuming his seat on the sofa.

38. Saeran carefully watched the officer while he stroked your hair. He didn’t exactly trust this man but he was an officer so his job was probably keeping you safe right now so he’d deal with it.

“Where’s the others?” You asked quietly as you leaned against Saeran. His presence seemed so incredibly comforting to you.

“They should be on the way…” Saeran answered quietly. “Zen said he was just around the corner and couldn’t wait to get rid of Jumin. Said he won’t shut up about Elizabeth. I’m not sure about Yoosung though…”

39. You laughed quietly at that. You could just imagine Jumin in the car with Zen going on and on about Elizabeth doing this and that and Zen sneezing up a storm just from the mention of her. Jumin was probably freaking out because of all of Zen’s sneezes. Jumin never drove, so naturally Zen would be driving and Jumin would be educating him on not driving while sick because he’ll kill them both. And then Zen would yell at Jumin about how it’s his fault for bringing up Elizabeth which would result in fighting. And the fighting would lead to more lecturing and somehow Elizabeth would be brought up again and it would be an endless cycle until they got to the apartment.

40. Saeran seemed happy that you laughed even when you looked so upset. He had no idea what was happening but if a police officer was hanging around that wasn’t good. Jaehee looked worried too.

“I’m going to talk to Seven really quickly. Stay with MC?” Jaehee asked.

41. Saeran nodded and watched as she dragged Seven off to the kitchen. His brother never seemed to get the mood right.

Once inside the kitchen and away from you and the officer Seven’s mood seemed to drastically change. “What’s a cop doing here? Does it have something to do with her father?”

Jaehee nodded and rubbed her hands as she spoke. “MC’s father broke out of jail and no one has any idea where he is. I need you to keep us updated with the cameras. But if you see anything unusual please don’t let MC know. At least not for now. She’s just getting better and…” Jaehee trailed off as she took a deep breath to steady herself and her voice.

“It’s ok Jaehee…” Seven said placing a hand on her shoulder. “I got this under control. Nothing gets past God Seven.” He cracked a small smile and Jaehee couldn’t help smiling back. Sometimes Seven’s humor actually worked to make a situation better.

“The officer is here for now until they can get someone to stay outside the apartment and look after MC. Her safety is the most important right now.”

Seven nodded in agreement. “So the plan of action is when the rest get here we notify them. They’ll need to know for safety measures. Then we have the party and pretend like everything’s fine. MC needs to be happy and calm. I’m assuming since she’s worried she’ll want someone to stay with her. I’ll stay and be on my laptop checking the cameras over while she’s sleeping.”

42. Jaehee nodded. She wasn’t surprised that Seven had made a plan so easily and quickly. Everyone liked to think he was an idiot, and he was sometimes. But there was also a reason he was the best hacker and a good part of their team.

“I think that’s them.” Seven said as a knock was heard on the door.

“I’ll go get it.” Jaehee said as she went to the door.

43. Seven stayed behind and gingerly picked at the food while he waited. It was really good and he couldn’t wait to eat more even in this desperate time. He quickly dusted off his hands and looked up as Jaehee subtlety dragged Zen and Jumin into the kitchen.

“Why is there a cop here?!” Zen whispered shouted, looking quite panicked.

“I would like an answer to that question too.” Jumin said as he crossed his arms. He didn’t like these officers being around his MC.

“Seven can you give them the run-down while I go back with MC?” Jaehee asked as she carefully put some of the food into the fridge to keep it from going bad.

“Yeah yeah sure. No problem.” Seven replied waving her off.

“Thank you so much.” She said sending a grateful smile his way before making her way back out to the living room with you, Saeran, and the officer.

“So…” Seven started, popping another croton into his mouth. “Some stuff is going on…”

“Luciel you better start talking before I destroy another one for your cars.” Jumin said.

“Ok ok! Jeez you don’t have to threaten me money bags. MC’s father escaped from prison.”

“He WH-”

44. Jumin quickly covered Zen’s mouth before he could make any more unwanted noise and glared at him. You were just in the other room couldn’t he have some decency and shut the hell up?

“Yeah he escaped and no one knows where he is and that’s why the cop is here. They’re supposed to have someone stay with MC to make sure her father doesn’t try to get her and hurt her or anything.”

“They’re idiots…” Jumin spat angrily. “How do you just lose someone so dangerous?!”

Seven shrugged and sighed. “I’ll check the cameras and make sure he’s been staying away from the apartment. If I see anything fishy I’ll call you and we’ll have to move her someplace safer.”

“But where?!” Zen asked desperately as he pushed Jumin’s hand away. “If her father is hanging around the apartment he’ll see Jumin pick her up! He’ll see her be taken somewhere else! He might follow!”

“Calm down calm down.” Seven said with a hand gesture. “Keep your voice down. She’ll be scared if she hears you. It’ll be fine. The police will immediately be notified if he’s hanging around and Jumin’s place is loaded with guards. I assume they’ll be briefed on the situation too and she’ll be safe. No one will hurt her.”

45. Zen put a hand on his head and took a deep breath. This situation was giving him a major headache. He didn’t like this. He didn’t like anything that was happening.

“When will we know anything?” Jumin asked.

“Well. First off when we go back out there we’re gonna put on the happiest smile we can muster. We’re gonna look the happiest we’ve ever been in our lives. Second we’re going to make this party go great so she doesn’t think she did bad. Third let me stay with her tonight. She’s going to want someone around, I’ll stay and check the cameras and if I see anything I’ll call you and fill you in and tell the police. From there we’ll make a plan depending on the pattern of how often he shows up and shit.”

46. Jumin and Zen nodded in agreement. They were silent for a second as if thinking about it and looking for any questions.

“You don’t think he’s installed his own cameras do you?” Zen asked nervously. “I mean… he could’ve come inside… looked around… installed cameras… tapped phone calls… he would have the time to do it considering how often MC is away from here…”

47. Seven bit his lip thinking it over. Had he?

“He’s much too stupid to do that.” Jumin concluded.

“No actually. It could’ve happened.” Seven said surprising both of them. “She said her father set up cameras around her childhood home. So he does know how to set them up and keep them hidden. And it is possible he taped wires or something. I mean he’s done a lot of stalking. A lot. I wouldn’t put it past him to go that extra mile.”

48. Jumin’s face seemed to pale just the slightest bit and he put a tight hand on Zen’s shoulder, almost as if trying to keep himself stable.

“Jumin?” Seven asked. “Do you need a break?”

“No. We have to be strong for MC. I assume we’re not going to let her know about this either?”

Seven shook his head. “No. Not at all. She might freak out.”

“Might?!” Zen asked incredulously. “I’d lose my shit!”

“Well she’s not you. There’s so many ways she could react. She could lose her shit. She could go numb. She could go mute. There’s more than one way this could go and we don’t want to scare her with things we’re not entirely sure about.”

Zen nodded. “Ok. Jumin. Get a hold of yourself. We have to go out there now.”

Jumin pushed Zen away like he wasn’t the one who initiated the contact in the first place. “I’m just fine. But what about Saeran?”

49. The three of them shared a look. Saeran. Of course. How could they have forgotten? He had gotten so angry before, so who knew how he’d react to this. Could they wait to cross that bridge or would that make it worse?

“I’ll brief him after the party.” Seven finally concluded. “That way he’ll have time to calm down without anyone around.”

50. They all nodded before taking a deep breath and mentally shaking themselves off. They had to be happy. For you.

Somehow Seven cracked his usual smile before darting out of the room. “MC~!”

51. Zen and Jumin shared a rare smile before Zen walked out with a charming smile and Jumin with a soft one.

Saeran grumbled as Seven dramatically draped his arms around you. “My sweet MC~ It feels like I haven’t seen you in forever~”

“I saw you just last week!” You laughed. Seven was so adorable you couldn’t be mad at his strangeness.

“I’m hungry~ Is he staying for dinner?” Seven asked gesturing towards the officer.

“Thank you for the offer, but I’m ok.” The officer said. “Excuse me.”

52. You watched as the officer walked out. You had no clue where he was going but you kinda hoped he’d come back. Although scary, having an officer nearby made you feel safe.

“Can we eat now~~~?” Seven whined. “My stomach is folding in on itself I’m so hungry!”

“That’s physically impossible.” Jaehee said as she pushed up her glasses.

“You don’t know that! What medical training do you have?”

“Most likely more than you.”

“Mmmhmm~ Whatever you say office lady~”

You gasped and lightly smacked Seven’s forehead. “Seven! That wasn’t nice!”

“I’m mean when I’m hungry! You know! 'You’re not yourself when you’re hungry so have a snicker!’ Right?”

You couldn’t help laughing at the reference and smiling. “I guess.”

53. Seven leaned in expectingly while he waited for your answer. He had that silly grin on his face that said he knew he was gonna get what he wants but he wanted to hear it from you.

“Ok ok we can go eat.”

You couldn’t help giggling as Seven grabbed your arm and dragged you to the kitchen excitedly. “I love your food MC!!!”

“I’m not great…” You mumbled shyly although you loved the compliment. Of course you were good at cooking! Your mom taught you and she was the best at it.

54. You looked at the table confused for a second before Jaehee took the rest out of the fridge.

“I hope you don’t mind. I didn’t want it to spoil.” She said shyly.

You couldn’t help smiling at her. “Thank you Jaehee!!!”

55. She smiled relieved that you weren’t mad at her for moving the food as she placed it back on the table.

56. Seven eagerly dragged you down to sit next to him as the rest of the RFA and Saeran came in.

“You made all this yourself MC?” Jumin asked curiously.

“Well yeah…” you mumbled quietly a bit shy all of the sudden. “I wanted you guys to eat well since you’re always telling me to do that…”

Seven dramatically placed a hand to his chest with a loud gasp. “Oh MC! I never expected you to be so kind and giving!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Yoosung asked as he wrapped arms around your waist.

“Oh Yoosung! You’re finally here!” Seven said happily.

57. You felt so bad as you patted Yoosung’s head. You had completely forgotten about him in the mess that had happened.

“Can we actually eat now?” Saeran asked.

“Oh yes!” You answered as you grabbed plates and utensils.

“Let’s eat till we’re as stuffed as pigs!!!” Seven cried.


58. Your dad walked by the apartment for the second time that day. He made sure to change up his times and disguise to just look any other person passing by on the street. He wasn’t going to make the same mistake he did last time. He was going to be smart this time.

59. He didn’t have a set in stone plan but he was going to eliminate you. He let you live and be happy but that ended up with him in jail. How could he let you keep breathing when you ruined him?

60. He worked hard to get out of jail so there was no way you were going to escape his grip. He’d make sure to let you suffer as he killed you. He never wanted you in the first place but SHE just HAD to get pregnant.

61. As he walked he noticed the police car sitting in the parking lot next to your apartment and felt his heart speed up just a beat.

62. He quickly calmed down though. He had been a 'free’ man for five days and the police hadn’t caught him. Yet. Eventually they’d get bored and leave you alone. He just had to wait.

63. He didn’t make eye contact with the police officer as he did but also didn’t take his sweet time walking. He idly checked his watch before walking just a bit faster. As if he had just realized the time.

64. The officer didn’t give him a second glance.

~Back In the Apartment~

Seven held his stomach and stretched. “I don’t think I can eat another bite…”

“Me neither…” Yoosung mumbled laying his head on the table. “It was all so good…”

“Who wants pound cake?” You asked giddily, bringing the cut cake slices to the table.

“I DO!!!” Yoosung and Seven yelled jumping up.

“So much for not being able to eat anymore…” Jaehee and Jumin mumbled at the same time.

“Great minds think alike!” Seven said happily.

“But fools rarely differ.” Saeran finished.

“Oh shush~ The only fool here is Zen~”

65. Saeran shyly accepted the cake and gave you a nervous smile. He was probably overwhelmed by all the noise and conversation the poor thing.

“Shhh let’s quiet down now.” You said softly like a mother as Zen looked ready to yell at Seven.

Seven happily took a slice and handed one to Yoosung. “Thank you MC!”

“You’re the best MC!” Yoosung said already gobbling down the cake.

“Thank you so much MC.” Jumin said as he took a smaller slice and took a thoughtful bite.

66. You nodded and smiled as everyone smiled and laughed and ate. Jaehee had taken a smaller piece too and was enjoying it with her coffee.

67. Finally around nine the officer came back to announce he had to leave for the night and another officer should come by and watch outside. You nodded and couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous as everyone grabbed their stuff to leave too.

68. You gave everyone a hug as they started out the door but shyly pulled Seven aside.

“Oh~ MC~ Keeping me after? Are we going to have some fun~?”

You rolled your eyes and couldn’t help laughing a little. “I highly doubt it but… do you mind staying the night? I… I don’t want to be here all alone.”

“Of course I can!” Seven explained taking off his jacket and hanging it up on the coat hanger. “Can I have the couch?”

“There’s a spare bedroom…”

“But your couch is calling my name~”

“Ok! Ok! You can have the couch!” You laughed. “It pulls it out if it’s still calling your name when you get tired.”

“Thank you MC~” Seven placing a small peck on your forehead before closing the door.

69. Saeran came out of the kitchen dusting off his hands as Seven began to set up his computer.

“Oh Saeran! Do you want to spend the night too?” You asked.

Saeran nodded and took a spot next to Seven. “Thank you MC.”

“I should be the one thanking you guys! This means so much to me! I can’t thank you enough.”

“You can thank us by going to bed~” Seven hummed. “It’s getting late Missy~”

70. You laughed and gently placed a good night kiss to their foreheads before going down the hall to bed.

Once Seven heard your door close, he quietly turned to Saeran. “There’s something we need to talk about.”

“Is it about her father?” Saeran asked just as quietly. He understood they had to be quiet but he was so angry and a little scared.

Seven nodded as he tapped away to access the cameras. “Her father might be hanging around here now that he’s free and I might need your help locating him. We don’t know how smart that bastard is.”

Saeran’s hands balled into fists as he sat rigidly next to his brother. “He might be around?”

Seven put one hand on Saeran’s and patted it. “Might. We don’t know if he actually is but it’s a huge possibility.”

71. Saeran took a deep breath and nodded as he leaned in to look at Seven’s screen. He wasn’t sure how to feel but he’d protect you.

72. They watched in silence, occasionally pointing at the screen and writing down dates, times, and camera numbers.

“That guy…” Saeran said pointing to him sleepily. “Looks pretty familiar. You know the build and stuff?”

Seven nodded and tapped on a different guy. “This one too.”

73. Seven looked over as Saeran placed a hand on his shoulder softly. His brother looked so tired but also like he was fighting to keep his eyes open. He shouldn’t push himself so hard.

“You can go to sleep ok?” Seven said. “I’ll figure out these guys and get them to the police. Hopefully one of them is actually MC’s father.”

“I want to help though…” Saeran whispered through two or three yawns.

“Saeran you’ve helped plenty and it’s almost three in the morning. Go to sleep.”


“There’s a spare bedroom right across from MC’s room.”

74. Saeran nodded and Seven watched as his brother blindly stumbled off in the dark. Now Seven just had to gather enough information for the police to be able to track down the men. He was praying one of them was your father so he could be behind bars again. You didn’t deserve to live in fear again.

75. He wrote down some more numbers and wrote down things about men, trying to be as specific and eye catching as he could. One had a pretty normal schedule and the other was all over the place. Either could be your father. That is assuming the police lied about how long he’d been out of jail.

76. It was possible your father changed up his schedule so as not to look suspicious but the man showed up even when you clearly weren’t home and didn’t try to check out the apartment in the slightest.

77. But it was also possible he stuck to the times when you were actually home so he could pick up your schedule. Which Seven realized was a pretty set and sturdy schedule. It was the same thing every week. Which made you an even easier target.

78. Seven needed to get these guys to the police as soon as possible now. Time was of the essence. If your father knew your schedule by now he’d be around one Sunday. And who knew what he would do to you.

79. After quickly checking in on you, Seven quietly jogged down to the first floor and exited out into the parking lot. Parked right in plain sight was an unmarked police car.

80. Seven made his way towards the vehicle, praying someone was inside. That someone preferably being a police officer.

81. He rapped on the window and smiled goofily as the officer rolled down the window looking clearly annoyed.

“Why are you up so early sir?” The officer asked.

“Well you see, I’m a friend of MC LN and I was checking her camera feed and I thought you might want to check something out.”

The officer raised an eyebrow a little suspiciously. “You were checking her camera feed?”

“Yes ma'am.”

The officer sighed and mumbled a 'I have nothing better to do anyways’ before getting out of the car and locking it behind her.

“I’ll lead the way!” Seven said as he led the way back into your apartment.

82. He quietly tiptoed into the house, explaining to the officer that you were sleeping in the next room as she came to the couch with him.

“What exactly is it that you want me to see?” She asked as Seven reviewed his notes.

“There are the guys that repeatedly show up around here twice a day, everyday. And I know what you’re thinking!” Seven answered, cutting her off before she could ask. “They could just be normal men going to work right? I doubt someone works everyday of every week of every month.”

83. The officer shut her mouth as she thought it over. That was definitely true. Everyone had at least one day, and the holidays off.

“Are you sure it’s the same men?” She finally asked after a pause.

“Of course I’m sure!” Seven cried, nodding his head. “I can show you them right now.”

84. She moved closer to Seven and watched the various clips of the men. One of them kept mostly to himself, while the other seemed to look around the house and slow down his walking when he got to the apartment.

“That definitely looks suspicious…” She mumbled as she pulled out a legal pad and wrote down notes.

“And he shows up everyday.” Seven said. “At the same time.”

“That’d make him easy to catch.”

“Should we turn our sights on him for now?”


“…I meant WILL YOU turn YOUR sights on him for now?”

“Yes I will. He looks a bit dangerous.”

Seven nodded as she got up. “Do you want me to walk you to your car?”

She raised an eyebrow once again with a little smile. “I think I’ll be fine. I’m an officer after all.”

85. Seven shrugged as he closed down his computer. Of course he should’ve known she’d say that. He was just interested in helping her out since she was helping out MC.

86. Seven waved a little as she walked out before he closed down his stuff and quietly moved through the hallway. He’d grab himself a blanket and retire on the couch. He’d probably be needed the next day.

87. As he made his way back to the living room with a big fuzzy blanket he couldn’t help taking a quick look outside the window. Just paranoia after all that you know?

88. He gently pulled the curtain aside and immediately regretted it. Standing out there was a man looking up at the window. Not just any window. Your window.

89. Seven quickly pulled the curtain closed before making his way into your room. The door wasn’t locked luckily and he quietly pulled the door open.

90. You were lying in your bed. Sleeping as soundly as could be. He could hear you breathing and could see the gentle rise and fall of your chest.

91. He slowly made his way to your window and looked out of it. His heart seemed to stop when he saw that the man wasn’t there anymore. Where did he go?! He was just there!!!

92. He quickly ran back out to the living room, completely forgetting to be quiet. Not caring about danger he threw open the front door and ran downstairs.

93. He made his way outside and looked around. His heart was beating out of his chest as he looked around the empty street. There was no one to be found. There were no cars. There wasn’t a blade of grass out of place. Nothing.

94. He quietly went to the officer’s car and found her passed out at the wheel. Which seemed strange to him. Why would she be sleeping? He could see the rise and fall of her chest though so he decided it was ok and he was probably hallucinating.

95. He went back into the apartment and checked around everywhere before laying down on the couch and pulling the blanket to his chin. Everything would be sorted out in the morning. It always was.

96. What Seven failed to notice in the dark of the parking lot though, was the spiderweb effect on the passengers side window. Not only that but the tranquilizer darts sticking out of the officers neck. It seemed like the morning would hold a lot more trouble than peace.


This unidentified police officer(what is his name, damn it) called a young girl a cunt for stepping on his lawn to which this young boy verbally responded. The police officer, who never identified himself as a cop proceeded to physically abuse and detain the 13 year old youth,Christian, and drag him onto his property while refusing to respond to the demand from other youth that he let Christian go. They attempt to release Christian from the pig’s grip only to have the him respond by taking out a concealed weapon and firing a shot. No one was hit but I won’t say no one was injured cause we know Christian was. Police uphold White Supremacy and CONSTANTLY dehumanize, contain and attempt to control brown and Black human beings that are not seen as such. This is a problem that is over 524 years old. Last night protestors surrounded the pig’s house after some of the youth were detained by police while the pig was place on paid administrative leave. Watching this makes me sick and triggers trauma but it is the systems of oppression and the agents of repression that reproduce the harm that are responsible, at the root, not the sharing of the information that I hold to account. Please share the info widely and think about what you are willing to do to intervene.Graffitied his house and put bricks through the windshield of his car. These are the kids of our future. Cherish them. Take to the streets, call decision makers, talk to your kids and family about it and perhaps

“Contact LAPD’s investigation,
contact Captain Andy Neiman at 213-486-5910
Anaheim Police Department: (714) 765-1900‬
‭Orange County DA: (714) 834-3600‬

Demand a full investigation, arrest and charge this LAPD officer with assault and kidnapping charges. Demand the DA to drop all charges against Christian and his friend.”

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that’s a good point actually i mean obviously the police are a violent & unhelpful response to anything, ever, but esp. re: domestic violence

whenever we, as kids, called CPS or DSS or the cops on my dad, they would call him up and chat w him for a bit about rowdy kids and greedy ex-wives (bc abusers are usually good liars) and never show him any sort of consequences

but he called the cops on my mom, too, for minor shit (ie, taking us home when we’d waited at the drop off / pick up location for him and he never showed or was 30+ minutes late) and the cops would either force her to drive us to his house or invite my dad up to take us himself

tldr cops are garbage and will not protect you in domestically violent situations, and ime are more likely to remove you from a safe space and deliver you to your abuser